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Although I have already shared this in the Winter 2017 Preview, here is my formal post in regards of my indefinite hiatus.

It has been seven years since I have started up this blog, and with a heavy heart I am announcing my indefinite hiatus.

I have chosen to say indefinite because I have no idea what the future holds for me. I have considered retiring, but the idea of retiring didn’t sit well in my heart as I have yet to determine whether or not I just need a break and a change of pace, or I am ready to move on.

Make no mistake, managing both website, team and writing your own posts, along juggling the responsibilities outside of the digital world is no easy task. And after seven years, it has finally taken a toll on me. I have noticed as early as the end of the summer season that just how burnt out I was, along with the lack of enthusiasm to participate in the upcoming seasons.

There were two specific reasons I wanted to stick around: 1) Finish covering Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V and 2) Cover the second season of Gundam Tekketsu. At the time I thought my sheer determination to do so would allow me to persevere and cover some other shows along the way, but between now and then, a lot of things has happened in my life and my stamina and enthusiasm had virtually diminished. The only show that I know in my heart that I have the determination the finish covering for the sake of closure is Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V. (AND MARK MY WORDS: I WILL FINISH IT.) It is not only because I have invested three years of my life covering and being a passionate fan of this show, but to avoid the same fate which had befallen onto Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds no thanks to my health condition at resulted a mandatory 9 months hiatus. (I still have regrets about it to this day).

I poured my entire soul into building this website, and passionately written over one thousand entries. It is time to try something new and when life is not as havoc and my passion and interest in anime reignites, perhaps I will make a return. But until then my friends, I hope you continue to support our amazing writers and I hope to one day be back with refreshed and ready to start again. <3

 Inb4 I cover the next YGO Series 😉 like seriously, if it looks good, it’s going to be hard to keep it away from me, hahahahahahahahaha!!!


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  1. Sanokal

    We will miss you Eva.

    1. Eva

      ; v ; / I’ll still be around covering YGO ARC-V, but thank you!

  2. terranceacrow

    I hope all goes well for you. I just recently found this blog, and I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts. Good luck!

    1. Eva

      Thank you that’s means a lot me! I hope you will be able to enjoy the others are well! 🙂

