Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 133

RIP Yuushou 🙁

Well that was heartbreaking.
I mean I didn’t cry or anything, but it did give me a heartache. I think it is fair to say we were all surprised (and probably super confused) when Yuuri revealed his true trump card: Transcendental Polymerization, the one thing that had me going, “wait, what. WHAT IS THAT?” I spent a few minutes trying to piece together whether or not we have seen this card in the past, or it’s totally brand new. And guess what? It’s the latter, and it will be released in 2017 OCG sets.

ygo-arc-v-ep-133-img-0010Now we have had our fair share of new special cards, as they always do in every series. However, to release and reveal Transcendental Polymerization this late in the game is causing me to mixed opinions about it. Furthermore, we are probably never going to get an explanation how Yuuri got his hands on it either. As of right now, it belongs exclusively to him.

I feel like this is something that should have been introduced ages ago. However it never got the chance to because the circumstances which it could have debuted never happened in the first place. In fact, it could have been something that only the strongest and most trusted agents of Academia possessed, including the Professor himself. I think had we been introduced in that way, I wouldn’t feel as iffy about it. But in order to do that, the strongest and most trusted agents needed to be written as true threats, not like the ones we have seen roll over and switch sides on the whim thanks to Yuuya’s and others entertainment. In more ways than one, it was truly a missed opportunity.

ygo-arc-v-ep-133-img-0018Knowing Yuushou was inevitably going to lose was pretty darn painful sit through. It only got worse when Yuuri presented his twisted form of entertainment, that involved torturing both father and son at the same time. Yuushou stayed strong, and even though he knew there was no path to victory, he stood strong on stage. Most interestingly however is how Yuuri’s emotions gone haywire. We have seen him go insane, but not to this scale. I felt we were able to see a bit into Yuuri’s heart. The loneliness and jealousy he feels, void of the sense of longing. This stood out when he wanted to silence Yuuya and Yuushou, exclaiming that Yuuya belongs to him only. It got under his skin to see Yuushou fighting for his son, putting on the best performance he can, and Yuuya in return having the uttermost faith in him.

ygo-arc-v-ep-133-img-0001And make no mistake, Yuushou may be a performer, but when he is focused, this man is a true duelist. It was actually really cool to watch because Yuushou showcased when Yuuya has been slowly learning, to not lose focus despite the fact a grim fate may await them. Yuushou stay true to himself till the very end, making it all the more heartbreaking to see him be carded right before Yuuya’s eyes. But what also made this scene a lot more devastating was how Yuuya was recalling the first time he saw his dad perform at the stadium, and despite being in a pinch he got out of it. This however had a very different ending, with a heavy price to pay.

ygo-arc-v-ep-133-img-0020With his father carded, it’s an understatement that was Yuuya’s last straw. Their sanity was short-lived and now Yuuto has already been consumed by darkness almost instantly, and Yuuya will surely follow. As expected he and Yuuri will duke it out to determine who will ultimately be the main host for Zarc’s body. I’m not sure by merging all four souls together would allow Zarc to magically obtain his body again or if Yuuya’s body will remain as the host. Of course with the Revival Project nearly completetion, it feels seems likely that once that happens (as I fully expect it to), Zarc will obtain his true body again and we will see a repeat of Zarc VS Ray. How different will it be, and how will the realms merging together impact the rest remains a mystery for most part. Needless to say they are walking a thin line, and it can either be incredibly amazing or a complete disaster.

So December 4th there will be no new episode, so we got a week break to take it all in. I say just don’t hold any expectations at this point, just take it as it is, and that’s pretty much the best advice I can give you at this point.

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  1. In all honesty, with how dull the duels have been I really can’t feel any emotion towards these kind of moments because they end up being just for the sake of the plot. I will it admit this was indeed the right choice and it was expected but with all that’s been happening it’s very hard to be fully invested anymore. Dennis for example ended up being meaningless and Yushou is literally the only one with a brain who actually did something. Reiji and Reira are basically worthless spectators who aren’t gonna do a damn thing for reasons, Kaito, Edo(two guys who should have been carded but kept alive for reasons especially with how little they’ve helped) as well as Sora’s left ground. Shun is at the ground basically for 10 episodes, Sawatari is 1/2 of a walking stick, Gon’s an injured man, and the Jack Atlas is also 1/2 of a walking stick way past 10 episodes.
    Yuri in general was always something I expected out of a genuine polar opposite of a protagonist and a damn amazing one!! Sad thing that it took 123 episodes to finally get to that untapped potential even if his backstory was somewhat mediocre in my opinion about how he constantly won and no one liked him. Full props to Kensho Ono for this episode as Yuri and Yuya(both normal and full blown rage version). The duel was finally going in two weeks , hopefully the writers won’t mess it up.

