Kiss Him, Not Me Episode 2 [ adorable sports failure ]

Episode 2 of Kiss Him Not Me features a light hearted beginning where Kae begins to become more screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-10-34-27-pmathletic and offers to help the soccer team by being a stand in for their practice. Sports anime are not my thing but you know what is refreshing? She doesn’t get away with being magical and perfect: she freakin sucks at soccer. And Nana could use a chance to get close to her but what does he do? That’s a terrible idea you’ll just burden them all! What makes these all so funny is each character stays true to their trope and it’s hysterical. The sports part goes as well as you might think though, her tendency to kick the soccer ball into her own face leads her to hit a goal from behind. (If it wasn’t so funny to see her kick herself in the face, I would call bullshit.)

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-10-44-18-pmHowever then the show begins to lead into what I actually care about: Mutsumi getting the focus. If you haven’t noticed Mutsumi is the only reason this show actually contains a real romance. What is otherwise just a show about a girl getting hot and tons of boyfriends coming along with it is saved in two ways by this show. What makes Kiss Him Not Me good is 1. Kae, a completely relataeable otaku girl who seriously has no interest in love and hasn’t thought about love in the context that all the boys want. 2. Mutsumi, who is interested in having a good time with Kae rather than prioritizing love AND he was the only boy to know her and care about her despite her weight.

Mutsumi is their senpai so he spends the episode tutoring everyone, especially Kae, so that she wont screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-10-48-09-pmhave to miss some seriously cool anime events. I feel the pain she is experiencing and would have studied my butt off just like her! Mutsumi adds on to it by always being supportive. Following this everyone is invited to Kae’s house in order to study and what does that mean? Kae has to hide all of her otaku content. We see just how amazing she is: body pillows, boy love novels, plushies, wall scrolls- Kae is a true otaku. I feel like she is my spirit animal and I’m sad she feels the need to hide herself.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-10-48-27-pmThe guys all eventually find out about the Otaku stuff in spite of her efforts thanks to her brother. So imagine a scene where an older brother throws tons of boy love (probably outright yaoi) in front of a bunch of hot guys who want to date you. And you know what? They’re all like ‘fine’. They’re all accepting it. And then on top of it all Mutsumi leads the charge and prays in tribute to Shion at Kae’s tiny shrine. So basically, this anime is perfect and everything about it is hilarious.

Everything ends up fine but I’m so stoked to see the next episode. Okay, I really just want more Mutsumi shipping material. But he’s so OTP with Kae. . . .okay, confession, I am a big het shipper. Let me go draw this now. . . stupid animuz. . .


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