Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 128

WHY WAS THIS EPISODE SO SHORT?! Well it felt short, I couldn’t believe it was already over. Darn it, now I have to wait a whole damn week again. Oh the bliss of being able to watch the episodes back-to-back at this stage of the show…
Now I’m all caught up… =3= Boo…

Don't you dare mess this up.
Don’t you dare mess this up.

This episode was great to watch, but it was also left me incredibly nervous. I really, really don’t like how Yuushou is suddenly feeling as if he has been ‘tricked’ by Zarc into raising and training Yuuya to be a duelist. Please for Yuuya’s sake, DON’T DO THIS. Don’t do this to Yuuya. He needs you- writers don’t’ do this to them, my heart won’t be able to take it and I won’t be able to tolerate the sheer idiocy if he really thinks that way. I am baffled how Yuushou isn’t doing anything right now, sure he’s thinking a lot, definitely too much as he is looking back to when he first saw Shuuzou taking care of Yuzu, and then realized he has no memory of congratulating his wife for giving birth to Yuuya. It would be devastating if Yuushou all the sudden flips and says he needs to destroy Zarc. What I want to see is him help Yuuya protect his respective soul. Yuuya and Yuuto are trying so hard right now to suppress Zarc, but it’s only becoming increasingly difficult when Leo is irresponsibility pressing the buttons which draws Zarc out. Whenever Yuuya and Yuuto experience anger, frustration and despair, Zarc feeds on that and it’s how he is able to take over. He doesn’t even have all of his fragments, but he’s already seizing control of Yuuya’s body.

And seriously, at this point the Professor should have clued in already that if you harm any of the girls, it increases the chance of Zarc reviving. It’s almost as if he is deliberately trying to draw him out in order to persuade Reiji and Yuushou to side with him, but no, he is simply too dumb for that, he’s just being stupid as per usual. Leo however has proved while he is dumb, he is not one of those villains who puts their entire plan on hold after revealing it to everyone to fight. No, he is putting the plan to revive Ray right into action! It is a race against time, and now more than ever- YUUSHOU, GOD DAMN IT! MAKE YOURSELF USEFUL! I KNOW YOU ARE CRIPPLED BUT YOU GOT YOUR DUEL MONSTER AND SOLID VISION WITH MASS, USE IT DAMN IT. God at this rate it’s more likely Kaito and Edo are going to burst in and do the saving before he does. Though to be frank I am bracing myself for something stupid where he throws himself in between a final strike to prevent the Professor from being killed. God I hope that doesn’t get himself killed in the process…
So prayer circle that Yuushou won’t do anything reckless or stupid on the behalf of the Professor. Let be only for YUUYA’S SAKE. YOU”RE HIS DAD. It shouldn’t matter that he isn’t blood-related, he is your son that you loved and raised. You freaking instilled that belief of dueling should be fun, and with smiles!

ygo-arc-v-ep-128-img-0016Zarc definitely has a backstory and reason for how he went ended up on the cruel and destructive path. The clue I am latching onto is how he constantly comments on how he is trying to please the audience and those around him. They wanted him to be destructive, so he gave them exactly that because it’s what they asked for. He is also ticked off by how someone (Ray) broke him up into pieces. He doesn’t seem to remember that it was Ray, all he knows is that he is not whole. Needless to say, it was fun to see him whoop the Professor’s ass. Unfortunately for Reiji and the others though, it doesn’t look like Zarc is someone you can really communicate with. His state of mind is very much like Beserker, he is always in a frenzy, looking for a fight. The Preview implies one of two things (or even both): Yuushou will doing something crazy and/or Yuzu and the other girls will figure out a way to somehow reach Yuuya and Yuuto (it will without a doubt be the power couples trying to take control of the situation – did you guys see that lovebird moment between Ruri and Yuuto?).

Lastly, this episode seems to have confirmed to my theory (and hope) that Leo’s ambitions were deliberately made to be outrageous. The fact the writers are using Reiji to literally voice our exact train of thoughts speaks for itself. He said all the right things, how Leo is a god damn selfish idiot and is directly responsible for the risk of reviving the supreme Devil, how if he just left things the way they were they wouldn’t have this problem, and if they stop now, Zarc won’t revive. However it doesn’t matter whether or not Revival Zero takes place, Zarc will revive no matter what. It’s a lose lose situation because it’s simply too late. The consequences are already in effect, and Zarc is at the brink of a full revival.