    1. I agree, the dull duels and the lack of focus really caused many of us (if not all) to drift apart from this series. I too am certainly not as nearly as invested as I was a year ago, so I can understand and agree on your sentiments. What blows my mind is over the fact the writers just in two arcs made the Lancers (as a group) completely useless. Their team is nothing more than an illusion and is best described as a joke. Sure they ran out of time, but it certainly doesn’t provide any excuse for reducing them to nothing, worse off in favor for the AU cameos from the past.

      1. I really wanted to care but with how much the show dug itself a hole I really can’t. From what I’ve heard the show was originally supposed to be a 2-year series but it was extended and judging by that they literally used that extended year for 5D’s 2.0. There can easily be a lot of explanations and for people who can love the series overall that’s fine but in my opinion once Standard was over, lazy is the two syllable word i would use that describes the series.
        I’ve never really considered the Lancers as a team but by all means they really are a joke and worse with a leader who barely(if ever) does anything as a leader.
        The very sad thing is my four favorite characters in the whole series were Yuya, Yuzu, Reiji and Yuri but in the end they are all treated horribly with the exception of Yuri however he was literally a running gag until the final act. Yuya and Yuzu’s relationship was one of the most unique things rather romantic or platonic and the writers immediately botched that up by turning it into a constant running gag, having the attention too much towards Yuya and shafting Yuzu in one of the most laziest ways imaginable I’m still pissed off at 115. Reiji and Yuya’s rivalry started as unique until that became nothing compared to past rivals, especially when they’ve had little interaction. Yuri getting a real duel was long overdue and now is literally making Academia a threat like it should have been instead of generic pushovers.
        Gx, 5D’s and Zexal(as much as I disliked it) was able to have more compelling, emotional and even memorable moments/duels compared to ARC-V.

        1. I agree they could have used Yuri more to build up his intimation and threat level. But I think Duel Academy(Academia) was quite threatening even without Yuri, at least they were before episode 112, let’s look at what they accomplished without Yuri’s contributions:
          1.) They pretty much destroyed the Xyz dimension, when we see the true scope of the destruction in episode 100, it’s truly frightening.
          2.) The Obelisk Forces before episode 109, were quite powerful and terrifying. Think about it in previous series one important duelist, like Shay(Shun), Crow, Shark, Joey or Jim, could easily take down 5 to 10 foot soldier duelist before getting tired and then taken out by another 5 or 10. But in episode 48 and 49, it took the combined power of 5 important duelists(Moon Shadow(Tsukikage), Celina(Serena), Shay(Shun), Gong, and Silvio(Shingo)) and 2 filler duelist(Reed and Trout, or as most know them the cook and the fisherman) just to beat 3 Obelisk Force aka foot soldier duelists. That’s pretty scary that despite all there skill they still needed to out number mere fodder just to beat them. Heck Moon Shadow(Tsukikage) would have lost against the 3 Obelisk Force he fought in episode 89, had Sora not jumped in when he did.
          3.) Barrett had Yuya beat in episode 92, thanks to his two traps he could not attack, summon any new monsters, or even play spells and traps. The card he was about to draw before Sergey jumped in would not have helped him, even if he switched his dragons to defense mode, Barrett could just uses Panther Preditor’s effect to inflict 800 points of damage and end Yuya.
          4.) The Doctor himself was very creepy and scary, he developed a mind control, that unlike all the other forms in the Yugioh series, could not be undone by beating the one under mind control in a duel.

