Kuzu no Honkai Episode 3: Show Me Love (Not a Dream)

I can’t stomach this show anymore. I’ve tried to remain open to this show. I get what this author is trying to do, I know that not all romances are happy and sweet and warm, but…the subject matter of this particular show just twists my stomach. I never look forward to watching this. Instead I dread it.

I was in a good mood today. Took a test today and I came out of it thinking I did pretty well. Went to Sonic’s and got something tasty to eat. Ate ice cream. Feeling pretty good, until I remembered that I had to watch this show. Then my mood just dropped. I’ve already said this plenty of times, but this show makes me nervous and uncomfortable. I don’t look forward to watching this, and I don’t look forward to seeing what’ll happen next because I just know it won’t be good.

We never got Hanabi’s proper reaction to Ecchan’s sudden kiss and confession, which is what I was mostly looking forward to. We see that Ecchan fell in love with Hanabi when she helped her when a pervert was groping her in the train. After that, they became close and soon became friends, and that’s when Ecchan fell in love with her. We get a dramatic moment in the bedroom, Ecchan knowing that Hanabi doesn’t really like Mugi, and instead wants to be the one Hanabi shows her affection to. Sadly, we never got to see Ecchan again after that. The rest of the episode, Hanabi was focusing on other things. One thing that stood out for me was the flashback scene of the pervert groping Ecchan’s butt. I’ve seen this in other anime as well, where perverts grope young girls in the crowded train. It’s not just Ecchan, but why don’t these girls say anything? Or do anything?! A guy is touching your ass in the train? Punch him and call him the fuck out! Don’t just stand there and do nothing! Like in Ore Monogatari, Takeo grabbed the pervert and threw him to security. Do the same! Is this a cultural thing? Or are girls in Japan not taught about sexual harrassment? Can they not speak up, is it considered rude? If so, that’s bullshit. I’ve just seen this too many times in anime and it stuns me every single time. It’s disgusting!

Possible cultural differences aside, we get more intimate moments with Hanabi and Mugi. These two are taking things farther and farther, and I feel like they’ll have sex soon. If Mugi is okay with Hanabi giving him a handjob, then I’m sure he’ll want to have sex with her. And seeing that Hanabi probably has feelings for Mugi, she’ll want that. And now the teacher is looking to be a two-timing bitch now, as the couple found her with a different student she used to teach late at night. She came to school the next day with the same clothes on and smelling of cigarettes, and we saw an evil-looking smile from her in the end. Hmm hmm. Also, we learned about the girl Mugi lost his virginity to, but…eh.

I know more drama awaits but I don’t want to see any more of this. I can’t. I’m just one of the people among many that doesn’t care for the story of this show, and I’m not going to force myself to watch and blog this anymore. I don’t know if any of the other bloggers are going to want to take over for me (I doubt they will), but I’m going to stop Kuzu no Honkai right here.

Enough is enough.

2 thoughts on “Kuzu no Honkai Episode 3: Show Me Love (Not a Dream)

  1. I’m going to be blunt here….but I’m surprised you don’t know why girls in Japan (for the most part) don’t really say anything when groped. It is a cultural thing. No matter what don’t cause a disturbance in public. Hell, there was an actual study some time ago where they showed Japanese people a picture of a normal Japanese Highschool student and a woman with big breasts dressed like your typical American girl going out clubbing. They were asked which one is more likely to be groped or sexually harassed, they all said the highschool girl because they know they most likely won’t act up if they’re being harassed. They said the one who was dressed more provocatively wouldn’t be much of a target because just from outer-appearances they know that she’ll speak up if touched (which is the opposite for here in the west) So yeah, its a Japanese thing and its considered rude to speak up.

    1. I mean I figured it was a cultural thing but it just disgusts me. And the study you just mentioned is worse. It’s awful! Who cares about making a public disturbance. When it comes to young girls getting sexually harassed, I think they have the right to make an outburst and protect themselves, but of course this is me thinking with a Western mindset. When it comes to this type of stuff, Japan is horrible and they really need to change.

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