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  1. and one of the most bad dads go for yuzu father because he dueling with her as a baby. Duels are dangerous. What if he got a direct attack and was knocked over onto his baby?

    1. Real Solid Vision and Action afield didn’t exist then so Yuzu was safe.
      But you are right. He should not have been dueling with a baby strapped to his back.

  2. So if I can get this part right, Leo will take great pains to have Pendulum’s of his own for the moment he’ll stop being (MCU)Thanos and finally do something but won’t use any of his own free-time manufacturing Pendulum’s for his soldiers which would possibly make their jobs much easier? Dennis of all people was given a ton of pendulum’s as a Lancer, used XYZ as a cover then used Fusion when he was found out and even then all he provided was simple information of where the girls were.

  3. Meh, talk about a snoozefest. Leo’s new Pendulum archetype isn’t really that convincing either. Anyway, we are now into the first part of the unexpectedly early big boss duel.
    • A reminder that Yuya is the the reincarnation of Egao Anti-Christ.
    • Much like how he learned about Yuya’s exploits in Zexal Land, Yusho is eerily suspicious here.
    • Leo, I can sympathize with your desire to resurrect Ray, but stop talking like you’re THE Messiah.
    • Sorry Leo, you’re still missing the life energy cards of Standard & Synchro Dimensions. No way this keikaku will work out because the citizens of the remaining 3 Dimensions are still alive, and even if it worked somehow, it’ll end up destroying all existing Dimensions, not reuniting them.
    • “I don’t care about Arc V-” Yuya, watch your mouth. Arc V is an amazing Yugioh anime which you’re starring in.
    • “As long as we are not angry, Zarc won’t wake up.” LOL I laughed hard when Yuya & Yuto said that when they’re already pissed as hell seeing Yuzu and Ruri about to get forcibly merged back into Ray.
    • Good old classic Timegazer & Stargazer Magicians! 😀
    • Leo really hates Odd-Eyes Dragon, be it the original or the Pendulumized version.
    • MOAR FLASHBACK TIME! Let’s see Yusho’s view on Yuya’s true origin.
    • Hold up. Shuzo didn’t remember his wife? So Yuzu was really willed into existence or something? But why is Yusho doubting Yuya’s birth? He MUST be there with Yoko… or he’s somewhere else.
    • Yuya, you’re getting angrier when you haven’t even finished your first turn. Not gonna be long when Zarc resurfaces… AGAIN.
    • Rin, you should know by now that Synchro summoning ONE Synchro monster in a turn isn’t really an “impressive” feat anymore, be it in the anime or the IRL game.
    • “Now he has two monsters with the same Level.” Oh shut up Ruri, everyone knows how Xyz works. This isn’t Yugioh Zexal where the characters keep bitching about that rule!
    • Can we take a moment to appreciate that Reiji’s play actually impressed the four Yu-waifus?
    • On a side note: I couldn’t help but be severely disappointed at Reiji’s play. Can he pull off nothing else besides those rusty D/D/D aces?!! Since Ritual is the missing summoning mechanic in his deck, why can’t he deliver us at least ONE Ritual D/D/D powerhouse?!!
    • My complaints aside, that new Contract Spell is fucking OP! It literally shuts down your opponent’s Extra Deck… Though it may serve as a double-edged sword since you can’t use your Extra Deck either.
    • Take a good long look Yuya. THIS is how you conduct a first turn.
    • Leo, you’re a fucking hypocrite. If you know how dangerous Zarc’s fragments are, why didn’t you just get rid of Yuri to begin with?! Instead you nurtured him into a psychotic killer that represents Zarc’s destructive nature the most. Besides, your Hate-Boner attitude towards Yuya is simply too much.
    • Leo: “I can’t Fusion, Synchro, or Xyz summon… WELL FUCK YOU I GOT PENDULUMS!”
    • So Leo created a Pendulum archetype for his own use, but guess we’ve finally figured out where and how Dennis got his hands on those Pendulum Entermages.
    Leo: The next thing you’ll say is… “But I still have Alexander and Caesar.”
    Reiji: But I still have Alexander and Caes-ACK!
    • Spirit Tech Force-Pendulum Governor is gonna be super annoying to fight when it is released…
    • Leo’s keikaku allows him to easily shatter Reiji’s so-called “iron-clad defense”. That Contract Spell is now back-firing at Reiji because he can no longer pull out other D/D/D Fusions, Synchros and Xyzs since he locked up his Extra Deck. All is not according to Reiji’s keikaku.
    • Oh Leo, you fucked up big time for not using Pendulum Governor to attack Yuya directly.
    • Provoking Yuya & Yuto while rambling how righteous you are by forcibly fusing the 4 Yu-waifus… Leo do you have a death wish or you’re just too stupid to realize you’re hastening the return of Zarc?!!
    • Yes Yuzu, Yuya IS a reincarnation of Zarc, while you’re a splintered part of Ray. Deal with it.
    • “We’ve been holding back the darkness all this time. This time we’ll overcome it too!” Bullshit, you guys had succumbed to it and went Berserk MANY TIMES before.
    • Why this Entermate Fusion DOESN’T look like it’s part of the archetype? >_>
    • Just realized that Gatling Ghoul is the Fusion variant of Gatling Ogre. Leo’s about to get fucked…
    • FOR CHRIST’S SAKE YUZU, CAN YOU DO NOTHING ELSE BESIDES SHOUTING “YUYA” EVERY SINGLE MINUTE THESE DAYS??!! (Good lord, this has become another new running gag of this show besides the FUCKING SHIVERS KID.)
    • It’s really depressing to see Reira finally collapses after suffering from his trillionth panic attack. ;_;
    • NO YUSHO! Yuya is STILL your son! Don’t let this whole revelation shaken your Egao ideals! ;_;
    • It’s funny to see Leo getting pulverized by an enraged Yuya WITHOUT the need of Odd-Eyes Rebellion or Raging dragons. That being said, I want Leo to get wrecked by a REAL boss monster. Also, I don’t want the duel to end so quickly, Leo’s been hyped up too much to be beaten so easily.
    The duel continues and we get our first glimpse of the Supreme King. The Animation Budget has just begun.