          1. The Obelisk Force in general is all abut the numbers game that I will admit but they also cheat as well as attack on the first turn of the entire duel.
            For a response most of that was mainly Reiji’s penalty that screwed them over when it came to the Michio and Tenpei. Tsukikage constantly used spell as a cost of protection that kept halving his own points to protect the others and would died if Shingo didn’t come by. Serena’s moves were already predictable with the Obelisk Force.
            Barret would have been good and I would not have any issues with hi if the show never wrote him out for some dumb reason. He is literally the one that believe academia was a noble cause and could have worked to the shows fullest if they had him more instead of the word of EGAO converted people in the most laziest of ways.
            The ideas are good, I will admit but the execution in the end is what makes it all fall apart especially the Doctor and Ruri’s subconsciousness that comes right out of nowhere and is never seen again being with her nor the other girls an example of how much the show lost itself in any real attempt of danger and drama. Not invading Standard and ignoring Synchro for a retrieval mission makes it even worse. Even when it’s rushed Yuri is literally the only Academia character that makes it truly an incredible threat and brings it credibility to it’s fullest.

        2. I hate to admit it, but GX, 5D’s, and Zexal (as much as I dislike and nearly hate Zexal), they won in terms of focus. True there are some filler-not-so-important-episodes, but in the end they stick with the plot and its characters properly. Arc-V, on the other hand, has a lot of potential but the writers just decided to toss it away. If they were planning to toss them away from the very beginning, then they should have at least make their downfall meaningful or heartbreaking, at the very least it will etched in the audience’s heart instead of disappointing.
          Now that I’ve let it all out, now commenting on the episode: I love Yuri even more after watching this episode! He really is what I expected him to be~! I do feel sorry for both Yusho and Yuya, but I still couldn’t help but to love Yuri more. And of course, Kensho Ono done his role perfectly in every way. Yuri is really broken no matter how you look at him. The question: is he beyond saving or not? If we considering the current ED, the possibility of Yuri becoming a good guy is high. But I feel anything can happen due to the lack of focus lately.
          By the way, I just want to make sure Eva, can you explain what do you mean by Yuri void of sense of longing?

          1. This is Yugioh, where they basically redeem anyone in the end no matter how much sense it does not make. Vector is one of the greatest examples of that especially with all the crap he did with or without brainwashing. I would like it if they don’t redeem Yuri but the way the show is going they’ll likely do in a very lazy route especially sense he was never brainwashed and did all his actions by choice.

            1. If they’re going to redeem Yuri, they better do it properly. They have to make it convincing. If they do it in a very lazy route like in Xyz Dimension Arc, I may flip the table.

      2. “I too am certainly not as nearly as invested as I was a year ago”
        The moment they rushed the Xyz arc and made Yuya the Messiah we don’t deserve, EVERYONE starts to hate the show.
        “in favor for the AU cameos from the past”
        I’m actually FINE with the past characters returning in Arc V. The main problem is how they are treated. Because of the director’s 5D’s bias and his hatred for GX, the Synchro got dragged WAAAYYY TOO LONG with Jack and Crow definitely more well treated, while Kaito regressed into a first-rate asshole that I would love to kill myself, Asuka just as useless as she was in GX… AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED WITH EDO PHOENIX! It still made me boiling with anger when one of the most powerful duelists in GX who managed to defeat Judai and even the Kaiser himself was totally reduced to an insecure douchebag that got pissed at Yusho for the stupidest reasons and then subsequently made a U-Turn too absurd even by this show’s standards. Not to mention almost all his new D-Heroes are pure garbage! To make him even more pathetic, he had ZERO wins in this show! Even SAWATARI solo’ed one fellow student back in episode 7 (and that’s the ONLY solo victory he had), Ruri also solo’ed a fellow Heartland Duel School student on her own (in Yuto’s flashback).

        1. Okay in Aster(Edo)’s defense that U-turn did not come out of nowhere, his duel with Yusho planted the seeds that made him question Duel Academy, and Yuya pretty much opened the door. Like many others in Duel Academy, Aster(Edo) had some doubts, but just like Sora and Celina(Serena) he wanted to remain loyal to the Academy, but just like Sora and Celina(Serena)m, after having some time to think and his duel with Yuya he saw the light and betrayed the Academy. Just like Sora and Celina(Serena) thanks to Zuzu(Yuzu) and Yuya talking some sense into them and being given some time to think.
          In fact, in the Xyz arc Aster(Edo) was the only one who’s redemption and betrayal of Duel Academy was believable. The Tyler Sisters and all the other students betrayal made no real sense and they were the ones who made as you put it,
          “a U-Turn too absurd even by this show’s standards.”

