Demi-chan wa Kataritai – Episode 7 [Succubus-san is Inquisitive]

The episode kicks off with a panicked Hikari telling Tetsuo that she saw someone “suspicious” around the school, but because she has exaggerated some of the details it’s hard for Tetsuo to get an accurate description of what the individual looks like.

Meanwhile Sakie comes across a blonde student named Kurtz, who is crying in a hallway because he got seperated from the person he came to the school with. Neither fully trusts the other, but Sakie shows the young man  some kindness and so when Tetsuo shows up and warns Sakie about the “suspicious person”, the blonde kid offers to be her protector.

It turns out the so-called suspicious person is Kurtz’s partner, Ugaki, and they are both in the police force. Really, since when do the police accept kids as members?? There must be a special reason for his enrollment. Ugaki finds Kurtz, Tetsuo and Sakie, and it’s revealed that Ugaki also knows Sakie.

Tetsuo takes Kurtz to sign in at the front desk, which allows Sakie and Ugaki to have some private time to chat. As I suspected, there is a special reason Kurtz is on the police force – whether it’s for genetic or training reasons, he’s immune to the effects of a succubus. That’s why when he grabbed Sakie’s hand earlier, he had no reaction to her aphrodisiac.  Ugaki mentions that he’s at the school to look into the school’s three demi students, and to touch base with Sakie to see how she’s doing.

Ugaki asks if Sakie has thought about settling down, and this leads her to mention that she’s interested in someone. However Ugaki wastes no time in bursting her happy little bubble by saying that unless her romantic interest is gay, there’s pretty much no man who will be immune to her aphrodisiac. Which means Sakie now knows that Tetsuo was pretending to not notice her succubus nature… and this gets all Sakie all flustered because you see, his immunity to her nature was one of the main reasons why she was interested in him in the first place. So if he was faking for her benefit, will this change her feelings for him?

After signing in, Kurtz looks around the school for Ugaki and comes across Hikari, Kyouko and Yuki. He comes up with some bullshit excuses for why he’s at the school, but like with everyone else he meets, they see through him pretty much immediately.  Kurtz runs off and continues to look for Ugaki, but while he’s searching he comes across Satake and his friend ogling a picture on Satake’s phone. Satake had secretly taken a picture of Sakie while she was trying to cool off, and both Kurtz and Satake’s friend point out that that was a shady thing to do. Kurtz scolds Satake for his actions and while Satake tries to blame his actions on both being a young male and Sakie being a succubus, Kurtz is having none of that crap. He asks Satake if he took the picture because Sakie is a succubus, and Satake confesses that he would have taken the picture regardless because he thinks Sakie is cute. Kurtz is happy with his answer and allows him to keep the picture.   ( …. :/   )

Ugaki has made his way to the smoking room, and that’s where Tetsuo finds him. Ugaki says that he’s from the Demi-Human Divison of the police department, and he basically investigates succubi. Ugaki explains that there are incidents where succubi are accused of having used their aphrodisiac to get attention from a man, and it’s up to him to determine whether or not the succubus in question intentionally used her nature against a man or not. But because that’s really hard to determine, Ugaki essentially just keeps in touch with the succubi in his jurisdiction and tries to see if they’re malicious or not.  This is how he knows Sakie – he’s known her since she was much younger, and he’s kept in touch with her over the years. Ugaki finishes by asking Tetsuo to look after the demis at the school, including Sakie. He in turn will continue to do his best to make the world a better place for demis.

At the very end is a cute scene where Hikari comes across Tetsuo and Ugaki immediately after they’ve left the smoking room. She initially acts all cute like usual, but as soon as her nose picks of the scent of their cigarette smoke, she’s off like a shot.

My thoughts: What a cute episode. We did get a flashback after all, but it only lasted for a few moments. Kurtz was a bit of an odd character, though more than anything I’m curious about what it is about him that makes him a “weapon against succubi.”  Is it because he was born and raised that way, or is it something the police force trained him to be resistant against?

You all will have to excuse me because I’m going to get up on a soapbox for a moment: I feel like this episode raised the issue of consent in two important ways.  The first was the scene with Satake, his friend and Kurtz. While I was displeased with Kurtz allowing Satake to keep his peeping tom picture, I was happy that he called Satake out on his crap. It’s important that the old adage “boys will be boys” gets squashed, because honestly it’s complete crap. Not only is it not true but it’s insulting to young men the way that it says they have no control over their actions due to their hormones or what’s between their legs. So yay Kurtz and yay Satake’s friend!  And yeah taking a picture of a person, especially a pervy picture, without their consent or knowledge is a super creepy thing to do, so don’t do it kids.

The second way consent was raised was during the scene with Ugaki and Tetsuo in the smoking room. While Ugaki mentions that there are succubi who intentionally use their nature to get men to touch them inappropriately in public, he does point out that not all succubi are like that. Some are like Sakie, who maybe accidentally let down their guard occasionally but aren’t mean-spirited or manipulative. So when dealing with succubi, Ugaki points out how important it is to try to determine whether there was consent involved with a man touching a woman. The man should not be automatically presumed guilty, but then neither should the succubus.

Anyways, awesome episode in my book. Kurtz is ok but I really liked Ugaki. I’m looking forward to next week’s episode already. ^_^v


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