Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 10: Sudden Battle Chances Up!


I don’t even care what happens in this show anymore. I’m starting to get really mad at this show now. I’ve pretty much accepted that all of my favorites are going to die in this show and all the shitty ones are going to live. And I don’t care anymore. Before, I would have screamed at Alice’s death, but I don’t have the energy to care anymore. Swim is just way too OP.

horriblesubs-mahou-shoujo-ikusei-keikaku-10-1080p-mkv0019For one thing, I don’t get what was up with Snow. Her breakdown was perfectly normal. With all of these deaths of all the magical girls she trusted, she’s gotten so tired and scared. It was perfectly fine that she was crying and yelling about being tired and frustrated about this awful death game, but I have no idea why all of a sudden she was yelling at Alice. One second she was saying how happy she was that Alice was with her, and then the other she’s literally pushing Alice out of the way and screaming at her to leave her alone? I didn’t get it. She said she wanted Alice to be beside her, and then she yells at her to stay away from her. And why? It’s not like Alice was after her to kill her or anything. In fact, she was trying to cheer her up. But the way Snow White acted was just plain strange, and also frustrating. That moment was very jarring because it just didn’t make sense to me at all.

horriblesubs-mahou-shoujo-ikusei-keikaku-10-1080p-mkv0028Alice’s death…made me mad too. My hate for Swim keeps growing more and more with each episode. I knew the only way for Alice (Ako) to die was for one of the magical girls to find out her real identity and kill her then, because she was basically invincible as Hardgore Alice. Swim was able to find her thanks to Minael disguising herself as Ako’s bunny, being led to her home. Swim appeared as Ako was walking to school and she was stabbed by that spear. I was hoping she would be able to transform in time and take down Swim but…this show isn’t hopeful. I can’t hope for anything anymore. And right when we were learning about Ako, she gets killed. Koyuki heard Ako’s voice and transformed into Snow and found her and was there to learn that she was the girl that had lost her house key (!!!) and last words and Snow feeling like shit and whatever. Funnily enough Ako had the rabbit’s foot but that didn’t bring any luck to her whatsoever.

Ako that poor girl. She was actually contemplating suicide. It took me awhile to realize that the will she had with her was actually hers. Living as the girl whose father killed her mother, Ako is teased by her classmates (which is just disgusting) and she knows she’s causing trouble for everyone by making them uncomfortable. So she was actually thinking of killing herself. We saw that she was about to rip up her will until Snow White contacted her, so we know that she was more happier in her life now. She found interest in Snow White ever since she helped her find her lost house key, and she also thought with such a sweet and childish thought that black and white would look pretty together. But with Snow pushing her away, it really hurt her.

Like many other characters in this show, Ako deserved better. She was a nice girl with a tragic past, but she had a sweet aunt that seemed to really care for her. I’m sure Snow is going to feel some responsibility for her death and she’s really going to lose it.

horriblesubs-mahou-shoujo-ikusei-keikaku-10-1080p-mkv0067As for shitty Swim’s next target, it’s Cranberry surprisingly. Swim, Tama, and Minael go after Cranberry but Cranberry was easily able to wound Tama, and kill Minael. I still don’t really know what’s going on with Cranberry. The only other clue we got about this awful game was the girls being part of a selection test, but we don’t know for what. I hope we find out more soon because I really am getting frustrated. I want to know why all the good characters are dead and why all the shitty ones are alive. What is she planning and is it a good enough reason for me not to get mad at this show anymore? Will Snow go berserk, because that would be fun to watch. I mean, all the people she was close to are all dead now, and now she’s probably going to feel guilty about Alice. She has no one to help her now, so she’s going to have to protect herself, unless she makes an alliance with Ripple, which I can see happening.

I’m just




Deaths (in order):

  1. Nemurin
  2. Ruler
  3. La Pucelle
  4. Magicaloid 44
  5. Yunael
  6. Weiss Winterprison
  7. Calamity Mary
  8. Top Speed
  9. Sister Nana
  10. Hardgore Alice
  11. Minael


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  1. Anime original scene, Snow White don’t meet with Alice originally she just reminiscence and lament about the situation. Snow White was never angry at Alice in that scene. She just cry because she couldn’t do anything to stop what’s happening. She was angry at herself. She even realize that Alice only felt worry and concern for her then Alice tried to comfort her.

    “Yes, there are”
    “ No, there aren’t!”
    “Not all of them have died yet”
    Snow White snapped.

    As you see Alice wasn’t the best speaker.

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