To follow in Chariot’s footsteps again, Akko vows that she will become Luna Nova’s Moonlit Witch in the upcoming festival. She’s practicing her magic but feels down as everyone praises Diana, saying that she’ll be the Moonlit Witch. It’s then that Akko gets a small taste of Diana’s life and feels even more down on herself before, until Ursula gives her advice.

I gotta say, I thought it was pretty mean that the girls were so against Akko. Lotte, Sucy, and Amanda all just kind of broke her dream. It didn’t stop Akko, but it still hurt her feelings. And I felt sad for her. I thought they would have been more supportive of her. It upset me. I know what they’re trying to say, as Diana is part of a prestigious family, she’s talented, and she was just made the youngest committee member of the festival, all factors making her in favor of becoming the Moonlit Witch, but you can’t go against your friend. 🙁

But I have to say, watching Akko running around the school as Diana was hilarious. We saw silly faces that Diana would never make. It was funny when Akko tried to emulate Diana’s speech and body movements, but this experience gave her an idea of Diana’s life. Akko could see that Diana is talented, and that everyone relies on her because she’s so smart and talented. That’s what made her compare herself to her, and what was interesting was that the only reason why Akko turned into Diana was because of the mirror bringing those jealous feelings out. Sure the mirror was a prankster, but it probably saw some emotions from Akko that others couldn’t see and for Akko’s character that was a nice touch. We never really saw what Akko really thought of Diana, and I thought this episode would expand on that, or at least more interactions between them, but the most we got was Akko yelling at Diana that she does have passion for magic and all that. Interesting that Akko read Diana’s diary about the Triskelion but didn’t think much of it.

Ursula gave Akko some advice and told her not to compare herself to others, and do things only she can do. The staff then shines and points her to the Fountain of Polaris again, and the fountain shows Chariot when she was a Luna Nova student playing around with her magic. It’s then that Akko knows what she can do.

I’m guessing that she’s going to try out the spell Chariot was doing. The third jewel on the staff shone and pointed Akko towards the fountain, so I’m guessing that the third word is the name of the spell Chariot was using. That’s certainly something only Akko can do.


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