          1. There wasn’t much about Edo to begin with that would make anything he did understandable in all honestly because he wasn’t shown nor done anything as horrible unless you want to count him dueling Yushou in a flashback and that’s it. After that he literally did nothing that comes with the name of Commander-Chief, which arguably that should have gone to Yuri with how much the show hype him up.
            The Tyler Sisters were only done terrible thing via exposition and that’s. It would have work if they have shown their actions rather than speak of it which makes their actions as well as their turnaround a huge contradiction.
            Overall, the XYZ arc was undeniably rushed in many ways for both sides.

    2. “Yushou is literally the only one with a brain who actually did something.”
      Nice joke. He’s literally a time-waster, not to mention he’s NO entertainer.
      “Full props to Kensho Ono for this episode as Yuri and Yuya”
      Love his voice in Pokemon XY&Z as Alain, but I hate how Arc V has regressed into the “Kensho Ono show” because he voiced Yuya, Yuri AND even Zarc. The first two I’m still fine with (since Yuzu & Serena were both voiced by Yuna Inamura), but I would’ve preferred ANOTHER male VA for Zarc.
      “The duel was finally going in two weeks , hopefully the writers won’t mess it up.”
      If it’s hard for you to be fully invested anymore, then why expect an awesome duel? I’m certain that even the director and the writers are not taking this show seriously anymore, so expect the duel to be halted in a lazy way when Yuri suddenly uses Super Polymerization to fuse all 4 dragons back into Zarc (Much like how Judai used the same card to fuse him with Yubel).

      1. This was still a duel I was waiting for since hearing Yuri’s VA. My expectation, love, passion already burnt out weeks due to the large amounts of laziness but I will admit I want to at least see that duel and confrontation especially since it’s between the same VA’s. One with Yuzu and Serena was literally girt wrapped for them but unfortunately they manged to ruined that for the most dumbest reasons of all.

  2. I personally think Yuri added that spell personally to his deck, after episode 92 he was probably wondering what happened and soon he discovers the truth, most likely by tapping into the piece of Zarc inside him, which explained everything to him, and being the insane psycho he is agreed with Zarcs plan and made preparations to absorb the other three Yu boys, take their dragons and gain ultimate power. Now Odd Eyes and Dark Rebellion would be easy to add to his deck, he just needs two level 4’s for Rebellion and he can tribute for Odd Eyes, but Clear Wing is more difficult to summon, because it specifically requires a tuner. So Yuri did what Sergey did added a spell that could preform both a fusion and synchro summon, but his goes further since Sergeys requires one of the material monsters to be a tuner, but Yuri’s automatically turns one of the material into a tuner.
    But now you all know what comes next, sadly we have lost Rin and Yusho, and you all know what I’ll write next for them:
    Now a memorial service for Rin and Yusho. Just imagine Yugioh Zexal’s 6th ending Challenge the Game playing in the background.
    Here are the images and clips I would chose in dedication to Rin and Yusho.
    The first image would be Yusho sitting in the chair at the end of episode 103.
    The second image would be when Rin hugged Yugo in episode 116.
    The third image would be when Yusho getting ready to duel Dennis in episode 112.
    The first clip would be Rin activating her duel disk against Yugo in episode 117.
    The second clip would be Yusho activating the swords trap card to bind Yuya in episode 129.
    The third clip would be Rin kicking Yugo in episode 116.
    The last clip would be when Yusho having Sky Magician attack Yuri’s monster in episode 132.
    The last image would be a split screen between 2 images, on the left would be when Rin smiled at Yugo in episode 84’s flashback, and on the right would be when Yusho smiling at Yuyu right before he was carded by Yuri in episode 133. These 2 images would turn grey to symbolize Rin and Yusho demise.
    P.S. Eva would you consider telling you the month Arc V is set to end a spoiler?Because I was hoping to make a comment about what I think is going to happen next for Arc V, and see what others think of my predictions, but I’d be using the month as a way to estimate how many episodes are left and what can be done in that time. And if you consider that a spoiler I wouldn’t want to post it if it would spoil you.

