Fukumenkei Noise Episode 5: I Wouldn’t Have Had To See You Smile Like That

You know, the drama in the first episode of the anime with Nino wanting Momo to hear her voice felt a little empty. We knew he was a very important person in her life but we couldn’t feel so much for her because Momo was a mystery character, and he still was until this episode. Comparing this episode’s berserk performance with the first one, Canaria is a much better performance after we know exactly who these characters are and what struggles they’re facing. The drama this time feels much more real and in No hurry’s performance held a lot more emotion. That, and “Alice” just looks amazing.

With a look as sharp as a knife.

I’ve been waiting for the show to finally give us a Momo episode. Given what we got, can I really like him? His story is that that day he moved his parents just suddenly left for some reason. We then find that woman from the record label find Momo performing on the street and gives him a job after hearing how good his songs are. Momo always wanted to make money to pay off his parent’s debts, but after hearing his phone call with his mother I’m wondering why he even wanted to. What kind of mom just makes fun of her son’s dreams? Don’t know if he payed off the debt yet, but with his mother asking for the deposit, probably not. In present day, Momo doesn’t want to see Nino because he’s ashamed of himself. Originally the songs he had written that he soon sold to the idol group were all meant for Nino to sing. He’s probably ashamed because 1.) he gave away his songs for Nino for money and 2.) he only composes songs now exclusively for money and not because he enjoys it. He’s just stuck in this cycle of writing a song, make money, send money to his parents, rinse and repeat. It’s actually really sad. We know that Momo always enjoyed music, but now at this time he probably doesn’t anymore and with Nino coming back into his life, those thoughts and regrets have resurfaced after years of being dormant. No matter what, he doesn’t want Nino seeing him like this.

Now, I totally understand where he’s coming from, but I still don’t think he had to be so cold towards Nino in the audition. Although…ugh…Twinkle Twinkle Little Star? Was I the only one to cringe in that entire scene? I know, I knooow. That song is very significant for her, it’s a song that holds so many happy and precious memories of Momo, and she probably chose that song so it could reach Momo somehow (not knowing he was right there), but…c’mon. No. Stop. Even if that wasn’t the reason, that’s a horrible choice for an audition. And to be honest it wasn’t even that good. I was hoping for an original song because this show is lacking it. No more Kiraaa Kiraaa hikaruuuu~ please. However, it soon became an emotionally charged scene as Momo revealed himself to Nino and got out of there, with Nino begging for him not to leave. Hearing the words “You fail” actually kind of hurt me too.

I was rather surprised that she was able to sing at the concert after all of that sobbing, but like Nino said last episode, she’s not good at giving up. Which is rather refreshing in a shoujo because the heroines usually always give up. But this caused for Nino to go berserk and make her feelings explode into the song, but apparently that was a really good thing because Momo watched the performance on TV and immediately recognized her. I loved his reaction because I think it’s a perfect description of Nino when she gets like that on stage.

Finally, things are getting into place now. We know who everyone is, their reasons, past, everything. And now the drama can intensify. I just feel a little bad for Yuzu because he’s kind of the bystander to all this Nino/Momo drama, but then again he’s kind of involved too now because of the band and his crush on Nino. The hug at the company was sweet as well. Kiiiinda wished Yuzu hugged her back though. u_u

Also I appreciate finally hearing a new song. 🙂


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