  4. I feel your pain i literally decided to go on a watching spree after seeing you decided to and only got to bed at 4 in the morning. I’m luckier since it’s half term for me but it was still hard since i have a cold and desperately wanted to sleep! (The episodes were exciting though so my heart thudding in fear kept me awake and aware just enough)
    And the weeks wait is going to be AGONISING! I really want to see what happens and i hope Yushou finally takes action soon. Like you say, Yuya is his son! Blood-related or not, this child grew up to admire you and be influenced by you! God damnit you HUGGED when you reunited only last episode! That was a BEAUTIFUL MOMENT! (I had been waiting for that hug since the beginning of the Fusion arc!) Don’t throw that away!
    Yes, Leo is the worst parent! Not saying his motivations weren’t understandable but it doesn’t excuse stupidity and selfishness!!
    Btw i noticed that this revelation means that Reiji is technically Yuzu and the other’s half younger brother… Also i think that we kind of have definite proof that Yuzu and Yuya are sort of soul siblings with their respective counterparts… Oh gosh i really want Yugo and Yuya to meet now!
    I think Yuzu going to do some prayer thing next episode since her hands are together at some point. Probably the girls are going to basically do what Rio did in Zexal (her only plot point really after her character took a sudden nosedive). I hope you’re right with the bracelet turning into cards and the girls having a major role in this.
    I’m going to guess that if Zarc is revived we’re going to get a look into his background and see what made him seek the approval of the crowd (and why the tournament organisers didnt just put an instant ban on intentional violence when loads of people started to get injured or even killed). I reckon Yuya and his counterparts will probably speak to Zarc from within and convince him to stop at the end if he becomes the final boss.
    Also, is Yuzu’s natural energy Harmony or music? Because all of the girls have decks based on the natural elements their bracelets with Selena being the moon, Rin the wind, Ruri birds,

    1. “Leo is the worst parent! Not saying his motivations weren’t understandable but it doesn’t excuse stupidity and selfishness!!”
      But the FUCKING SHIVERS KID is still the worst character in the show. Let’s see if Leo can survive the might of shiveerru~~ :p
      Speaking of which, Roger is still out there. Surprise future saviour? (I really missed that maniac…)

    2. I think they are going to do some sort of prayer as well, and the bracelets will come into effect- or at least that would be cool to see.
      Yuzu’s natural energy was Flowers… (IKR? I thought it’s be music or harmony as well, why flowers LOL?)