    1. I would believe it if they actually made any sort of indication of it, but since they didn’t, I don’t have it in me to imagine that they did.
      I think it’s better that you don’t say anything. We will have an estimate when end as soon as they announce its going into its final arc + the announcement of the next YGO Series (usually in debuting in the Spring Season).

  3. Is it bad how i kind of saw this coming but still loved it? I mean, i get that it’s frustrating we had to wait this long to get some good stuff… but I’m still really enjoying it. I knew Yushou hadn’t a snowball’s chance of winning but to still see him carded in front of Yuya was tragic.
    I knew something similar to this would happen, because Yushou is practically flawless in Yuya’s eyes. His father is his idol, his aspiration. So the cruelest thing to do to Yuya would be to cut down and defeat Yushou brutally… and we got just that. We are going to see Yuya at his LOWEST point! Everything has been taken from him, Yuzu, his friends, his father, and even his identity now! I think even he’s struggling to retain his identity as Yuya and not Zarc.
    I will admit that seeing the flashback with Yuya repeating the words of his mother made me smile. And the reason is as simple as it is new. It’s because it was his mother who said them, it shows how even though Yushou is his idol and biggest aspiration Yoko still had a profound impact in his life which is something that is rare in shounen animes because they focus too much on the father-son element usually.
    Yuri being evil was kind of just awesome… I dont care particularly for new card releases and him just spamming that combo both to whittle away at Yushou’s lifepoints and torture Yuya was deliciously evil!! I expected nothing less from my Cold Emperor.
    Poor Rin… T_T
    Why the fudge doesn’t Reiji just interfere!? Also Reira is stopping him and is ok with his brother now!? What was the point of their conflict then!!?
    If it was just to establish that Reira has grown from Reiji’s shadow, then I am so pissed off with them for choosing a POOR time to do this!!! And even if it was to give Ray a voice, why the fuck did Reira take a stupid pill and listen to her!?

    1. I agree, I (as crazy as it sounds) liked how they went ALL OUT on Yuuri’s twisted form of entertainment. It matches his character perfectly. I saw the torture loop coming, or at least had a sense it was going to happen, and while there was a voice in the back of my head trying to make sense of how ‘logical’ this would be in real gameplay, I just ignored it and appreciated how it was so Yuuri’s style to do that.
      I just wished they brought the card out sooner, then it wouldn’t leave such a bad taste in my mouth! XD
      It definitely made it all t he more heartbreaking, just knowing that Yuuya’s hopes were going to be crushed and the ending he believed in was never going to take place. 🙁
      Congratulations Reiji, you’re the most useless character of the year! (Or rather I can’t recall when he has ever done anything useful or helpful to anyone…) :\ And RIP Reira’s character development. He has grown so much and then all the sudden, when it matters most, he can’t do anything again 🙁

    2. Deliciously evil, you really chose the right word to describe it! I still don’t know about Yuto and Yugo, but I think Yuya and Yuri, being the reincarnations of Zarc, represents an aspect of Zarc. To put it simply, Yuya and Yuri represents good and evil side of Zarc. Yuya represents Zarc when he still enjoy Dueling normally as a card game, while Yuri represents Zarc’s dark side after he went insane. Seeing Yuri like this makes me think that Yuri is Zarc himself right now.

      1. I totally agree! Yuri behaves more like angry Zarc than Yuya does! And to think Yuri maybe would’ve turned out ok as we saw at the beginning he just needed friends and then the professor came along and oh wait… -_- let me think. He fucked everything up, the stupid man!! I mean his motivation is understable but still BEYOND STUPID!!
        I seriously don’t get why the Professor didnt just get rid of Yuri, i mean he was probably the easiest to kill out of all four considering that he raised the kid pretty much! It would’ve been so easy to go ‘come here’ and then get rid of him! I’m not advocating for it as its a kids (sort of) show but jeez Leo was stupid!

