ACCA – 13-ku Kansatsu Ka Episode 9 [Don’t pull his hair !]

It took 9 episodes but the villain of ACCA is essentially revealed: Lilium. Though it is a bit of a stretch to say that definitively as he seems to have Grossular’s help, Lilium has shown his ability to be both ruthless and an outright asshole this episode. However, Lilium’s reveal and the truth about who wants the coup d’etat is not revealed until the end of the episode, so lets review the importance of just about everything we saw.

mauve is best guy, for one

First and foremost, Lotta is saved from assassins sent by the First Princess. It seems like there is a ton of other conspiracy information behind it all. On top of the third Princess’ son being set to inherit the throne, the first Princess has her own ideas about what she wants done. So what does she do when she hears that there are other children messing up the lineage of the royal family? She sends assassins to kill Lotta and Jean. Jean is out of town so Lotta is the target, but she is saved by the power of bread brethren ship!

This does however lead her to being informed about her own royal blood, something she immediately tries to keep secret. For her ditzy nature Lotta surprised me with her willingness to keep things quiet. Everytime you count her out for her sweets loving or her place of informing the villains, oh she looks like Schnee must be a big deal!, she shows she is a perfect sweetheart of perfection.

Jean knows about how origins now so whenever he is visiting a place they outright tell him they support him as king. Now here is what actively gets me about this: Where does this show intend to go? Jean doesn’t seem to want to be King and it seems like the active antagonists of the show want him to be King. At the same time Schwan seems like he would be an awful King. Would something the First Princess is doing be an actual alternative to both options? I actually want Jean to be King but I feel like the show will be steering us away from that desire soon. Lotta could always just marry the next guy who should be King, or ACCA could dissolve as an entity.

The mystery of the show is finally resolved and it’s very clear that Lilium and Grossular want the same thing, but the reason why is unclear. Lilium shows that he is in control and manipulative at the same time by going out of his way to tug on Grossular’s hair and essentially say “No, you WILL get Mauve under control.” As it stands Mauve might be the party who is actually fighting for things as they are, Jean is a neutral pawn who could be plotting a move but is seemingly stationary, and the ACCA Generals as well as Crow have their own motivations.

Even though we know who is doing what they are, we don’t know why. Do they really plan to let Jean become King or do they intend to install a puppet? The slow burning plot is coming to ahead, but it’s painfully clear that Jean is not likely to simply walk out of every situation alright. I am hopeful that he will show some of the keen logic that we saw in the beginning of the show and outmaneuver all parties, marry Mauve, and somehow find a solution that doesn’t make me raise an eyebrow.

But I mean. .  .King Jean the cigarette peddler! On top of it, the implications! I have so many ideas but I have a

“look at her, shes positively encoupragable!”

terrible track record with this show. Is the other person behind Crow really Abend or is it Grossular? Is Lilium pulling strings behind him too? Who is on Jean’s side and who is on their own? Darn you ACCA, you coupldn’t be more frustrating!

I wonder what kind of conditioner Grossular uses. Maybe Lilium touched his hair because it’s so coupl.

Hahaha. Coup puns.


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