      1. I suppose music is a manmade thing and harmony is only really a concept of feeling… but why didn’t Yuzu get something like, i dunno, a petal flower deck or something? the other three have decks that relate to their natural energy…

        1. I get the feeling that this idea of all the girls having different natural energies came a lot later into the series…

      2. The 4 bracelot girls actually reference the japanese concept of fuuka chougetsu (wind flower bird moon) an japanese art motif that reprent the 4 beautys of the natural world. I find it a cool touch seeing as we now know that Leo used energy from the natural world to split Zarc

      3. I saw somewhere online that the four natural elements were based on the Japanese proverb: 花鳥風月 (Kachou Fuugetsu) which literally translates to “Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon”. However, it actually means “experience the beauties of nature, and in doing so learn about yourself.” I think they did not give Yuzu an actually flower deck because they probably wanted to avoid having complaints saying that Yuzu was just a copy of Aki.

  5. I thought the same thing about Yusho. I never cared much for the guy since he irresponsibly left his family behind, but I really hope they don’t ruin him after he just started doing things to actually make a difference. Yuya needs the support of Yusho right now more than ever before and if Yusho turns his back now it’s just gonna give Zarc MORE to feed on.
    Also, I’m starting to really like Reiji with these episodes. The more I think about it, the more sad it is. Leo left his family in shambles and his mother got so busy running the company that he essentially lost both parents at the same time, and had to learn how to handle himself and do things on his own almost immediately. This also explains why he was so goal-oriented and even deceptive earlier, he knew how much was at stake and he never had the emotional hesitation because he couldn’t afford it. It’s really sad to see how much Leo’s selfishness has affected Reiji, and I’m also especially worried about Reira, who’s starting to lose it too.
    It also makes me nervous that they haven’t cut back to Yuri and Yugo’s duel in awhile, because as far as we know they’re both still in berserk mode and if this ends up like Yuto vs Yuto did, one of them will absorb the other and bring Zarc closer to completion!

      Like you, Reiji has been growing on me at an exponential rate. I love how he calls out on the BS, holds his own and looks at the bigger picture of the consequences that his father fails to see.
      Yeah I have a feeling Yuuri VS Yuugo is going to result Yuugo being absorbed into Yuuri, and then for the final face off of who will ultimately host Zarc’s body will be Yuuya VS Yuuri- or something like that. I’m not even sure for myself. It’s so complex! 😂

    2. In case you forgot, Reira was not biologically related to the Akaba family. He’s a “tool” geared for Himika’s schemes. As for Reiji, I never disliked him, in fact he is actually more human than his facial expressions depict, how he lead the other Lancers also won my respect. AND YUSHO DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE BACKSTABBING YOUR SON, I SWEAR TO GOD! >:(

      1. Reiji small outburst last episode actually showcased alot of his humanity which was unfortunately not translated well in the subtitles. In regards to speech patterns, Akaba Reiji usually speaks very formally using the presonal pronoun watashi, refering to his mother as oka sama and using addressing people with kimi. Appropriate since he is the CEO of a company. However when talking to Leo, he referred to his mother as oka san and used anta when addressing him. Both terms being much more endearing in nature than the more formal words he usually uses. Fans who noted this saw it as Reiji regressing slightly back to his childhood self in their confrontation.

  6. Congratulations on getting caught up. Sorry that you have to wait for weeks at a time for each episode.
    Seriously though, I wasn’t expecting Z’arc to go and rewrite people’s memories into making them think they had kids. You’d think the parents would’ve realized something was off sooner rather than later. So basically Z’arc had one of his pieces be raised by Standard’s best duelist so that he could get his powers back faster (since he can only use them through Duel Monsters).
    Leo is suffering from a bad case of “Never My Fault” syndrome, though I will give him that, even if he didn’t do any of this, Z’arc would’ve been trying to resurrect anyways, given how the dragons can lead the boys to each other, and Yuto fusing with Yuya.
    And there’s the Akaba family tree. At first it was simple: Daddy Leo, Mommy Himika, Big Bro Reiji, and Little Bro Reira. The latter being adopted didn’t make things too complicated. But now…Leo’s first daughter, Ray, was split into 4, so Yuzu, Serena, Rin, and Ruri are Reiji’s older half-sister(s) while also being younger. And where do Shuzo and Kurosaki fit in?