  4. AS EXPECTED the so-called “BEST” entertainer ever is DEAD. NOW ONTO THE ULTIMATE HITOTSU NI DUEL… in two week’s time. >_>
    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I HATE this final opening, especially when that FUCKING SHIVERS KID is in it.
    • I would like Clairvoyance a lot more if it could just destroy Super Polymerization instead of shuffling it back to Yuri’s deck because that means Yuri might use it to fuck Yusho up later.
    • Yuri is gonna deliver us fabulous rape faces in this episode, isn’t he? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • I LOVE this OST since its debut in the Xyz arc… WHERE THE FUCK IS SOUND DUEL 4??!!!
    • Oh, Entermate Lizardraw has its counterpart in Predator Plants.
    • Sky Magician waving his magic with his switching hands really pisses me off.
    • Guys, let’s throw bricks at our dearest Arc V writers. NO FUCKING WAY that Yuya could regain his senses through Egao speech.
    • Geez, that Ivy Bind Castle sounds stupid broken.
    • Yuri, I’m STILL not impressed by your turn. Apart from activating Ivy Bind Castle, Yusho managed to read all your moves. Besides, leaving two low-powered Predator Plants on the field without face-down cards is suicidal, especially when you’re up against opponents who can unleash monsters with massive firepower.
    • Oh hello Yoko! It’s been a REALLY LONG time since I last saw you! 😀
    • Well, despite the doomsday looming, Yusho and Yuri are really enjoying this duel, aren’t they? >_>
    • Thank god Sky Magician has another effect… Well shit, it’s still very garbage.
    • I dunno how this terrible magician would even have his pupils… AND THIS KID KEEPS FUCKING SMILING?! GOD HELP ME!! D:
    • “Great Escape Show” my ass. SHUT THE HELL UP AND FUCKING WIN, YUSHO!!! >:(
    • So much for Yusho promising to deliver us a “Dazzling Entertainment Show” because that performance was beyond appalling. Failing to finish Yuri off even when he had a weak field at the time is definitely gonna haunt Yusho very soon…
    • Even Yuri is sick of Yusho’s constant “entertainment” bullshit.
    • Damn, Yuri is giving us Yaoi-oh vibes with his obsession for HITOTSU NI…
    • Now it’ll be Yuri’s turn to troll-I mean, torture Yusho as payback for being trolled like a tool. THE SHANKING TIME HAS JUST BEGUN!
    • Somewhere, Judai and Yubel are crying foul for Yuri having an even more OP Fusion card than Super Polymerization.
    • i just read its anime effects on the Wikia… Transcendental Polymerization is a Fusion & Synchro/Xyz card in the anime?!! Why can’t it be THIS good IRL?!! There goes the dream of meshing Fusion & Synchro/Xyz summoning together… ;_;
    • Sorry Yusho, I don’t think your last-minute protection Trap can save you from defeat.
    • Let’s kick-start the long-awaited “Shanking Entertainment Show”! 😀
    • Did Yuri just cut off Sky Magician’s hands to pull out two OP Continuous Spells?! HOORAY! 😀
    • OH DAMN! Yuri is gonna recycle this loop and stab Yusho as much as he wants! 😀
    • THIS must be why Clear Wing is nerfed in TCG/OCG, its effects can be used endlessly in the anime. THIS was also why the writers couldn’t let Yugo face Jack in the Friendship Cup final, because both Scarlight and Tyrant would be fucking destroyed by Clear Wing alone, much less Crystal Wing.
    • RIP Synchro Bae, you’re the ONLY outstanding Yu-waifu in 2016. Now only Fusion Queen remains… T_T
    • Leo, it took you until NOW to beg for Yusho to save your ass? TOO FUCKING LATE.
    • I swear, Yuri is recycling Starve Venom on purpose just to trigger Yuya & Yuto over and over again.
    • I just realized that this isn’t an Acton Duel. Damn, as much as I HATE Yuya for abusing those Action Cards for his asspulls, I want Yusho to use them AT LEAST once for his debut & final duel.
    • GET SHANKED YUSHO! I know people may strongly disagree with me, but Yusho is a TERRIBLE duelist with a beyond garbage troll deck. He is NOT and will NEVER be qualified to be an “entertainer”. Now I must laugh at the Standard idiots (especially Yoko) for being mesmerized by his “performances” so easily when he keeps giving the audience dreadful performances.
    • Oh Yuya, you’ve lost your waifu (He STILL doesn’t know about Yuzu’s demise though) and your dad. Let the hate flow through you…
    • LOL! The upcoming episode is called “Allure of Darkness”? Nice teaser there Konami. XD

