vlcsnap-2016-10-26-21h45m50s749This week, the short “exorcist drama” Arc continues and provides us lot of background information regarding the situation of the exorcist families. Indeed, families without a heir capable of seeing youkais, are still left with all the hatred the youkais have for them, which is problematic since they can’t defend themselves. Therefore it is crucial for families to find new powerful heirs. That’s one of the reasons why Matoba offered Natsume to join his clan. The second reason is that Natsume successfully passed Matoba’s test. Indeed, a girl was possessed by a youkai that they name Magatsumen, and Natsume could see right through the Magatsumen’s disguise. That particular youkai has the ability to control people and then to expand its control on other random people as well. That’s the dangerous youkai Natsume and co will have to face this episode.

vlcsnap-2016-10-26-21h44m32s560Matoba draws a protective talisman on Natsume’s hand to help him discovering the identity of the Magatsumen and that’s what allows him to unveil the Magatsumen’s true identity and to catch him. However, because some people are dumb, the youkai escapes but Matoba manages to finish it. Apparently, the guy who was possessed by the Magatsumen held a grudge against the Matoba clan and allowed the Magatsumen to possesses him in order to take revenge on Matoba.

It’s nice that Natsume continues to follow his own principles and isn’t easily influenced or persuaded by smooth talkers like that Matoba dude. Although he is still new to all this exorcist power play, Natsume manages to stay tumblr_ofmqnvlytt1ul9te5o3_400true to is beliefs.  The sentence that marked me the most this episode was: “I have my own way of connecting with others”, sentence that Natsume told to Matoba after rejecting his offer. Which is a good way to summarize what the whole show is about.

As for Matoba, I still don’t know how I feel about him, he’s a good manipulator to say the least. I think he’s quite an interesting character but the kind of guy you’d prefer to stay away from, in order to not get caught up in some weird business. On the other hand, although he is super fishy, he has the merit to not hide his real intentions behind some mask of kindness, not like Natori, for example.

vlcsnap-2016-10-26-21h46m36s683Because yes, Natori did spy on Natsume by putting that little paper doll on him. This act only reinforces the my suspicions towards Natori. I love him, but still … there’s something that isn’t completely clear about this handsome fellow. I’m sure he’s hiding things about that whole exorcist affair and why some people are after him. I doubt it’s only because he’s the heir of some powerful exorcist family. And all of this is a good thing since it will probably mean moar Natori! Yeah!

It was unexpected that Natsume Yuujinchou would go with some political plot for this fifth season; well, it might be too early to say this will be the main focus of this season but there’s some high chances it will. Which is fine by me! GO ON! GIVE ME MORE POLITICAL STUFF. I’m also glad we got some action today! and next episode Taki comes back!