  7. Good to know that I’m not the only one worrying Yusho may betray Yuya. Yusho, you’re not an idiot like Leo, so you should’ve know that even if Yuya is Zarc’s reincarnation, the two of them are two different people. Plus, are you going to disregard the happy memories you have spent with Yuya for all those years? Are you thinking that Yuya tricked you or something? Come on, get a grip of yourself!
    Zarc is actually a character that I think deserves sympathy. True, what he did was wrong, but his mind got warped in the first place because of those stupid audiences who urged him to Duel violently. Those audiences reminds me of the residents of City before they were united. Before his descend into madness, I think Zarc is, as you said, like Yuya. He simply enjoyed Dueling as a game and only wanted to entertain his audiences.
    I’m a bit down because there doesn’t seem to be any hint that Zarc and Ray had some sort of relationship. Since most of their counterparts (except Serena and Yuri unless later proven otherwise) are having a very close relationship, I assumed the same also goes for Zarc and Ray.

    1. All I want is for Yushou to squeeze Yuuya’s shoulder or SOMETHING to help reassure him he can do this, he can suppress Zarc, don’t lose himself to this anger. TT_____TT Please don’t make Yuushou stupid for the sake of drama, it would make no sense.
      AGREE! Though Zarc has been shown to have descended into madness, I too believe he deserves sympathy. In fact what had happened to his up-bring could actually end up barrelling to how Yuuri’s childhood. I also have a theory (though it could be too political at this stage of the story) that the Original World, there was a whole lot of corruption. I can’t think of any other reason why the audience and so many would actively encourage a Gladiator Setting. One would think it was being run by a mafia!

      1. The audience of Zarc’s duels bear striking similarities to those Synchro bastards… In the end Zarc DID fulfill their wish by destroynig the world… Which bugs me why didn’t the current Synchro citizens suffer from similar fate. They deserved it.

        1. It probably would have happened if Yuugo weren’t such sweetheart, AHAHAHAHAHA! XD If Yuuri were in the Synchro Realm, he DEFINITELY would have made everyone suffer (given how shitty life is there). But yeah, looks like the majority of the violent bunch was transported to the Synchro Realm.

      2. Let’ just say IF Zarc and Ray did had a relationship, and a close one to boot, I’m sure Leo will greatly not pleased by it, hahaha! XD
        I actually have a theory that the reason Zarc and Ray’s reincarnations are so close with each other is because perhaps deep inside when they got separated, Zarc and Ray wished something like if they are reborn again they hope they can be together or such. And then when Leo found out about this, he will be enraged. I know this theory is so unlikely to be true, but it’s not wrong imagining about it, right? Personally I want to actually ship them after seeing some fan arts, hehehe 😀

  8. Yeah Leo that’s a great plan to stop Zarc’s revival, make Yuyu and Yuto angry by hurting the girls they love and the other two who are friends, and by making them angry you allow Zarc to take over brilliant plan. I only hope they can resist Zarc’s control.
    In fact, I’ve got a theory/hope of what will happen Yuya, Yuto and Yugo will all be able to resit Zarc’s take over since there nothing like Zarc(thanks to the people in there lives and how they were raised), but Yuri who hungers for power(the kind of power Zarc has) will allowing himself to be taken over, because of how messed up he is thanks to his father figure Leo, again worst father ever. So thanks to Leo he’s made sure Zarc will have a vessel, even if the other 3 Yu boys resit, because of how batshit crazy Yuri is thanks to Leo, again he’s being counterproductive to his master plan.

    1. True, I have no sympathy for Leo. He forcibly fuses the Bracelet waifus IN FRONT of Yuya & Yuto but he tried to play victim by insisting that Yuya IS the devil and must be killed, no wonder the boys got pissed off and tried to massacre this mad father/scientist. Leo, you’re NOT the “hero” we need or deserve. Get that through your thick skull.