  3. Sighs… And I thought you could AT LEAST finish an article about Yugioh Arc V episode 135 before your indefinite hiatus… Nonetheless, thank you for your services all these years, especially the articles of Go Princess Precure & of course Arc V which hooked me into this blog. (But Mahou Tsukai just fell short…Well, apart from Riko and Lizzie, this show is even shittier than the formerly worst Happiness Charge.) And now, I shall pull out one last commentary for Yugioh Arc V episode 135:
    You better watch out! You better not cheer! Better grovel I’m telling you why! Santa Zarc is coming to town!
    • Apart from Eva’s indefinite hiatus, this is also Ebina’s LAST episode of Arc V. Thank you Ebina, your service was well appreciated. Your Arc-V animation was god-tier, especially when animating Shun’s duels.
    • OH HEY LOOK! They remembered that Shun exists!
    • Hey Leo, you’ve been bragging about merging back all Dimensions and the resurrection of Ray for the past 10 episodes…
    • Yuya’s other counterparts are STILL tempting him to succumb to HITOTSU NI…
    • This is the first time I’ve seen Yuya having flashy red-coloured eyes. Yuya is a Red-Eyes confirmed?!
    • Thank god that Starlight Force Trap is gone. I want the dragons to fight without any restrictions.
    • WHAT THE FUCK?!! Yuri, why don’t you just steal Odd-Eyes’ damage-doubling effect with Starve Venom first and cut Odd-Eyes’ attack to half (twice) with Dark Rebellion’s effect before entering the Battle Phase?! You could’ve one-shot Yuya with ease!! WHAT IS THIS STUPID MISPLAY?!! >_>
    • Uggh, here comes Yuya relying on Action Card bullshit AGAIN…
    • Thank you Yuri for relying on Action Card bullshit to cancel Yuya’s Action Card bullshit.
    • “Why hasn’t Ray revived yet?!” Honestly Leo, that’s what you get for pushing forward your keikaku without thinking about the consequences. Even if Ray revives, I bet she will have tons of defects.
    • Yuya, you can be in denial about this whole HITOTSU NI business, but you can’t avoid it forever.
    • Reiji, Edo, Sora and Reira are attempting to ruin this ultimate HITOTSU NI duel, but they all got blasted away by Zarc’s demonic powers even before the Intrusion Penalty kicks in.
    • Once again, Yuri cancels Yuya’s Action Card bullshit with his own Action Card bullshit.
    • To think Yuya is forced to make Smile World gone… FAREWELL!
    • So I was wrong about the Trap being Storming Mirror Force, but WHY DIDN’T YUYA JUST USE THE TRAP IMMEDIATELY BY DISCARDING SMILE WORLD?!! And yes, it still doesn’t make Yuri not using Starve Venom & Dark Rebellion’s effects before the Battle Phase any less forgivable.
    • Yuya’s shrieking about Smile World and Yusho makes me want to smash my monitor right away.
    • Reiji tells Yuya to NOT relying on Smile World … Y’know, as much as I hate that card, it still serves as the last barrier of Yuya’s sanity. Now Yuya is gonna throw it away and kill everyone soon…
    • To Egao or to murder… Is Reiji reminding us that the “Pendulum” of “mood” swings both ways?
    • Just let the hate flow through you already Yuya, you can’t resist the inevitable!
    • “First of all focus only on winning.” OH CRAP! That’s the WORST piece of advice right now, Reiji!
    • Two new Entermates… Let’s see how situational they can be at this moment.
    • Bullshit that Trap Mimic managed to wrestle back Dark Rebellion and even welcomed Clear Wing to Yuya’s party.
    • Yuri continues to deliver fabulous rape faces. Yami Marik and Vector would be proud.
    • Flat Rat’s effect is just so situational to make Clear Wing useful in this situation.
    • RIDICULE WORLD?!! Hahahaha, that’s really a direct opposite to Smile World! XD
    • Under normal circumstances, Yuya is gonna get shredded to nothingness by Starve Venom next turn… BUT FLAT RAT HAS EVERY PERFECTLY SITUATIONAL EFFECT EVER.
    • Odd-Eyes gets to deliver the finishing blow… What a surprise… >_>
    • Sorry Yuri, you REALLY deserved to win, but you misplayed badly by not detaching Dark Rebellion’s Overlay Units, which ultimately returned to haunt you. Put that aside, Yuya’s plot armour is just too solid to break.
    • I couldn’t help but be severely disappointed that neither Yuya nor Yuri pulled out the evolved forms of their dragons in this supposedly ultimate HITOTSU NI duel, in the end it just ended up being flat and less memorable than I initially anticipated.
    • “He won’t become a demon!” So HOW LONG is Reiji gonna deny the coming of Egao Anti-Christ?
    • Yes, Yuya just tossed away his Pendulum-pendant like that… It’s NOT important to the plot at all…
    • So Reiji, you just doomed everyone with your belief of Yuya being the Messiah we deserve. Besides, it’s your fault for urging Yuya to win at all costs, which aided in Zarc’s revival. All is not according to your keikaku.
    • THAT FUCKING SHIVERS KID IS ACTUALLY BACK FOR REAL!!! QUICK ZARC, KILL THAT DAMN FAT KID FIRST!!! …Then you can go on a destructive rampage as you wish.
    • It’s confirmed that Edo is gonna get killed with a winless record in this show, and NOBODY GIVES A SHIT anymore… Oh well.
    One more time: THANK YOU EVA & MERRY CHRISTMAS! 😀

    1. Eva

      I am pretty sure I made it clear I am going to finish YGO ARC-V. I am currently busy with the holidays and other chaotic life stuff (my grandma is in the hospital), I am just about to do the entry now. But thank you! 😉

  4. Noc

    I stumbled upon this blog after finding one of your Kamisama Hajimemashita posts some years back, and it’s remained close to me as one of the few blogs I follow almost daily (despite my frequent lurker status, I do read a lot of posts – even for shows I don’t really watch.)
    I’ve especially enjoyed reading your posts, Eva, since I feel like our tastes match so well! (Ignoring my occasional passion for carnage and suffering of course…) But since first finding your Kamisama post, I’ve come to love the blog as a whole and have good fun seeing what writers new and old think of the latest shows.
    I’m sad to see you go, but I’ll continue to follow AAB for the foreseeable future, and maybe I’ll get to read your posts again one day! Whether that happens or not, I wish you the best ^^

  5. Heidi Cadiz

    I’m going to miss you because I found this site while I was looking for Uta no Prince screenshots. On top of that there is a new precure anime call Kira Kira Precure a La Mode!

  6. Wombat

    it’ll be a shame to see you go – good luck in whatever you choose to do!

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