  5. As Arc V is taking another short break, let me give my thoughts on the show since we’re very close to its end.
    Standard Arc (Episode 1-53): 8.5/10
    No doubt the best arc of the show. Tons of great characters (especially MUH BOI YUGO and Yuto & Shun the edgelords) and archetypes introduced (with Speedroids, Raidraptors and D/D/Ds my favourites) with Yuzu the standout heroine of the arc. She was hooked into the major plot way earlier than the fucking Tomato, and her performances was exactly how people started to get invested in this show, and some even said that she may be the first female duelist that breaks the hoodoo of female characters being neglected in the past Yugioh series. Oh, and don’t forget the concept of hostility between “Dimensions” of corresponding summoning methods as shown during the Shun vs Sora duel (BEST duel of the arc) which swooped even more people into the Arc V hype train for a very long period. That being said, negatives did exist: The annoying Quiz Kid with the nightmarish Quiz duel, the beginning of Action Card asspulls and Yuya’s constant EGAO drivel… AND THE FUCKING SHIVERS KID!!!!
    Synchro Arc (Episode 54-99): 4/10
    A mixed bag for the audience. Some loved it, but most loathed it. Personally I only gave it a passable rating because I’m a Synchro player myself and I’m very excited to see Crow and Jack return to the show. Those who enjoyed it claimed how fun this arc was, especially the prison break V2 since 5D’s, ENJOY Chojiro’s speech, ton of exciting duels in the Friendship Cup, JEAN MICHEL ROGER the most outstanding villain in the show with a crazy good VA etc. But now let’s touch upon its negatives: A complete waste of time with NONE of the Lancers’ objectives accomplished, Yuya’s character development regressed even further because of the total farce that was the Yuya vs Jack round 2 when everyone suddenly became BFFs due to ONE single Egao show, Yuzu’s role being reduced to getting transported to different castles… AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED WITH THE SEVERE LACK OF YUGO!!!
    Xyz Arc (Episode 100-112): 1/10
    Who would have thought that the most anticipated arc of the show actually turned out to be its WORST?! Half of it was dedicated to Yuya’s Egao edicts, while THE MAN Gongenzaka, Sawatari and even SHUN were rendered useless due to this infamous arc. The Tyler sisters were a total joke, and even the returning characters were shadows of their original incarnations: Kaito now being a first-rate asshole that I would love to kill myself, Asuka starting with a bang and then did nothing else, and EDO FUCKING PHOENIX the insecure brat who got mad at Yusho for the stupidest of reasons and then subsequently led the villains to do a U-Turn too absurd even by this show’s standards… OH AND DID I FORGET TO MENTION THAT YUSHO IS A SHIT PARENT?!!
    Fusion Arc (Episode 113-125): 3.5/10
    TERRIBLE. This was the arc where Yuya’s Egao brainwashing reached totally insane levels that even a psychotic killer that was the BATTLE BITCH was easily tamed by such nonsense! Adding to settling the score with the Level-0-Man and the Pirate duel, again half of this arc was dedicated to Yuya’s Egao speeches. The other half had Ruri (hate her VA) and Rin’s official debut, Crow and Asuka getting killed off, TWO outstanding duels that was Yugo vs Rin and Yuya/Yuto vs Ruri and Serena, but it was still terrible, especially when it had the 4-EPISODES BATTLE BITCH MINI-ARC in it.
    Final Arc (Episode 126-??): ??/10
    It may not be the time to judge the last arc yet, but so far it’s VERY boring and anti-climatic. Even though Kaito and Edo were knocked out, that was at the expense of the Yuri vs Yugo showdown we’ve been waiting for 3 seasons, which was ultimately cut short. Akaba Leo is even confirmed to be a pesky idiot and a shit final boss when he nearly lost to Yuya and only got his ass saved by Yusho which, as of the latest episode, proved that he’s a beyond horrible duelist who had no right to be an entertainer. The 4 Yu-waifus were killed off in a lazy manner, and that Arc V reactor is certainly a pathetic doomsday machine. Even the apocalypse tales of Zarc and the “heroics” of Ray (who later turned out to be the Devil’s incarnate as well) don’t really hook the IRL audience back into the show anymore. To make things even worse, they made Reiji and Reira complete idiots who dueled each other just to waste more time, and they turned Yuri into the resident badass WAY TOO LATE in the show. I may not like Zexal at all, but even I’ll say its final arc was miles better than the sorry state Arc V is in right now.
    To sum up my thoughts, Arc V started out very bright, but eventually became worse over time and now it’s one of the most hated animes in the world (yes, not only Japan, but the WHOLE WORLD). I’ll still watch it until the very end, but I no longer have any hope that this show will end in high notes because too much damage was already done.

