Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine Episode 2: The Prince Interviews

I have found my husband.

I take back what I said about Kai murdering Heine during the interview because holy crap I am in love with him. I’ve been completely fooled!

He loves sleeping in gardens, loves dogs, loves squishing his dog’s paws, loves soft things in general, cloud watches, and is the sweetest guy. He is pure. He is my husband. He is Kai.

Basically this entire episode was changing out how we saw the princes, so my absolute favorite scene was in the very end when Heine ripped the articles of the princes in his notebook and said that second-hand information was useless. Gossip, rumors, and articles cannot accurately tell you how a person really is. The only way you’ll know a person is if you actually meet them and speak with them face to face. The information Heine got was the complete opposite from what he got from the interviews.

This episode all of the interviews were completed. It started off with Bruno. Bruno was cooperative from the start, but he did his own test against Heine because he couldn’t wrap around his head that a royal tutor without university education was hired by his father. Heine proves himself in many things such as chess, card games, etc. and Bruno is stumped. But when Heine reads over one of Bruno’s papers and politely adds some suggestions, Bruno drops the cold exterior from before and shows his true dorky side and calls Heine “Master”, which led to funny and awkward exchanges. I found it rather sweet actually because Heine saw that Bruno just wanted to see someone as a teacher, and he never could because he was too smart. Now Bruno’s become the teacher’s pet haha.

The rest of the exchanges with the princes were rather quick but fun, showing us sides of the princes we didn’t know. Leonhard on the outside is egotistical and confident, but he’s really childish and lacks confidence. Bruno seems uptight and has a cold exterior, but he’s rather dorky. Kai on the outside looks like he’ll murder you if you dare to talk to him, but he literally has resting bitch face and is the absolute sweetest and most mature of the brothers. Licht on the outside is bubbly and cutesy and a flirt, but really… Licht became the most interesting of the bunch to me immediately. He is definitely not one to be trusted. Out of all the brothers, he looks like he’ll be the one causing trouble and the only one that’s not completely sold on following Heine’s lessons. Sure, he completed the test, and quickly at that, and was cooperative but he’ll occasionally have this sharp and calculating gaze that just spells trouble. Just because he’s the youngest doesn’t mean he’ll be the most innocent and Heine knows not to underestimate him and be on guard around him at all times. Really, he’s probably the most scariest and Kai is the most innocent. What a crazy world.

We finished all the interviews so next we’re probably going to see the first attempt to the group tutoring session. Heine did say that he would only do the session if all of them were there. Bruno’s the teacher’s pet now so of course he’ll be there, Kai will also be there because he likes Heine, Leonhard is a little tsun but we know he likes Heine too, but Licht is probably going to be the only one that’s not going to make it there judging by his troubling attitude and the way he asked Heine what’ll happen if they all aren’t there. Licht is definitely going to be the troublemaker, so we’ll see how Heine and the others will handle it.

Also yeah Kai is just wonderful. He loves dogs, I love dogs, he loves soft things, I love soft things, he has resting bitch face, I have resting bitch face. To top it all off he’s sweet, mature, and cute. He’s the perfect match for me!


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  1. i’m so happy this anime is being covered! It is so funny, and so is your review and endless love for Kai!!!

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