Gabriel DropOut Episode 8: Fall School Life

Raphi is cute!


Satania and Raphi carried this episode. Raphi in particular gets better and better every episode. I really love her now. That scene at the end was really surprising, too – I was expecting Raphi to not want to do anything to Satania on purpose in order to bask in the glow of Satania being ridiculously on guard around her (as well as looking out for truck-driving dogs) but who knew it’d end up with Raphi actually revealing a weakness of hers? It was also really weird, but refreshing, to see Raphi uncomfortable during the physical fitness tests. I love how she still had her standard smile plastered on her face the entire time, but somewhere in that expression you can see her discomfort. Even if it’s something as minor (not to her though) or self-inflicted like a tight bra instead of something that someone else did to her, it’s still nice to watch Satania get to feel happy at Raphi’s expense. Although I was mostly laughing at how, even though she was winning everything, no-one seemed to care except her. I was also slightly surprised at how they never really lewded Raphi at the end when her bra hook did snap. Given scenes like Satania on the toilet or the one about licking Raphi’s feet back in the first episode, you’d think they’d made something out of this one today. But they never did, which was unexpected. Also, my heart skipped a beat when Raphi made her challenge.

It’s really good of their school to arrange mock interviews for when they graduate. I’m not sure what year they’re in (it’s probably been said and I just wasn’t paying attention) but stuff like that must be very useful, and I do wish I could have benefited from something similar at the relevant time. I’m not sure why they did the interviews in pairs, but it meant that poor Vigne had to worry about getting shouted at the entire time! Of course, it wouldn’t have happened right then and there because Sensei is supposed to stay in character during the interview and can’t react like he usually would to Satania being stupid, but honestly I was also almost expecting Sensei to blow up. Vigne begging Satania to answer like a normal person in her mind was the best line. It’s not quite right in terms of translation, but it was a funny attempt. I’ve decided to stop caring about the subs, by the way. Screw those. So long as I can understand what’s really being said, that’s fine. The Japanese used in anime tends to recycle quite a lot of the same words and phrases anyway, so after several years your listening skills naturally tends to improve even if you didn’t know a single word when you first started out. That’s how people learn languages after all.

Finally, Ueno is a qt. I think cooking (or ‘taste-testing’) club scenes would be quite a nice addition in the future. We’d get to see more of Iinchou-chan, and hopefully learn why the other two aren’t too keen on her cooking, and if the girls get into the habit of styling Gab’s hair every time we can enjoy this platinum cute twin-tailed angel more often.

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