Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 125

I kind of just want to get this entry done and over and done with just so I can go straight into Episode 126 ahahahaha. I have the mighty need to watch it immediately!!! Of course that doesn’t mean the episode was bad in any way, in fact it was so awesome to watch, simply put, it was EPIC.

It was immensely satisfying to watch the darkness or whatever it is take the wheel because not only he was badass, but damn son, that voice was sexy. Now I never really pay that much attention to ‘sexiness’ but for some reason this stood out to me and I was just nodding and clapping in approval because it sounded so right. The sheer amount of power this entity has is simply insane. It had the capability to destroy the bloody parasite that had crawled into Yuuya’s ear- and it’s fair to say at the point I was cursing my head off of how horrific it would be if Yuuya were to become a puppet. But what I didn’t anticipate was how the darkness was going to protect Yuuya and Yuuto. He said he will not become a puppet for anyone, so we know one thing, this guy does not like to be controlled by others. He also brought out a new form for Odd-Eyes: Odd Eyes Raging Dragon. And while I am on the subject, I wanted to point out how both Odd Eyes and Dark Rebellion Dragon both now have a ‘Dark Form’ so to speak.


Notice how Odd Eyes Raging Dragon‘s wings are extremely similar to Dark Requiem XYZ Dragon, also both have an ominous title. Also notice the keyword of ‘Supreme‘ being used for these dragons. It is leading me to thing ‘Supreme’ is actually a key word in regards of his identity. We are all well aware that whenever he takes charge, it goes without that he is stronger and drastically more intense than any of the boys’ individually. In conclusion: I think it would be safe to say he is trying to put the pieces back together (eg: Yuuya absorbing Yuuto when he lost to Yuugo) to make himself whole again. Remember the Dragons’ mantras back in Episode  91 : ‘We become one’, ‘Revival’… These were major clues that the Dragons’ purpose, but at the time we didn’t know who they were referring to. But we know it is likely because they are trying to help him become one again. This is why they are always seeking out for each other, because their master has been divided into four individual souls.

ygo-arc-v-ep-125-img-0029I did lose my mind when the Creepy-Doctor touched Yuzu’s face, and even called her and the other girls’ his slave. I wanted to jump into the screen and punch the living daylights out of him. I was fuming! But my anger was appeased thanks to Beserk-Mode being switched on immediately, and all hell broke loose. The only downside however, while the monsters themselves were terrified of His Power (now we’re talking), the Doctor- despite having pulled the trigger has no fucking clue what he is messing with, and it appear he isn’t too hung up over the fact the parasite was unable to turn Yuuya into another one of his puppets. On the other hand though, I do worry for Shun since he is laying their on the floor, and is left vulnerable. So as long nobody pays too much mind to him, finds him unconscious or he remains parasite free, Shun may be their last hope as the last man standing.

While the focus of the episode was mainly on the shitstorm that was happening in the Parasite Laboratory, Sora was next up for the chipping block. I knew Sora was going to be a goner unless something else distracts Yuuri or the Dragons go Berserk, and they likely will within the next episode since Yuugo and Edo has shown up just at the nick of time to buy Sora a bit more time. The questions is where Yuuri’s priorities lie, he could simply go ahead and card Sora before he deals with Edo and Yuugo, or he will choose to ignore him.

Finally I wanted to address the new OP and ED Theme. I hate to say it, but the OP Theme is by far the worst OP of the entire series. God, I am sorely disappointed. I don’t think there’s going to be another new OP, or maybe there will be- and I woud like to see one more just because it’s that bad. I didn’t like a single thing about it, including the song- I absolutely hate the song. The ED Theme however was better. The song was cute, the sequence seemed pretty boring to me until it pretty much confirmed Ruri and Yuuto are in fact secretly dating (it’s no coincidence that Yuuto actually trying to hide himself whenever Shun walks by). It was basic, simple but managed to be charming.

Episode 126 will follow shortly, I am just doing the screencaps for it now!


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  1. 75chaosflare says:

    The OP and ED only pretty much sums up that the shows honestly doesn’t take himself seriously when it truly needs to be, especially since this is likely to be the final act. Even previous series have shows/displays the weight and the suspense, where here it’s basically just EGAO alone and Yuya.
    The episode itself was utterly pointless to me and showing Yuzu brainwashed just to piss off Yuya, making him create a new card, and even have Serena and Ruri(the two who were given a direct attack by the monster) get back up like nothing happened confirms it.

