Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine Episode 7: The Whereabouts of a Dream

Just as I suspected, the eldest brother wants to get his younger brothers away from the throne. Two failed attempts now leads him to make Heine his new target. I see you, Eins!

A Bruno episode. Little Brunii always admired his father and always wanted to grow up to be like him. He was always intrigued with the work his father did and always had his eyes set to the throne to be the next king. However, with all the talk of his eldest brother, Eins, being such a genius, it was obvious that he would be the successor. Not wanting that, Bruno worked tirelessly day and night to improve his studies so that he can be a worthy contender to the throne, and hopes of having his father’s approval. But there was always these doubts and insecurities in him, and we saw them rise when King Viktor praised Leonhard for his progressive thinking. Even though others may see him as exceptional, he doesn’t totally feel that way himself. However, in the end he follows his dreams until the end when he made his decision to stay in the Palace and not study with the professor. Pretty admirable. Even though he’s the third son and his chances of claiming the throne are small, he still won’t give up. Just like Heine, I like his resolve! It sure does make me wonder how some of the other brothers feel. If the chances of being king as the third son is bad, then how does Licht feel being the fifth son because his chances are even worse. They’ve never mentioned that until now and it just makes me wonder how Leonhard and Licht feel in their positions as the younger brothers. They haven’t really mentioned it, but they’re both working hard!

Someone in the end overheard Bruno and Heine, and seeing how important Heine is to the brothers, that just makes him a huge target. Now we know for sure that Eins and Rosenberg are bad news. I’m very curious to learn about the eldest prince, so far we’ve only heard his voice and saw his evil smile. I mean the reasons for what he’s doing is totally obvious. Terrible that the prospect of power can make a brother go against his own family. What he planned for Bruno was a lot less cruel though because it didn’t risk a scandal. However, Eins did pick on Bruno’s insecurity as the third son. So he’s still a big jerk. Now he wants all of Heine’s background information, and I’ve been reminded more than once that even the manga hasn’t revealed anything related to his background, so…this is just teasing. >:T

I don’t know if Eins will continue to sabotage his brothers or just focus on Heine, but next week looks to be a Kai episode! Yay! And I think they’re going to the zoo. It shall be a very funi funi episode then with best boy.

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Also, again I’m going to apologize for the delay. I’m in the last weeks of school and it’s awful. I’m…almost…done.

3 thoughts on “Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine Episode 7: The Whereabouts of a Dream

  1. I think the person in the last scene was still Rosenberg. Eins still hasn’t appeared yet.
    A heads up that Eins’s true motives at sabotaging his brothers’s claims, are still an ongoing mystery in the manga too.

    You may have noticed this episode had a live action music video ending, with the VAs dressed up as their respective characters.
    This is likely to promote an upcoming live stage play of Royal Tutor, which begins in September.

    1. That’s still an ongoing mystery too? Aw man. D:
      Well poop I thought that was Eins, oops. Not a good idea to watch anime in a loud room or else I would have recognized Rosenberg’s voice.

      Interesting. Yeah, after the episode ended I looked away for one second and saw live action dancing the next lol. Couldn’t tell if it was the VAs or just really good cosplayers. Not many anime get stage plays (I think) so surprising that this is getting one right off the bat.

      1. Not really off the bat, Tutor was always intended to get a play from the start.

        Apparently Tutor’s quite popular on Japan’s main anime streaming site, coming in at 9th place
        (The top 3 are Eromanga-sensei, Akashic Records and Titan).

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