Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni – Episodes 2 & 3

Episode 2

Kujou wastes no time putting his mouth to good use, much to Pinky’s amazement. He is a priest after all; is he really allowed to do these things? When he comes up for air, Kujou tells her that even priests need things like sex, love and marriage. Ok… so did this priest take a different set of vows then or what? o.o

We see inside Kujou’s mind where he appears to be arguing with himself over whether he needs a romantic partner or not. He’s torn between being alone and wanting the warmth and companionship that comes with having someone by his side.

There’s a little aside where chibi!Kujou shows chibi!Pinky some pictures of himself from when he was a baby up until his high school years.

In the morning Kujou asks Pinky whether she has college or not, and she confirms she has no classes. So Kujou takes her to his temple.

P.S – I think it’s hilarious that the little golden fish… thing… is the censor for this show. xD




Episode 3

Pinky is clearly taken aback when it turns out that Kujou has brought her to the temple to meet his parents. Btw, that young brunette who looks to be about Pinky’s age is actually his mother! Whaaaat?!

The four of them sit down inside, and Kujou introduces Pinky as his fiancée. We learn that her name is Mio Fukatani. Kujou’s father says that if she’s agreeing to marry his son then she must be aware of the rules that priests have to live by; Kujou answers for her and says that she agrees.

The one thing that stands out to me during this scene is that Mio is clearly not happy with this development, and her inner thoughts say as much. But Kujou also looks unhappy. There is some disconnect in his eyes, especially as he says that he “loves [Mio] with all [his] heart.”  So then why the charade?

Afterwards Mio and Kujou sit outside, and Kujou explains that his father has been pressuring him to find a wife. Kujou admits that he’s comfortable lying to his parents (some priest!), so would Mio mind please playing along as his fiancée for awhile? Mio is unsure of whether this means he really cares for her or not, but she knows that she definitely has feelings for him.

Before Mio can say anything, Kujou’s mother shows up and takes them upstairs to show them their room that she just cleaned up for them. Yeah right, a temple has a room with a four-post canopy bed? Uh huh. After his mother leaves, Kujou pushes Mio up against the wall and asks if she wants to learn “how to make children.” Eep!

My thoughts: So we got our first dose of plot: Kujou needs to pretend to have a wife in order to get his father off his back. He’s at least minimally attracted to Mio, who in turn has always had a bit of a crush on Kujou.

But could such an arrangement actually work? If you base a fake relationship on lies, can it survive long enough to develop and become real? This is an ecchi so I’m guessing yes, but will Kujou’s parents find out the truth along the way?

Honestly I was going to drop this show because five titles is a hefty load for me, and I’m not super into this series. However after this third episode I must admit to being a little intrigued. I’ll give it one more review.  >_>    <_<


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  1. A more accurate title for this show would be 50 Shades of Monk…

    There’s 3 versions of this show airing in Japan. There’s an all-ages and ages 15+ version airing on their TV, and an R-rated version that streams online.

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