  2. Yugioh Fan says:

    You picked the best word to describe this episode, EPIC. That’s one of the reasons this episode and 124 are tied for my favorite episode since they got to the Fusion Dimension. Although, while this episode was great it was also frightening, when that Parasite got into Yuya’s ear, I was worried. Not because it could control him, but because the last time someone did something to Yuya’s brain the Darkness came out, remember Roger and that electric chip he used on Yuya in episode 87. I was also worried when the Darkness took over, not just for Yuya and Yuto’s safety, but for Celina(Serena) and Lulu(Ruri)’s safety as well. I thought after taking that direct attack they would be in trouble. Remember what happened to Yusho, during his duel with Aster(Edo) (Which took place one year before the start of the series, which was when Fusion attacked the Xyz Dimension) Aster(Edo) had his D-Hero attack Yusho directly that gave him a leg injury so sever it’s still injured right now (after a year). And his D-Hero was a regular monster, Raging Dragon is not a regular monster, so Celina(Serena) and Lulu(Ruri) got lucky that all that happened was there bodies where smoking after that attack, especially considering the big hole in the wall. But when I think about that scene, I wonder how the Parasite were still function, I mean we know thanks to episode 119, that defeating the girls won’t destroy the Parasites, but you think Raging Dragons attack would have been enough to at least shut down the Parasites temporary and give the girls control again. That Doctor makes some powerful Parasites, it would be impressive, if he was a complete psycho nut-job. When I saw him touch Zuzu(Yuzu), I was so angry, I was all ready for Yuya and Yuto go crazy and shove a Parasite right up the Doctors ass. Speaking of the Doctor, really smart move making Yuya angry, great call, where did you get your Doctorate again, the certified school of quacks.

  3. Becs says:

    I think i liked the animation of the new Opening but the song is ok… not great but its really not the worst i’ve ever heard for a show. On this one tho yeah, it’s the weakest.
    I agree with the ending, cute song and simple cute depictions of everyone including Yuto hiding from Shun when hanging out with his sister. Awww! Yuto has some dorkiness after all! XD
    He probably thinks that Shun will go all overprotective and beat him up or something for liking his sister. I think Shun would probably be cool with it. He’d like having Yuto as a brother someday i think 😉

  4. Sanokal says:

    The song is okay, and the OP not bad…but they don’t suit what is presumably the final arc of the series.
    You’re nearly there Eva. It’s “Supreme King”, which was the name of Jaden/Judai’s dark ancestor in GX. (sorry if I spoiled you, I can’t remember whether or not you’ve watched that series.)
    I’m so glad that you’ve reminded me that Raging Dragon is an upgraded Odd-Eyes and Rebellion for Dark Rebellion, because I HATED Raging Dragon (but slightly less due to your reminder) Why couldn’t they have just given Rebellion Dragon a chance to wreck stuff again?
    I personally enjoyed the prior episode more. I just LIVE for the moments where the different counterparts meet up, or when characters from prior series interact, and the sheer fun of Yuya and Yuto using Yuto’s deck to duel Lulu and Celina cannot be summed up in words for me.

    • Eva says:

      Yup I blitzed through GX, so don’t worry I am not spoiled. 😉

    • “Why couldn’t they have just given Rebellion Dragon a chance to wreck stuff again?”
      WHY should they let Rebellion wreck stuff again? Odd-Eyes Rebellion had appeared A LOT in this show, so why not let its fellow Xyz Pendulum take the stage? (I’m saying this because I’m also tired of Odd-Eyes Rebellion, it’s getting REALLY old) Remember that Yuya summoned Nirvana High Paladin, the first Synchro Pendulum? He NEVER summons that dude anymore.

      • Sanokal says:

        Because Rebellion Dragon gets worfed more times than it wrecks stuff, and because Raging Dragon basically has the same blasted effect.
        I’m just as annoyed as you that Yuya has yet to synchro summon again, but he’s hardly going to do that when being influenced by the Z…unless of course the Z has tried Yuya’s own mentality on him, hah!

