Kiss Him, Not Me! Episode 3 [Sharing is Caring]

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-10-25-35-amKiss Him Not Me’s third episode reminds us that the reason this harem anime is good is because Serinuma is great. This episode focuses on the Culture festival, in which Serinuma decides to make costumes for essentially everyone. However, Igarashi has a personal revelation and realizes he doesn’t want to be sharing Kae with everyone, he just likes her and wants the chance to be with her alone. Once he reveals this to the other guys they all begin to fight, until Mutsumi suggests they all just split the time that Kae would have with everyone all together. Of course, Mutsumi is just peace keeping and doesn’t seem to care either way. Still, Serinuma reluctantly agrees and so they all go on personal Culture Festival adventures and usually end up interrupting each others big moments with convenient timing. This is good for Serinuma, who has never had the attention of boys and can’t handle all their shoujo antics.

Nana is dressed as Shion for the festival which makes Kae very happy, but he feels insignificant because of her obsession with Shion and so attempts to kiss screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-10-28-33-amher. This would work out but the ever responsible senpai Mutsumi comes to save the day and then give her food. Look, I’m already team Mutsumi but once he decided they’d spend time together by eating I was won over. Even his ‘daring’ flirtatious thing was done completely out of generosity and absentmindedness. He feeds her with his chopsticks but he didn’t think anything of it, Igarashi however does and then whisks Kae away to watch Shinomiya’s play. He manages to hold her hand (fingers laced even!) and doesn’t even get interrupted when he and Kae have their date. Shinomiya is the luckiest however as he gets so scared by the haunted house he knocks over Kae and falls inbetween her boobs. When Kae summarizes this later she doesn’t mention the ‘fell into my boobs’ part or I’m pretty sure Shinomiya might be strung up and murdered by Igarashi and Nana.

Kae gets found by your typical shoujo perverts who she actually punches and runs away from- they happen to catch her just in time for all her love interests to make cool Attack on Titan jumps
onto them and put bags on their heads and hit them with shoes. Kae yells that this is all too frustrating and I have to agree I am wondering why Japan’s high schools always have three borderline screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-10-24-25-amrapist perverts in high schools. Come on anime, get your head in the game. Igarashi redeems himself for his earlier selfishness and they all agree to hang out together again, with Mutsumi adding that he likes everyone. Of course his ‘rivals’ seem perplexed by this and Kae is just happy things are back to normal.

So far in the show some things are being ignored, like all of the interests have forgotten completely that Kae was overweight. If the anime follows the manga this will be solved in a few episodes, but I think to a degree they underestimate Serinuma’s nature of being an otaku. A lot of them see a cute girl, meanwhile Mutsumi sees somebody he likes to hang out with. Do I really need to spend all episode explaining why Mutsumi is amazing? Well, the fact that he urges Shinomiya to folk dance with him after Igarashi and Nana start dancing together is a plus, especially considering A-chan and Kae get some serious yaoi out of it.

Ah the life of a fujoshi.


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