vlcsnap-2016-10-12-13h45m57s923On this week’s episode, Nishimura finally gets some little action with a random girl who offers him her umbrella. I remember Nishimura being very thirsty and looking actively for a girlfriend in all the previous seasons so first I thought this scene would be the achievement of a life devoted to hunting grills, but sadly that girl already had a boyfriend. So I guess Nishimura’s time hasn’t come yet.

A cute little girl looking youkai somehow throws a towel at Natsume’s face and asks him to give her towel back, but because he’s with his friends and since they can’t see youkais, he doesn’t really have the opportunity to do it. However, once he gets home and after speaking to Nyan-Goro, he remarks the youkai is already there, waiting to get her towel back. Like usual, Natsume does the mediator between the Nyan-Goro and that youkai, allowing her to explain her problem, before Nyan-goro tries to throw her off.

vlcsnap-2016-10-12-13h45m35s640The towel she cherishes once belonged to a human that gave it to her many years ago. Therefore she wants to find him and to give the borrowed towel back. She also gives Natsume a crappy drawing as an indication, so that clearly doesn’t help. As always Natsume seems a bit reluctant to help the girl since that clearly does not concern him at all but because he’s too freaking nice, he accepts.

Later on the little girl explains some interesting stuff about youkai and humans. Apparently when the weather is mischievous, random human can see youkai, that’s probably why the guy saw her and gave her the towel, whereas on the next day, he couldn’t hear nor see her. I don’t know if they’ve already explained this fact but if they did I forgot, so that’s a good reminder.

vlcsnap-2016-10-12-13h46m05s427After asking a girl that smells like the guy; Natsume manages to learn the grand father is in the hospital. So he goes there to meet the guy and to finally give that freaking towel back. As expected, the old man doesn’t remember the little girl whereas she has never forgotten. During the night, Natsume makes an interesting parallel between the youkai who can remember a single encounter their whole life whereas humans forget people so easily. That was a very grim conclusion Natsume! But heh, it’s kinda true too, I’m not going to say every meting is futile but it can of depresses me when I remember all the people I’ve encountered until now and how many I’m still talking too. May bye, I’m a bit too pessimistic here but this episode wasn’t a very happy one for me.
During the same night, Natsume thinks to himself that it would be maybe best if humans and youkai never interacted and was probably about to asked Nyan Goro that same question. It looked like Nyan Goro knew what Natsume was going to say and preferred ignoring the question.

Once again in this episode Natsume showed us he’s really dedicated to helping people. Not just only youkai but literally every person that has a problem.  And that’s what I think everybody loves about Natsume. He’s so fucking kind it hurts. He’ll spend loads of time to help one person even if he never sees them again. HE’s just aaaaaaaaaaah… He’s my role model. I wish I was this nice all the time, but I’m too tired and hungry for this.

Looks like next episode will have a little bit of action so I’m looking forward to it!

Youkai Count: 9