  9. People sometimes compare Leo to Dr Faker when they only share superficial similarities. Granted they both do what they did for the sake of their child, but Faker was under the pressure of time to save Haruto’s life which is why he betrayed Kazuma and Byron to open the door to the Barian World, not to mention he felt he had no choice but to destroy the Astral World due to Vector threatening to take Haruto’s life if he failed.
    The Arc Area Project and Revival Zero are Leo’s own ambitions, which I find a breath of fresh air for most Yu-Gi-Oh villains who are either brainwashed or blackmailed or simply misunderstood rather than truly evil; I despised it in Zexal where it turned out Don Thousand was responsible for each of the Barian Emperor’s turning to evil so that they could be easily forgiven and absolved of all their sins. Leo’s self-centeredness is his biggest flaw and what keeps me from fully sympathising with him despite his ultimately noble goal, as he hasn’t taken Shuzo and Shun’s feelings for Yuzu and Ruri into account and is solely concerned with his own happiness.

    1. Completely agree with you. Leo seemingly talk that he did this for the sake of the world and his daughter, but in the end it’s actually just his own selfishness. It’s understandable that parents love their children and want to be by their side, but that doesn’t mean they can just disregard other people’s feeling. And if my guess is right about Ray’s character, I don’t think Ray would be happy either with what her father has done. I’m sure that she will take her reincarnations’ feelings into account and won’t see Yuya and the others simply as Zarc’s reincarnation.

  10. Something that came at my mind in this episode. The history of each dimension can be artificial.
    Leo wakes up in a new world without memories, possibly so with every citizen of the original dimension (which forced to be violent Zarc were possibly Synchro City), Both Yusho as the Yuzu’s father don’t remember basic stuff.
    Si my theory is,,,they don’t have a past era because the dimensions were created at that point with artificial memories. Everything is a lie. If you think that’s pretty depressing.

    1. Still… Leo has NO RIGHT to ruin everyone’s daily lives! This mad father/scientist has to die. I especially hate his “holier than thou” attitude when he shamelessly declared how “righteous” he was to fuse back Yuzu and co. into Ray against their wills.

    2. O___O
      That is pretty depressing…
      But alas, they do have a present, and they are still able to make new memories as they continue on with their new lives.

  11. Here is a little theory i thought of. This episode we learned of the will of Zarc, a force that Yushou theorises may of brought Yuya to him so that he could raise him and speed Zarcs revival. Do you think it possible that there is a will of Ray as well? It is pretty serendipidous to think that in each of the dimensions, their respective Yuboy and Bracelot girl were brought up in close proximity to each other (even Yuri and Selena), as opposed to one being born in say Spain while the other grew up in Japan. You could write it off as plot controvance but i think it very likely that ray delibrately engineered here reincarnations to be born near the yu boys. Whether that is for the sake of monitoring them or some other deeper reason remains to be seen

    1. That’s a really good question. I don’t know, I think if Ray did have a will we would have seen it by now or seen at least one of the girls connect the dots of a prior experience of such. But I think the main reason we have not seen it, is because none of the girls have fused together like Yuuya and Yuuto did. Yuuya only started being consumed by Zarc after he had absorbed Yuuto.
      Also while I looked back, I noticed we were given a clue about Zarc’s existence very early on by none other than Meiru!!!!

    2. I think Ray placed them near each other so they would not be swayed by violence and power. Poor Zarc didn’t have anyone to calm him down after his first injured victim. Except for Selena and Yuri that is.
      Eva how come you refer to Zarc and Ray as original hosts? Wouldn’t they be incarnations? Since Zarc and Ray were reborn….
      And how did Mieru give us the hint for Zarc?

      1. I call them the ‘original host’ because their souls’ been divided into 4 fragments.
        Back EARLLLLYYY in the series, when we first met Mieru, she mentioned a grim fate for Yuuya. And then as we continued into the series, she spotted the darkness in Yuuya’s soul, which we now know is Zarc.
        + EG: Ep 22, She claims that he needs to stop what he is doing otherwise his life will be in danger.
        + EG: Ep 46. Mieru completed her role by, confirming that Yuuto’s soul is residing Yuuya’s body at the moment, but there is a third, a terrifying entity of darkness threatening to overwhelm both of them.

        1. I am still waiting a more complete back story on what happend back then, so far we have only heard the pov of a man who is wracked by grief over the loss of his daugther and anger over the man who took everything away from him. I am hoping to see the pov of zarc and ray since if nothing else it will be interesting.

          1. I am eagerly looking forward to Zarc’s POV, especially after seeing how warped the Professor’s perspective is. I hope Zarc’s backstory will be well done. * v *

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