Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 8: Sudden Event in Session!

This anime breaks my heart every damn week that I don’t even feel alive anymore. So just to make myself feel better I put Tsubame/Top Speed for the featured image because she’s so beautiful and seeing her with her husband/boyfriend was so sweet but that just makes me more worried.

Calamity Mary. Is. A. Bitch.

horriblesubs-mahou-shoujo-ikusei-keikaku-08-1080p-mkv0042I asked a question in my earlier reviews wondering how someone like Calamity Mary was able to become a magical girl. She’s a bitter drunk who hates herself and takes out her anger by physically abusing her own daughter. She picks on those weaker than her to make herself feel better. Once her husband and daughter leave, that’s when Fav appears and recruits her. And he said that it’d be boring if all the magical girls he got were the same, and that there’s a place among magical girls for her. Qualifications vary between every user apparently, and I know it’s because Fav wants to his plan (or Cranberry’s?) more interesting. Well, that’s simply awful. Mary is a danger to everyone. She went to abusing her daughter to now actually killing others, and she’s excited for it. We saw last episode how insane she was when trying to kill Alice, and now that she’s having so much fun trying to kill the other magical girls? She’s twisted, she needs to be locked up, or just killed off! Am I supposed to feel sorry for her? There’s nothing to feel sorry about. Maybe she grew up in a bad household while growing up, maybe she dealt with her own abusive/alcoholic parents. But that doesn’t mean you have to go down the same path. Whatever her reasons, I don’t care. Nothing this anime can dish out will make me sympathetic towards her. She’s awful in every single way and I’m looking forward to her death.

Also, it’s just so interesting seeing how most of the magical girls are adults. Nana, Winterprison, the twins, Ruler, Nemurin, Mary, Top Speed are/were the adults, and the others are kids. We still don’t know everyone’s ages yet, but I just think it’s cool that half are adults. I found it kinda weird that someone like Mary would play this game, but maybe laying on the couch and getting drunk made her so bored she found a game to play. So it goes to show that these kinds of games can appeal to all kinds of age groups, from the youngest (Swim) to the oldest (probably Mary).

horriblesubs-mahou-shoujo-ikusei-keikaku-08-1080p-mkv0039My heart goes out to Nana. I want to run to her and hug and also wrap myself around the scarf she gave Shizuku. I mean…I called it. I knew either her or Winterprison were going to get killed, and I was bracing myself for it but it still upset me. I kinda found it silly that Winterprison would be so easily stabbed by an obvious fake Sister Nana, but she did say to Yuna that she would have had trouble hitting her if she still disguised herself as Nana. Like she promised, she protected her lover and got her out of there but it resulted in her own death as she was completely outnumbered. But not before killing one of the twins. I’m always surprised by how brutal these girls can get. You can bash someone’s head against a wall and probably just knock them out. But no, Winterprison bashed Yuna’s head so hard that it immediately killed her, and it was so brutal and apologetic that it made me jump. But unfortunately she left her guard down and Swim was able to land the finishing blow and slice off her arm. I’ll be honest, I think she was killed too easily. Sure she was already wounded and lost a lot of blood but I just felt that her death was too easy. It’s probably because she was outnumbered, but if she could go up against someone strong like Cranberry, then I think she could have put up a better fight with other girls not as strong as Cranberry.

horriblesubs-mahou-shoujo-ikusei-keikaku-08-1080p-mkv0024In regards to the show’s violence, I think it’s tastefully done. The show could have easily gone a lot gorier, such as showing us Yuna’s head getting cracked open against the wall, we could have seen Sou-chan get run over and his body mangled. The show could have gone gorier than it already is, but I like that they don’t show everything. Of course we’ve seen gory deaths such as Magicaloid’s and heads getting sliced off, but I like that the show is instead focusing more on the actions than the visuals. We still have lots of blood and gross sound effects, but I just appreciate that they’re not making it too gory for THE EDGE because I think that would have ruined it. Instead, we see just how brutal these girls can be. I know I’m going off on a side note but I just like how the violence is being portrayed.

So yes, rip Winterprison. Nana is completely heartbroken and so am I. I really would have liked to see them kiss at least once, but them cuddling with a blanket on the couch was cute too. Was it too much for me wanting to see another normalized gay kiss after watching the recent Yuri on Ice episode? Was it?! I don’t think so! >:(

The next episode looks like it’s going to be a huge bloodbath. Ripple and Top Speed head over to the meeting sight Mary told them, but of course she’s out to kill Ripple as we saw on her phone. It looks like Mary was recruited to join Fav’s messed up plan of killing the girls and now Ripple is her target. Top Speed gets them out of there but Mary wants to force them to come back and fight her, so she goes on a rampage on innocent people by shooting them and blowing up their cars. Snow hears cries of help coming from that direction and Alice comes up to her and says she’ll go with her. Swim ignores the scene and says they’ll only focus on attacking the magical girls heading to the scene (brutal…) From what I can see it’ll be

Calamity Mary – Ripple/Top Speed

Snow White/Alice – Swim/Mina/Tama

But then Fav tells Cranberry that Swim killed Winterprison so she’ll go out in revenge for her one good opponent being killed by someone else, then it’ll end up with

Calamity Mary – Ripple/Top Speed/Snow White/Alice

Cranberry – Swim/Mina/Tama

Just…please don’t kill off my faves anymore. If Top Speed dies I think I will too. I don’t even want to imagine it.


Deaths (in order):

  1. Nemurin
  2. Ruler
  3. La Pucelle
  4. Magicaloid 44
  5. Yunael (Edit: got it now!)
  6. Weiss Winterprison


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    1. Ohhhhhh

      Yuna + Angel = Yunael

      I feel like they only said their magical girl names once so I just didn’t know. Thank you! ><

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