  6. You know, I’ll tell you that I kind of expected Yuuri to rip the card considering the level of insanity he was reaching.
    He didn’t because… plot, I guess. I mean, with Yuusho gone forever there would probably be a very bittersweet ending.

        1. The moment Dennis was buried by Kaito gave even more hints of how low things were going. Yuya doesn’t even mention Tsukikage nor Yusho mention Dennis despite wanting to be mentioned making all their “death” borderline pointless/meaningless as well as a desperate attempt at drama when the writers themselves don’t fully commit to it.

    1. . ___ . Oh dear god, he could definitely rip it if he REALLY wants to…
      But unless he does that, Yuushou is still alive since he is in Yuuri’s hands and not in the bulk that is being used for Revival Zero.

  7. I’m feeling pretty sad that Yuushou lost. It feels like he was just set up to lose for Yuuya to win. All for the plot. But I get the feeling that no matter who wins, Yuuya or Yuuri, they’re going to fuse into Zarc. I’m just not feeling this. Like someone said, the duels have become dull. Even with ZeXaL’s crap, I’d say at the end it had a lot of duels that weren’t just for the sake of plot.
    And that Transcendental Polymerization is overpowered hacks. You can’t activate any effects or anything to counter the activation of the card.

  8. I won’t spoil the detail to you, but after reading the spoilers, I think the heartbreaking won’t end with just this… So you need to be prepared just in case.

      1. i not bringing outher show refrences most of the times but from the spoilers of the next episode i think we can take a quate from bakugan character “lets clean the house”

        1. Actually, I think you can still feel something if a character in question had enough prior screen time, for example the final duels for Moon Shadow(Tsukikage), Crow and Yugo weren’t done that well, but because they had enough screen time before hand and I learned about them and grew to feel for them, even though there last duels weren’t that great I still felt very sad to see them go.. Now Yusho on the other hand, it was a good thing his last duel was executed as good as it was, because he didn’t have enough screen time so I barley had anything from past episodes to feel for him, so if his duel wasn’t good I would not have felt sorry for him, luckily his duel was good so I felt sad for what happened to him.

  9. [spoiler]
    Episode 135: The Trembling Dimensions
    Akaba Leo has successfully activated Arc-V, and the fusion of the dimensions has begun. On the other hand, Yuya is driven into a corner by Yuri. However, Yuya continues to fight fiercely for the sake of Yuto and his friends.
    My opinion: So Predator Plants are actually outpacing Entermates/Odd-Eyes/Magicians? Whatever…
    Episode 136: Reign of the Supreme Dragon King
    Right before Reiji and others, who believe that Yuya’s Dueling will bring peace to the world… Zarc is finally awakened. Zarc proclaims that the feelings of those who believe in Yuya have helped him revive. The Lancers’ battle against Zarc, who uses his overwhelming power to bring despair to all, has just begun.
    My opinion: Hahaha, so Zarc will finally be resurrected DURING CHRISTMAS? How ironic. XD But god I’m triggered when they said “Yuya’s Dueling will bring peace to the world”. NO THAT’S BULLSHIT! THE TOMATO IS NOT THE MESSIAH WE DESERVE! >:(
    *Break on 1/1/2017
    Episode 137: The Rebellious Supreme King Fraternal Dragon
    Shiun’in Sora and the others were no match against Zarc’s might. In order to carry on the wishes of their friends, Kurosaki and Kaito stand against Zarc. Facing off against Zarc’s HAOH KENRYU’s fearsome might, Kurosaki and Kaito risk it all and challenge Zarc in order to save Yuto and Yuya.
    My opinion: Yup, Shun is DEFINITELY gonna get wrecked… BUT KAITOFUCKER GODDAMMIT HOW DARE HE GATE-CRASH THE PARTY AGAIN?!! Besides, I’d prefer SAWATARI to save the day, Shun’s been dueling a lot and god should Ultimate Falcon get rekted for the third time…

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