Magic-kyun! Renaissance – Episode 10 [A Heart-Pounding Summer Holiday]

School’s over for the year, so it’s time for some fun in the sun! That’s right, this week it’s Magic-kyun! Renaissance‘s turn to have its summer vacation.

Kohana and the others are staying in a beach house that’s only for students who’ve had a successful Art Session. And it’s clear from the beginning of the episode that this location holds some special memories for Todo-sensei – after all he had been in an Art Session with Sakura, and they performed very well. So naturally he’s got some memories of this location, right?

vlcsnap-00009The guys  play a round of Amidakuji and drop their bags off in their rooms before changing into their bathing suits. Some of the roommate pairings are somewhat expected (Teika and Aoi, for example), while others shake the group’s dynamic up a little. Kohana has her own room, and I’m so jealous because the wallpaper in her room is gorgeous ~   *0*

Everyone heads down to the beach and the guys hit on Kohana, who’s in a cute bikini. Monet and Aoi hide in the shade under an umbrella while the guys race each other to a rock way off in the water. Later on they all have a BBQ, and Rintaro cooks for everyone. Afterwards the group decides to rest in their respective rooms before they have some fun with some fireworks later.

As the sun starts to go down, Kohana dresses up in a yukata and gets ready to leave, but spots what looks like a greenhouse tucked into the forest and decides to investigate it first before meeting with the others. Upon arriving she sees sparkles, which she discovers are coming from some flowers that her mother planted many years ago. Todo-sensei arrives and together the two walk through the greenhouse towards the memorial tree that his group planted after their “miraculous” Art Session.

After Todo-sensei finishes sharing some of his memories of Sakura, Kohana picks some flowers and gives them to him. My heart just about broke here because he’s so clearly overwhelmed with seeing his long-lost love in her daughter, and those emotions are written all over his face.

Afterwards Kohana meets up with the guys and they head down to the beach to play with some small fireworks. Then someone else nearby, likely Todo-sensei, lights off some larger fireworks which Kohana and the guys enjoy from their spot on the beach.

vlcsnap-00021As the colorful lights flash in the sky, the group reflects on how they will unfortunately no longer be spending so much time together once the new school year starts. If only there was a solution…

The next day, Monet and the others plant their memorial tree near the peach tree that Sakura, Todo-sensei and the others planted in the past. Afterwards they gleefully tell Todo-sensei their idea: they want to form a (permanent) event committee, and would please he oversee them? Todo-sensei pretends to hate the idea, but we know deep down he’ll agree to help guide them with this new idea of theirs.

My thoughts: I’m really glad we finally got to see some of the history between Todo-sensei and Sakura. Kohana’s father still hasn’t been mentioned, and at this point I’m guessing it’s not going to come up at all. Maybe they’re saving it for a later season? Todo-sensei obviously cared a lot for Sakura, and she was the catalyst for his ability to create the Light of Arte. It’s too bad they never got together. *pouts*

Also, shirtless bishounen. Fuck yes equality.

Only 3 weeks left; I’m curious where the plot’s going to go. Maybe there will be some kind of big event that this new committee will be planning? And it looks like there’s going to be more romantic tension?!


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