Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 2: Collect Magical Candies!

Nemurin ;_;



Nemu baby noooooo

That’s not fair! Even if she was barely around, she was so soft and sweet and she had cute little clouds attached to her hair. I’m devastated. I’m even more devastated that Nemu had no idea that she was going to die. She was going to give up her life as a NEET and go to an interview the next day, dammit! I hate this.

Everything is starting out mild. Fav announces that the magical girls are taking the city’s mana and if there’s too much of them in the city, they’ll deplete the city’s mana. The dumb thing is that this idiot recruited the 16th magical girl. Someone asked how he could have recruited so many girls knowing all this. His answer?

He miscalculated, pon!

Shut up, Monokuma’s seed.

horriblesubs-mahou-shoujo-ikusei-keikaku-02-1080p-mkv0052So now it begins where they have to get rid of half of these girls. Thinking it was going to be outright fighting, it’s actually not. The girls actually came up with the rules in the chatroom to decide which girl would lose her right as a magical girl. Every time these girls do good deeds, they get a certain amount of Magical Candies. Depending on the deed they do, they can get a lot or a little amount. The magical girl with the least amount of Magical Candies would be eliminated. So for that week, all the girls work the hardest that they’ve ever worked so they can keep their magical girl license.

I take back what I said about all the girls being friendly and cooperative. The Western gun-slinging Calamity Mary is a bad one. We see when Ripple and Top Speed hang out that Calamity Mary tried shooting down both of them when Ripple was a rookie. She was also the one to smile in the chatroom when Fav mentioned halving the amount of magical girls, and asking how they were going to be eliminated. As if she was hoping it would end up being a bloodbath. We also have Ruler and her team of girlies, working together so none of them end up getting eliminated. They’re a strange group of a…ruler (king/queen?), twin angels, a swimmer, and a dog. Like I said before, some of the designs are strange and some of the strange ones are in here. I mean really a swimmer? Okay then. I don’t know how malicious Ruler is, but she also looks like someone to look out for.

Snow White and La Pucelle are working together like they said they would and they’re doing great. After helping an old couple from a burning building safe and sound, they each get 416 candies, which is way more than what some of the other girls got.

horriblesubs-mahou-shoujo-ikusei-keikaku-02-1080p-mkv0046And then we get to Nemurin. Her powers are quite interesting. She can enter any person’s dream! The interesting thing is that she can accumulate Magical Candies from the good deeds that she does there, but the thing is that those candies don’t count. The only ones that do are the ones she gets from completing good deeds in the real world. She had plenty of candies from the dream world, but we had no idea how many she had from the real world. Considering that she showed no interest in doing good deeds in the real world, and the fact that she would stay in the chatroom for the whole night and sleep in the day, you could guess that she most likely had 0 candies. La Pucelle (Sou-chan, don’t know what to call him) had a feeling this was going to be the outcome when they all waited for that week’s announcement. Koyuki was upset by this since she had grown fond of Nemurin when speaking with her in the chatroom, even going so far as to say that she wanted to meet her. So when Nemurin said her farewells to the girls, it was a little sad.

We see human Nemu in her room, a little disappointed that she couldn’t be a magical girl anymore, but she was thinking that she would quit being a NEET. But Fav appears and tells her that she could transform into a magical girl one more time before midnight. So she does and visit’s a little girl’s dream, where strangely enough, the princess the girl was waiting for was Ruler, and that also screamed SIGNIFICANT to me. Then the screen goes black and we hear Fav’s voice say that time’s up. Then we see Nemu’s limp arm hang over her bed as a relative comes in to check up on her, where they scream and cry as they find her dead.

I’m upset. I thought things would get ugly where the girls would have to fight each other to steal each other’s candies, but it started off pretty innocent. And then we get despair at the end. Great. The girls thought it a bit much when Fav deleted Nemurin, but I can’t even imagine what their reactions are going to be when they find out Nemurin’s died. They’re going to find out eventually, and that’s when things are really going to get ugly.

I hope she’s sleeping on a fluffy cloud in heaven. ;_;


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2 thoughts on “Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 2: Collect Magical Candies!

  1. I am still with Charibo on this one. I want to see it rain blood, and I expect nothing less of this show. I hope things kick in as of episode 3 at the absolute latest.

    Nemurin was super cute though…pon.

    1. Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be seeing bloodshed soon. I want it to rain blood too, but the story really needs to get established first and it most likely will when the girls learn that Nemu died.

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