  5. As we’ve officially entered the final season of Arc V, let me give my thoughts on the sixth & final opening.
    • Letters everywhere! Gave me memories of Yugioh 5D’s fifth & final ending (Future Colours).
    • …Wow, this is ridiculous. Apparently Japan can’t get the names of the Yutagonists right (minus Yuya of course) but they managed to romanize the names of the Yu-waifus CORRECTLY.
    • Leo’s got some weird spells. And those two people behind… Are they Zarc and Ray that people keep hyping about as the original/combined form of all 4 Yutagonists & 4 Yu-waifus?
    • Glad to see other major characters back in the opening, but even though I’m liking this name and the comic-like aesthetics they got going here, we’re already in the final phase of this show, so this is the LEAST fitting time to have everyone’s names flying all over the place. We already know who all these guys are. This should’ve happened in the first or second openings.
    • It seems REALLY odd that Odd-Eyes RAGING Dragon is now the Egao card for some reason. :p
    • Oh god, this whole run through of the minor characters gave me memories of Yugioh Zexal’s sixth & final ending (Challenge The Game), but it is also making me remember several of them that I’d rather forget, including the inglorious Dr. Bees a.k.a. SHINJI “wannabe revolutionist” WEBER, the useless Sayaka, the annoying Quiz Kid… AND THE MOTHERFUCKING SHIVERS KID GODDAMNIT WHY ISN’T HE DEAD YET?!!! >_>
    • The light show visuals at the end are nice but totally unfitting. Only Yuya there and NO ONE else?
    • Let’s “ENJOOOOOOY it now”… While it lasts, cuz the shitstorm is about to hit us soon.
    • Overall, I like several elements in this opening, but it’s just really average in a series with so many great openings. Plus it’s really absurd that Japan can spell the names of Yu-waifus RIGHT but got the names of the Yutagonists WRONG (again, minus Yuya himself). The song isn’t nearly as memorable or hype as literally any of the other openings and unlike the other ones which grew on me or became much better in full versions, I’m not sure there’s enough redeeming qualities in this one to make me like it very much. I only like this slightly better than Believe X Believe, and that’s mostly because of the visuals. It’s still disappointing as a final opening.
    • Final OP ranking: Kirifuda < Burn < Light of Hope < Hanate < Pendulum Beat 🙁
    • Magic card Yugo to the rescue! 😀
    • Okay, I may be hyped for more Phantom Knights support, but Wrong Magnet Ring is so situational that it’s not even funny. Like I said earlier, its attack negation effect is useless early game, while its card-drawing effect is totally useless should your opponent decided not to run any Equip cards.
    • Man, those Parasite traps are broken! And SIX Pervasite Fusioners on the field at once? YUCK!
    • Oh no “Doctor”, you DOUBLE FUCKED UP!!! Haven’t you learned not to piss off the Tomato?!!
    • Even the Pervasite Fusioners are getting the Shivers… OF FEAR!! Oh no, this is happening…
    • The Phantom Knights of Possession is basically a combination of Xiangke & Xiangsheng!!! O_O
    • Serena is so salty about her defeat that she kicked Yuya’s balls so hard… -_-”
    • I call bullshit. No fucking way that Serena and Ruri are still able to stand and run when they just got roasted by Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon a few minutes ago.
    • Shun, you are going nowhere with those injuries, just chill down and rest already.
    • The “Doctor” now has the 4 Yu-waifus for his harem… And obvious Trap is obvious.
    Leo: I’ve been waiting for you, Sakaki Yusho. (Looks at Reiji) Umm… Who are you again…?
    • Congratulations Yuya, you’ve finally met your long-lost father.
    Now onto my thoughts for the sixth & final ending:
    • LOLOLOL Look at Yuto trying to hide himself from Shun when he’s dating Ruri in secret! XD XD
    • LOLOLOL Look at Yuri trying to chat with Serena but almost got his head cut off! THIS must be the reason why Yuri and Serena haven’t interact much in this entire show! XD XD
    • Somewhere in the Synchro Dimension, Enjoy Chojiro is crying about the lack of “Enjoy”.
    • Look at all the Yu-waifus with their sexy poses~~!!! <3
    • The silhouette of Zarc and Ray which envelops the 4 Yutagonists & Yu-waifus…
    • I love this new ending a lot (minus the Shivers Kid part of course), but for some reason I almost wanted to cry each time I replay this song. Nevertheless, this is easily my third favourite ending.
    • Final ED ranking: Speaking < ARC of Smile < Dashing Pendulum < Vision < One Step < Future Fighters

  6. aramire77 says:

    Wow, you hate the OP that much? I don’t think it’s the worst. Personally, I prefer this one rather than the first OP. This episode so far is really the best of Fusion Dimension Arc to me… As you said, this episode is EPIC! XD

    • Eva says:

      Yeah I didn’t like the song at all. Not my taste. 😛 I was hoping for a badass opening ahahaha, but this one is virtually spoiler free.

      • Nailed it. This final opening is TOTALLY UNFITTING for Arc V considering we’ve already in the last phase of the show which everything turns absolutely dark… No seriously, all Egao and colours at this point is just absurd. But I enjoyed the ending, it’s too adorable, especially the Yuto & Ruri dating scene along with the Yuri & Serena chatting scene. XD

        • aramire77 says:

          Seeing Yuri and Serena chatting scene kinda made my hopes up that the two of them knew each other or something before but somehow they forgot about each other. Even if they didn’t have any sort of relationship before, I hope this mean there’ll be interaction between them in the future episodes! They’ll be an interesting pair!

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