Episode 2

This episode focuses on Takumi and his love of climbing. It begins with Takumi receiving yet another letter in the mail asking him to become a certified climber, but he rejects it.

Later that night he climbs onto the roof of the house to look at the stars, and you climb up there with him. Takumi asks you if he should become certified, and he appears touched when you say that you would attend to cheer him on. As you two look at the stars and the city lights together, you get a little dizzy and start to fall so Takumi says you should hold onto him.

You tell him he’s nice, and he says that no one has ever said that about him before. Really??

Some time later he knocks on your bedroom door, and tells you that he’s decided to become certified. You get excited and when he says that he changed his mind because you said you’d cheer him on, he blushes. Awww!



Episode 3

Now it’s Aoi’s turn to have an episode about him. We already know that he loves acting, but this episode shows how determined he is to get his role correct. He apparently roleplays his current character when interacting with Shinya and Takumi because when he’s acting as a samurai in this episode, his two roommates don’t appear fazed at all. That’s dedication for you!

Later that day you find Aoi outside practicing some samurai moves, and he appears embarrassed when you discover him. He’s touched that you brought him some water, and apologizes for getting so immersed in his roles.

Aoi talks about how he got into acting and how much he loves it, then really opens up to you. He says that he feels like he can tell you about anything, and that he wants to depend even more on you. Wait what?!

My thoughts:
Whoo-ee, anyone else notice the dissolving clothes during the ending sequence? XD  The water effects at the end of the third episode were pretty nifty… 0:-)

The episodes are so far pretty to the point. I suspect episode 4 will focus on Shinya, and then I hope we get a couple of episodes that will be about all the guys together. That will help keep this series from being one-note and repetitive.

There’s not much in the way of plot yet, but I love the fanservice. Although the guys don’t have nipples when their chests are bare. Damn them weird Japanese censorship rules. :/