Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 11: Server Down for Maintenance

The hate in me just keeps building up with each episode. I know Swim is only a child with a warped perspective who idolized Ruler so much that she follows her rules a little too accurately.

But what the fuck. This is just too much. Swim can’t be older than 5 or 6, because we saw her writing some


that, idk what the hell it is, like some first grader writing down the alphabet in their workbook over and over practicing their handwriting. Swim is practically a baby. Killing Tama because she saw her real identity was taking it too far. But because it was something Ruler said, she got rid of Tama, which is childish thinking because Ruler probably meant other people that aren’t her subjects seeing her real identity. Swim just terrifies me. She has no problem killing others, even though she does cry when she kills girls that followed her, but she acts like nothing happened later. She was doing her homework like any other child, and it’s scary. They actually shed Ruler in a better light this episode that I wish she was still around because she was a lot better than Swim.

horriblesubs-mahou-shoujo-ikusei-keikaku-11-1080p-mkv0029I feel bad for poor Tama. I always felt bad for her, to be honest. She wasn’t good at school or sports and her family basically gave up on her except for her sweet grandmother. It wasn’t until her grandmother passed away that she felt truly alone. Then she became a magical girl and made friends that she was happy, though that was a little hard to believe because she was always whimpering and cowering in fear, and then getting yelled at by Ruler. But Ruler actually did care about her subjects because, unlike Tama’s family, Ruler actually sat down with her and went over the kanji and words that Tama didn’t understand. She helped! That was actually very kind of her and it actually made me smile too. I predicted Tama’s death in the beginning of the show, so color me surprised when she died in the second to last episode. I just feel so bad for her, she really was a sweet girl.

Also, it’s hard to believe that Cranberry is dead. Because, one, her death was too easy. And two, we didn’t see her revert back to her real self like Tama did at her death, so I’m wondering if she really is dead. It confused me more when Fav made Swim the Master, since apparently that was Cranberry’s job before. Also, Fav announced her death. It’s very hard for me to accept that she’s dead since she was one of the most fearsome of the girls left, next to Swim. So I’m expecting her to show up in the end like BITCH YOU THOUGHT and just…kill them all or something idk. Also, we got to see that it was Cranberry in the magical girl selection exam Fav mentioned before, the scene from the first episode. Cranberry passed while all the other girls died and…yeah. I don’t know, we didn’t really get an explanation.

horriblesubs-mahou-shoujo-ikusei-keikaku-11-1080p-mkv0062So we only have three girls left. Swim Swim, Ripple, and Snow White. Ripple hasn’t gotten over Top Speed’s death, and rightfully so. She wants revenge and calls Snow over to meet with her and asks if she knows anything about Swim. But the conversation was mostly Snow telling her not to do this anymore, and she should know by now that Swim isn’t going to stop, so Snow was frustrating me again. Of course, I also want Swim to die so I’m on Ripple’s side, but I’m worried about her now. Also the scene of Ripple talking to Top Speed in her dream really broke my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I had no idea Ripple had taken Speed’s body to her home. Imagining how her husband must have reacted to seeing his dead pregnant wife drives me crazy and that made me get misty more. I wish all the luck for Ripple.

I just realized today that the finale for this show is next week, and we haven’t gotten the most important info from this show at all. WHY? What is the point of the Magical Girl Raising Project? What is this selection exam? Why make these girls kill each other? Are other magical girls around Japan doing this? Why?

And I’m afraid that we’re not going to get answers. I know there’s more to this series, but I don’t even know if this could get another season. I don’t see a clear conclusion, or at least a good stopping point, so I’m going to be angry if we get a cliffhanger ending.

I’m begging you, PLEASE LIVE!!!

Deaths (in order):

  1. Nemurin
  2. Ruler
  3. La Pucelle
  4. Magicaloid 44
  5. Yunael
  6. Weiss Winterprison
  7. Calamity Mary
  8. Top Speed
  9. Sister Nana
  10. Hardgore Alice
  11. Minael
  12. Cranberry (???)
  13. Tama

This list is sad. 🙁


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6 thoughts on “Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 11: Server Down for Maintenance

  1. i think you already got the answers last episode.
    why are they doing this : to gather talents for the world of magic.
    why are they killing each other : because cranberry, who is in charge wanted to hunt down strong magical girls. so she changed the rules and started this battle royale.
    dunno which part you want more answers. this show told us quiet clear last week.

    1. Why does the World of Magic need talent? We don’t even know what the World of Magic is and how big it is. As for the killing, I know Cranberry changed the rules to a battle royale. But did it really have to resort to killing? I know Cranberry was the type of character that just enjoyed fighting, but that’s a little boring to me.

      1. I side with you in that Cranberry is very boring, even when you find out more to her lore in the light novels. These poor girls? Barely a drop in the bucket compared to what she’s been doing for some (implied 50-100?) years! And what’s worse? She has followers… -_-‘

  2. Oh Ruler….behind that facade of an asshole you were nice to people. You just needed to work on your social skills.
    But yeah, seeing Ruler actually teach Tama some of the Kanji really got to me. Idk, I find it nice whenever I see someone teaching another person who has learning problems, on any form of media. It’s something that isn’t really shown much (at least in anime).
    Some people still hate her for trying to kill Snow (and being the first person to make this game about “killing” even though the first murder goes to Crannberry) and jipping her teammates out of points. But honestly the whole point thing isn’t an issue because if the plan went through its not like any of them would have been eliminated. They still would of had some form of points and Snow left with 0 so it shouldn’t have mattered. An honestly….not that I want Snow dead, its just that she has zero contribution towards this show/game. I get that she wants to stay a pure magical girl with her beliefs but she’s still not helping the situation at all. Because simply telling a person to stop killing because its bad for a magical girl is not helpful advice. Like the show would still be able to function without her if she died early on. The only one who would have been affected to a good degree would of been La Pucelle.

    1. I know, I found it so sweet. It really was nice watching them sit in front of a cardboard box, Ruler going over the kanji like a teacher. Ruler suddenly becoming likekable is so strange. Though yeah I still can’t fully like her for what she tried to do with Snow. Was kinda a bitch move. Snow would have been killed off if she had 0 candies because that’s exactly what happened with Nemurin, so yeah Ruler would have been responsible for Snow’s death.

      But yeah I get what you mean. I don’t want her dead either, but I kinda have to agree with you. Even though Koyuki was introduced to us as sort of the main character she hasn’t done much and just hasn’t made me super attached to her. I do like her though. I can understand that she doesn’t want more killings to happen anymore. Her dream was to become a magical girl, a pure girl that helps people. I’m sure all girls had that dream growing up, in one form or another. I was a huge Sailor Moon fan as a kid and imagined myself as a magical girl, so I can understand. It sucks to see your dream become a literal nightmare.

      I guess at this point Koyuki is trying REALLY hard to salvage this bit of her dream, but it’s a little too late now. But yeah if she wants to stop this senseless killing, she needs to do it another way. Hoping for these girls to be true magical girls was a lost cause episodes ago.

  3. Eh Swin Swin won’t really kill anymore as long as fav don’t said there must be only one left or something. The game has ended. Ripple is still going for revenge and being used by fav to take out Swin Swin. In fact Fav even left out the fact that Alice was killed by Swin Swin.
    So from Snow White point of view this is just another killing especially it is happening right after the game has ended and part of the reason She tried to stop Ripple was that she had a feeling Ripple is going to die.

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