Show By Rock!! # Episode 6: Cadenza

As I suspected, Cyan is having a hard time writing the new song. The girls of course don’t back down from the Battle of the Bands and are ready to duke it out, but Cyan took the responsibility for the song. But just like with her school band, she can’t come up with a song and she gets extremely stressed.

horriblesubs-show-by-rock-s2-06-1080p-mkv0050First off, I want to say that I’m happy that they’re focusing on Crimson after their loss to ARCAREAFACT, even Trichronika. I’m just so glad Rom and Shuzo’s past band relationship is being talked about again! Rom doesn’t believe a successful band is all about popularity, but we can see that they lost to ARCAREAFACT because of popularity. And money. But they are losing to their popularity because they keep taking the number one spot, even beating out Trichronika. And I think Rom is second guessing everything. Focusing on Rom and Shuzo’s past in their other band is probably going to bring up some opposing ideologies that Rom is facing again, and Shuzo is probably going to have a bigger role in the show because of this. They didn’t get to this time, but the rest of the guys are definitely going to confront Rom about this. We also saw that Shuzo didn’t exactly look too happy with the results of the Battle of the Bands so we’ll see if he does something about it.

Rosia confronts BUD VIRGIN LOGIC at her school, and I’m surprised she had the guts to tell them off. I thought they were going to hurt her but at least they backed off. I’m going to guess she’ll tell the others that BUD VIRGIN LOGIC goes to her school.

horriblesubs-show-by-rock-s2-06-1080p-mkv0063No surprise, Cyan had trouble writing the new song. She starts too but then she takes a very long nap and realizes she was late to practice. She’s worried but the rest of the girls tell Cyan she needs to relax after seeing that she didn’t look well so they take her out to eat at a new cafe. But even that didn’t help her and she was completely stumped. Chuchu, Moa, and Retoree came in one by one to check up on her bringing her relaxing candles, donuts, and just the reassuring thought that she could relax with Retoree. Which was the cutest thing. Cyan feels disappointed in herself that everyone is worrying for her, and also disappointed that she hasn’t come up with anything. She wishes she asked them to work on the song together, but after so much time passed she just found doing that to be pathetic, and I can understand how she feels. Though I didn’t like what she wrote on her note. “Don’t look for me.” If I read that I would have freaked out. I feel like she should have at least told them, but I understand she was embarrassed. But still, leaving a note like that and disappearing without a word. I don’t think this is the time to act like that, Cyan! It is interesting that she went out to find King/Berry and I know a pep talk from him will help her a lot, but I think she could have trusted her friends a bit more to tell them she was stumped.

Especially Retoree. She was so sincere!



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  1. Dagger and his new band challenges Plasmagica to a Battle of the Bands which they cannot win in their current condition, Shingan Crimson Z has to figure out a way how to defeat the immense wealth and merchandise machinery of Arcareafact, and Criticrista’s lead vocalist singer Rosia keeps being frightened and traumatized at the abuse she suffered under Dagger Morse. Truly, Banded Rocking Records has it hard for now.
    And meanwhile, hidden from everyone’s sight is the Queen of Darkness following her nefarious plan to conquer Sound Planet.

    Seeing Cyan’s tired eyes that are without sparkles was very sad. Well, everyone expected her to once again come in and to save the day like she did last time, piling up all their hopes and dreams in her hands. But it’s not easy to replicate that one awesome feat that made you famous, and you might forever be compared to your heydays.

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