Kiss Him, Not Me! Episode 4 [Serinuma is the perfect woman]

horriblesubs-watashi-ga-motete-dousunda-04-720p-mkv_20161031_235230-265Kiss Him Not Me is officially in the territory of what made me love the manga so much. Episode 4 began in the most hilarious territory you can imagine and the show shouldn’t stop at all from here. What exactly happens? The boys try to go on a Christmas date with Serinuma and instead she ends up taking them all the Comiket so they can buy her boy love novels for her. Nana and Igarashi act as you  might expect and get flushed while they buy copious boy love content, along with Shinomiya, but Mutsumi genuinely shows interest and asks all the writers and artists about their works. You cannot anticipate how funny it is to watch this but the episode only gets funnier from here as we see her meet a cosplayer who is cosplaying. . . Sebastian from ‘Gray Butlet’ okay we get it, he is Sebastian from Black Butler. Serinuma gets photo stalked by a creep because she is pretty only for this cosplayer to be her rescuer, but the cosplayer leaves as all the guys return and get protective over Serinuma.

horriblesubs-watashi-ga-motete-dousunda-04-720p-mkv_20161031_235359-328What makes this show special is that you want to like her love interests. You can feasibly ship anything in this show without being ‘wrong’ or being made to feel ‘guilty’ but at the end of the day there are the choices that feel a bit more positive. Add on that Serinuma is the best fucking waifu in the universe and it’s hard not to find things to love about the show, because seriously. I need to stop and explain to you that Serinuma Kae essentially wanted to ditch 4 amazingly attractive and talented men on a romantic holiday in order to go buy delicious gay romance comics because she cannot live without her otaku fix. Furthermore she actively convinces them all to come AND befriends a new person who is attractive. She is nice to everyone while genuinely wishing happiness, and gay sex, on everyone else.

She’s so perfect the cosplayer reappears, and turns out to be a woman! Her name is Nishina and she instantly befriends Kae while inviting her to her home to talk about Mirage Saga. All the guys horriblesubs-watashi-ga-motete-dousunda-04-720p-mkv_20161031_235516-781join in because they are intimidated by Nishina, except for Mutsumi, and they are off to. . . Nishina’s incredible mansion because she is rich. Even Nana is intimidated by how amazing and perfect she is when it turns out she is the manga artist for one of Kae’s favorite studios. A fucking hysterical art joke occurs, along with several yaoi jokes, until eventually Nishina ends up kissing Kae. She basically says outright it’s not a misunderstanding and she turns out to be YET ANOTHER RIVAL FOR KAE’S LOVE AAAAH!!!! Who I’m not intimidated by, but come on. Let Mutsumi in on this threesome and end the series with a perfect menage a trois. Seriously.


I can’t recommend this show enough now as it comes into its own. I couldn’t stop laughing at several places and it’s only bound to get better here: but I won’t jinx it anymore than I have. Kae, I disagree, I want them all to kiss you!


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