Gabriel DropOut Episode 1: The Day I Knew I Could Never Go Back [First Impression]

Literally worse than Hitler.


Whatever will the evil Satania do next?! Come to school with two odd socks? Flick water on the bathroom mirror after washing her hands? Press every elevator button so that it’s forced to stop at each floor? Or maybe she might even… use WinRAR without paying for it? 

I’m pleasantly surprised! I thought Urara and Demi-chan would be it for the season in terms of slice-of-life! Actually, I shouldn’t say that. We’re talking about a Dogakobo CGDCT after all, and I’m sure they still have some momentum left over after doing New Game in the summer. The character designs give it away, if nothing else. Having been responsible for Umaru as well, there’s probably no other studio better suited for Gabriel DropOut than Dogakobo. Speaking of which, it’s been announced that they’re working on a second season of one of their previous works, although I don’t think any further details have been revealed for now. Speculation has ranged from it being GJ-bu to Nozaki-kun or even more New Game. I’d personally prefer more Love Lab. Remember that? That was almost four years ago now!

I have to say, though, what’s happened to Gab hits pretty close to home. Uncomfortably so. At least, it would if I were a blonde loli angel. Or still in school. But I can sympathise about the addiction to gaming, as well as the pressure to spend premium in-game currency. I like the new (or the real) her! Her hair is cuter and she looks super huggable. What I didn’t expect was for the pacing to be as fast as it did – or rather, it’d probably be more accurate to say that everything after the first scene was in medias res, in terms of literary devices. Each character after Gab was introduced without any real exposition (especially Vigne, who looks like Hikage except without the Shinkansen and Tokyo Tower memes attached) and there were no scenes showing her slowly getting addicted and having the rest of them find out about what she’s become (the implication was definitely that some time had passed, since her room can’t have gotten that bad after a single night and Satania hadn’t noticed her in class for ages). I actually wasn’t sure whether Satania was an actual devil or just a chuuni pretending to be a devil at first. We’ve yet to see her horns and trident too (the design on her panties and hair clip aren’t enough to convince me) but something tells me she might not be all too competent at actually being a devil. I don’t know, just a feeling.

As with all comedies, I hope this can keep itself fresh. Even if it does, it’s a comedy first and foremost and so the standard qualms I have about blogging it will apply. The irony of the entire setup is, of course, that the angels aren’t very angelic and the demons aren’t very demonic – Gab turned out to be a lazy slob, Vigne is actually a good girl and is for marriage, Satania is more of a good girl than she thinks and is for bullying, and Raphiel is a sadist who likes playing with her toys. A cast of best girls, and I don’t think we’ve seen Hanazawa Kana in an unusual role for a while so it’s rather refreshing. Although I’m a little perturbed by how excited the girl in the background is. Me on the right.

Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed
Possibility of Blogging: Possibly

6 thoughts on “Gabriel DropOut Episode 1: The Day I Knew I Could Never Go Back [First Impression]

    1. I wonder what happened to them. Maybe Vigne brought them back for her. And why did her spell even fail, wasn’t she supposed to have graduated at the top of her class?

      For me the best scene was when Satania went from her evil triumphant laughter to sniffling and crying outside the classroom with those two buckets in her hands.

      1. We actually don’t know why the spell failed, but we can make guesses. Her sloppiness could easily have infected every aspect of her personality, and she is no longer capable of devoting the proper degree of concentration and dilligence required to get an angelic spell correct. She could be filled with worldly desires, and thus the spell doesn’t recognize her as an angel, and won’t let her use it. The author could have just decided it was funny.

        And yes, Vigne brought her panties back, although at that point Gab did not want them any more.

        Vigne is my favorite of the characters. She is such a good girl.

        1. I like the idea that she’s now too sloppy to successfully perform spells. Another reason could be that it’ll never work if it results in her being seen by the humans in the classroom (as cautioned by her teacher at angel school) although why that would result in only her panties teleporting is beyond me. Probably the funniest outcome, as you say.

          All of them are my favourite! And by that I mean one hasn’t pulled ahead of the others for me yet. Guess it depends on what you’re into, too. Gab if you want someone to take care of, Vigne if you want someone responsible to depend on, Satania if you’re an S, and Raphi if you’re an M.

  1. I’m getting some “Hataraku Maou-sama!” vibes here…and that’s not a bad thing. I thought that show was a lot of fun, so I hope this series will be equally entertaining.

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