Little Witch Academia Episode 7

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned how much I love Akko’s seiyuu. She does a great job matching Akko’s zany personality. Akko’s screams and weird sounds aren’t annoying but rather very funny, and it just makes everything so fun. There are characters that scream a lot and talk in loud voices and they can sound just so irritating. The most recent example I can think of is Chika in Love Live Sunshine!! which I’ve mentioned in my reviews for the show that I hated how much she yelled and shouted. Great singing voice, annoying speaking voice. But I just don’t feel that way with Akko though, I love it actually. She’s just so funny.

This part especially. It had me in stitches.

Akko is still her overly enthusiastic and ditzy self, but she’s changed! And it’s really freaking everyone out because she’s actually studying.

Last week’s episode we saw Akko learn a certain lesson, and boy did she understand. After seeing just how hard Chariot studied to be the kind of person she was, Akko has now made studying first priority. She’s not sleeping through class or goofing off, she’s actually taking notes and asking questions. But…she’s still messing up. You can tell she’s really trying hard, but she’s still not nailing anything down. She’s trying, but she’s trying a little too hard. The way she casts her spells is loud and dynamic, and not exactly textbook perfect. And either she can’t perform a magic spell at all, or she makes the class explode, there’s no in-between with her. So the duration of the episode is Akko studying with Ursula, screwing up her exams, and causing another fight. Which started because Diana predicted Akko being expelled, and her posse started making fun of Akko again and she got angry and fought back.

She was threatened with expulsion after exploding a classroom, poisoning a teacher, and other things, and she would only stay if she passed her final exam, which was the hardest exam. Because her professor is literally a fish, and she teaches philosophy. So of course Akko tries to buy her way to a good grade by giving her teacher fancy mineral water, but it ends up almost killing her, and while Akko carries her in her hands trying to revive her, she drops her down the sink drain.

As usual, Akko proves herself in strange ways. She, Lotte, and Sucy go into the sewers and turn into fish to find Professor Pisces, but they end up helping another fish whose family was stuck in a cage. And when they did they saw that the professor was trapped in there too, so it was  a win-win. Akko always seems to show her strengths in odd situations, so in the end she was able to save herself from expulsion. Akko still needs to learn a lot, but one character that surprised me was Ursula.

Ursula was always the quiet and meek one, but this time she really took a stand and told off the pointy meanie professor for Akko. She pointed out something very important for them all, and it was that Akko can’t be compared to the other students because she doesn’t have witch blood. She’s just a regular human and she’s never been exposed to magic in her life, so to compare her to the other girls who are witches, it’s just not fair. And the fact that Akko’s metamorphosis magic has gotten better, and now that she knows fish language, it proves that she’s improved so much since her first day at Luna Nova. Yeah, she’s screwing up a lot, but any person will tell you that you can learn from your mistakes and that’s exactly what’s happening. I was so glad when Ursula went off on the professor because that professor was always extra hard on Akko, and she really needed to see what Ursula saw. Akko’s not perfect, but she’s working hard and slowly improving and that should be taken into account.

Your idol is standing up for you, Akko! Ohh, if only she knew. She’d probably die if she did haha. Another Akko-centric episode, but we got lots of great moments. Of course, I’d like an episode that would focus on another character, like Sucy or Diana. That would be greato.


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  1. Akko’s merman form made me laugh because it looked stupid, but I enjoyed the adorableness of it

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