Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans S2 Episode 4

Ever since Tekkadan has become an established organization, they were forced to learn how to play politics, and learn just how dirty it actually is. It’s been made very clear today this will be an on-going struggle for Orga in particular, as he is the one who leads Tekkadan. He and Mika usually use brute force to achieve their goals, or as Atra had put it: Everything is black and white for them. They don’t really have a grey area, which is dangerous. This is critical flaw Naze had also spoke about. Orga doesn’t know how to play politics, and if he isn’t careful, he will make too many enemies. gundam-tekketsu-s2-ep-4-img-0017However on the flip-side, we have Kudelia who understands the importance of the grey area. She recognized with the way Tekkadan had dealt with Allium Gyojan that it will only continue to create a chain reaction, which will result creating more people like them. She acknowledges she herself made a mistake in the way she handled Allium Gyojan, and perhaps had she better a better diplomat, Allium Company wouldn’t have teamed up with the Dawn Horizon Corps in attempt to assassinate her and the owner wouldn’t have been killed as result of his crime.

And the second Orga and Mika walked into his office, we knew Allium Gyojan was a dead man. Orga was there for him to compensate their losses, and if he didn’t pay up it would mean his life. And that was exactly what happened. It certainly didn’t help how Gyojan was stupid enough to think his company could somehow handle Tekkadan (who was he kidding), and thought (and perhaps his only hope) was Gjallarhorn to come to their aid. But unbeknownst to him, Tekkadan and Gjallarhorn (Mars’ Branch) are on good terms thanks to Fareed. So the entire encounter was a time bomb.

It does make me wonder if Kudelia’s determination to become a better and more brighter diplomat will help strike the much needed balance Tekkadan needs. While Kudelia is under their protection, she isn’t exactly a ‘formal member’ so to speak. It would be good if she and Orga can team up more frequently in the future because it might be exactly the type of partner Orga needs since just as Eugune says, he can’t do everything alone.

gundam-tekketsu-s2-ep-4-img-0022Fareed made an offer to Tekkadan to formerly become allies, one which Orga had accepted, but not without reservations. I appreciated out how bluntly he questioned Fareed’s motives and outright says, “Are you out of your mind?”. Orga is bright enough to know that by forging an alliance with Fareed’s ‘branch’ of Gjallarhorn, Fareed’s enemies will become their enemies, and will put them at a gross disadvantage, so Fareed promises he will reward them with advantages, (I doubt Orga really takes his words for granted though- actually, I think it’s Mika who knows Orga is shaking hands with the devil himself). But we the audience know just how high of a risk this is for Tekkadan to forge such alliance with Fareed. This is they guy who willingly threw his friends under the bus, used them, and killed them for his own gains. There is no doubt in my mind he would not hesitate to do that again. Fareed is not the type to grow attached to anything, in fact it’s something he doesn’t allow himself or is actually incapable of doing. Needless to say, we all know karma will soon come back to bite him.

gundam-tekketsu-s2-ep-4-img-0019But it wasn’t just politics that are brewing the storm, there’s a whole different problem popping up. Having successfully capture the Dawn Horizon Corps’ Captain, Teiwaz’s boss rewards Tekkadan with a new Half-Metal Mine Teiwaz is developing, but what they didn’t realize was the fact this virgin mine holds what appears to be relics of game changing Gundam Frames from the Hundred Year War, (not to mention a massive one that is described to be too big for a Mobile Suit) along with what will surely be many more that will change the very interface of the warfare once again. Once the word gets out what is in this mine, I can’t imagine the future looking bright- especially since there are already jealousy brewing within the Teiwaz’s organization (I’m looking at you Yellow Coat, he is especially annoyed how newcomers are getting the good stuff.)



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