ACCA – 13-ku Kansatsu Ka Episode 5 [ Unveiled ]

ACCA episode 5 hones in on the nature of who Jean is in regards to his friends while also bringing the show to an interesting point. The best parts of the episode, arguably, are the ones in which we see Magie’s love for sandwich bread. Magie is the assistant to the prince who has come to find out more about Lotta- but honestly all he does is marvel over how delicious sandwich bread is. I can’t fault him as this show has left me wanting to spend my next birthday in a bakery. While this turn of events has me worried that eventually Lotta might be in a precarious position, I love that she is basically influencing major parties in this story solely by being an adorable sweets eating piece of perfection.

As Jean heads out to one of the snowiest lands in all of the ACCA territories he leaves behind some other interesting things: namely Eider from episode 1 has come in order to see him because she has the hots for him. It’s hard to think of Eider as anything but hilarious when she flat out admits she’s there to see Jean. At this rate I would wager that everyone in every district who is a part of ACCA will play a significant role in the actual ending.

Jean himself learns a lot about the truth in Birra that I was not expecting for him to learn for a long time. He notices someone is following him and thanks to this learns that Crow, or Nino as he knows him, has been following him for reasons he does not know. So of course what is going to happen is that he’s going to feel betrayed and kick him out of his life, never trusting the people around him again for the conflict that’s consumed his life!

Except that doesn’t happen. He is completely chill about it all. “Eh. Whatever.” Is the best description of how Jean responds to Nino after this. Nino seemed distraught at first when he realized Jean noticed him and almost appeared as if he felt it was the end of something meaningful in his life. NOPE! Jean is pretty much like go take Lotta to to dinner every night and just uses what intellect he can momentarily collect from Crow. It shows just how arrogant Crow was but in reality just how much he seemed to come crashing down mentally when he might be revealed.

Once he returns home to his district he is quickly relegated to going on to the next district- one where Grossular is at this very moment. He runs into Grossular and at the end of the episode it seems to imply there is about to be a confrontation between them, though of what nature we do not know. So this is where the show might get interesting. ACCA seems like the kind of show that requires a big conflict but instead Jean takes on everything with a cool stride and simple statement. “am I going to be transferred yet?” seems to be his only substantial hope and he never seems to hold grudges.

So now I have to ask. . . what the hell does this guy want?! I genuinely cannot read Jean Otus at all. Normally every main character has a goal and a dream but the more ACCA continues the more I begin to feel as if Jean has two sides, the side that wants to retire and the side that is an extremely cunning mastermind. After 5 episodes of ACCA I don’t feel any closer to the truth. . .and he’s the main character! Maybe the conflict between he and Grossular will give some insight.

Or just confuse me more.


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