Kiss Him, Not Me! Episode 7 [Hallucinations]

I find myself in an odd place with Kiss Him, Not Me! episode 7. On one hand, it has much the kisshimnotme13same humor and frivolous enjoyment as previous episodes. On the other hand, it felt much more shallow than the prior episodes did. A great way to summarize the confusing emotions that take place in this episode is to explain that in the span of a few minutes Kae and Mutsumi crash on an island, he undresses her, he warms her body with his own, he dries their clothes, and she is innocently waking up unaware. This scene happens instantly and it takes away the dire situation and makes it comedy immediately. Is this really an issue in a comedy? Well, yeah, kind of! The characters get into a bad situation and the tension is immediately relieved, and this is a great summary for the entire episode.

kisshimnotme3In episode 7 the plot is that Kae and Nishina want to go celebrate the anniversary of their Lord’s death in real life since their anime Kachu Rabu is based on a real Lord. I have to admit I used to be on the same level as these girls. . . when I was 14. Then again I did write very long shipping essays at 16, so I guess these characters are sort of relateable. Yes, they are being ridiculous, but their emotions are finicky and their passions swirling. They express the normal hormonal changes but in terms of shipping instead of emotional love! (At least for Kae)

This turns into Scooby Doo level hijinks on a cursed island. Mutsumi and Kae get separated kisshimnotme9from the rest of the group, which leads to not only shipping instances but an epic fight of super proportions. Yes, Kae and Mutsumi fight spirits with their charms obtained at the shrine in honor of the Lords death. Meanwhile the other group has a way worse time with everything from Scooby Doo chases to the pictures of Igarashi giving Nana mouth to mouth. . . anime, I’m sorry, but mouth to mouth is actually not relevant anymore, you’re only supposed to do compressions.

The juxtaposition between serious moments and actual scenes can be unreal in this episode. This seems to be a good thing to describe the episode because it turns out that it was all poisonous mushrooms making everyone hallucinate? To be honest, I feel like I hallucinated that entire episode as well. . .

Next time, lets try to stay sober.


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