Gundam Tekketsu S2 Episode 5

Whoa~, this episode was only the prelude to the despair that is ahead of us… but man this episode was grim. There is no other way to put it. From this point on, it is going to be incredibly heart-wrenching and depressing to watch. It is inevitable that many of the kids’ from Tekkadan are going to die not thanks to heartless traitor Radice who is responsible for baiting and setting them up into the perfect trap. While I knew things were very shaky between Arbau and Tekkadan, I didn’t expect Radice to outright betray them in the way he did. Truth to be told, though we have only seen the guy once or twice, I never expected him to be such an asshole. He gladly accepted the deal to work alongside the ‘Bearded Man’ whom Rastal has recruited, one which he was aware would result throwing the kids into war once again, with a big fat cheque to boot.

gundam-tekketsu-s2-ep-5-img-0009Takaki had a lot of weight on his shoulders, but what really hurt him was to absolutely trust Radice despite the fact the man been constantly preventing him from being able to make contact with Orga or gain proper and reliable information anywhere else. Takaki has a firm belief that those who work with Tekkadan should also be considered family, therefore he should trust them. Both Chad and Takaki appeared to be the only ones who given Radice the benifit of the doubt, but everyone else, (including Aston) could sniff the betrayal coming a mile away. There was a reason why many of the Tekkadan kids don’t like or can bring themselves to trust Radice. Their instincts told them it would be best to act on their own since Arbau forces aren’t providing them information like they reasonable should be (such as Chad’s condition, where even we the audience are left in the dark about his fate). As result Takaki has been baited into the trap that has been laid out, and it will already be too late to escape.

With the lack of communications and being unable to reach their Earth Branch, Orga was quick to smell something was amiss and knew they were running short of time to take immediate action. The problem however is that Orga is already too late, and Takaki has already walked into the trap. Another war is about to begin, starting with SAU, and Tekkadan is likely to suffer the most causalities from it.

And boy, my heart is not ready for this.

gundam-tekketsu-s2-ep-5-img-0003 The only nice thing that happened this episode was really seeing Aston be inspired by Chad. He never thought Human Debris (what he too used to be before he was freed and rescued by Tekkadan) would ever have the opportunity to dress nicely and live like a human. He was in awe seeing Chad looking mighty fine in his polished suit. I sure hope Aston will be able to survive the ordeal and tragedy that awaits them so he too can have the chance to wear something nice like Chad.

Damn it all, why must their (relatively) peaceful days be cut so short?!


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  1. Hope is all but lost, but “our” boy is all but back. Bring it in Gaelio :’) [spoiler]Please. Please let it be you… I’ll break down like Hanekawa if you never see your sister again… I’ll buy a Gundam kit for myself for once if it’ll help D:[/spoiler]

  2. Yithar says:

    MY HEART IS NOT READY FOR THIS. Someone is going to die, I just know it. :c
    And you were right about this series. It’s just as amazing as Gundam 00. How time flies, doesn’t it.

    • Eva says:

      Been so long since I enjoyed a gundam series! Gundam 00 will always have a special place in my heart though, hahaha.

  3. Eva says:

    COVERAGE UPDATE: After a lot of consideration, I decided it would be best for me to drop the series. Unfortunately I do not have much motivation to do continue the coverage after coming to terms how potentially devastating this season is going to be. Had it been a year ago, I probably would have been fine, but right now it is just not the right time for me at the moment.
    I apologize for not being able to continue my coverage. 🙁

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