Room Mate – Episodes 8 & 9

Episode 8

Shinya is late getting home, and when he finally does, he brushes off the concerns of his roommates by saying he already had dinner and drinks, and he’s going to bed. We see him lying in bed next to a screen, but we can’t see what he’s looking at.

Later downstairs Shinya is sitting alone on the living room couch. He can’t sleep, and neither can you, so you sit down to share a drink with him.

Shinya with liquor in his system is… much, much more open. Much friendlier. Definitely flirtier. And all without that sadistic edge that runs underneath his every day behaviour. I like this Shinya much more.  <3

Shinya laments having feelings for someone he lost, saying he cared about “them and their kid.” He says that someone like you is probably perfect for him, but with the ban on romantic relationships in the house, that’s definitely not happening.

Suddenly Shinya flips you onto your back and says that the more he’s told he can’t have you, the more he wants you. Then, in a perfectly gentlemanly tone, he says that he’s not being serious and asks you… if you’re in heat. Wait a minute, wtf?!

In the morning, it’s revealed that the person Shinya was feeling regretful over losing was not actually a person at all, but an animal family in a game he’d been playing. Aoi and Takumi just can’t believe that Shinya got that invested in a virtual game.




Episode 9

In this episode the guys all leave the house for the day, but they’re all caught in a downpour on the way home, so they decide to use the apartment building’s giant bathhouse together. The catch is that you were already using the bath, so you have to hide yourself when the guys come in.

As they strip in preparation to get clean thesmelves off, they respectfully admire each other’s physiques (hel-lo fanservice!). Once they’re actually scrubbing themselves down, the guys talk about the changes they’ve seen in each other since you’ve arrived at their apartment building.

But once they get into the water, that’s where the real fun starts. Shinya confronts his roommates and tries to confirm that both of them have already fallen for you. He says if they’re honest about their feelings for you, then he can be too. So, all three guys have a thing for you. Shinya baits Aoi, saying that if he doesn’t do anything about his feelings then by the time he’s ready to make a move, it’ll be too late.

So now that you know about their feelings for you, what happens next? o_o

My thoughts:
The bait-and-switch in episode 8 was perfect! I totally thought Shinya had feelings over an ex or a past fling whom he couldn’t get over, but then to find out that he was genuinely upset over creatures in a game dying? Hilarious! And he’s dead serious about the game too, which makes it even funnier. This is definitely my new favourite episode!

What I thought was interesting in episode 9 was that between the three guys, I got the impression that only Shinya is serious about having a relationship. Takumi and Aoi both, at least when pressured, appear to be happy to have feelings that they don’t act on. Or maybe they just don’t want to be pushed into something they’re unsure of; I certainly can’t fault them for that.

Anyways, these two episodes were a lot of fun and I think they’re my favourite so far. Lots of strategically placed steam clouds and bathroom objects in the second episode too.  ;D

Will any of the guys make a move before the end of the season??


2 thoughts on “Room Mate – Episodes 8 & 9

  1. If standard practices are any indication, any Bluray releases will likely remove the steam and objects.
    I’m aware this is done for most series with a high amount of lewd ecchi scenes, especially the ones aimed at male audiences.

    For example, the Tsugumomo anime Bluray will have uncensored nudity and extra lewdness, a legacy from its source material.

    PS. The “slime” is not bath gel. Yes, the mangaka does enjoy going that far.

    1. Haha, I don’t know if it’d be worth buying the Blu-ray just for that, but it’s nice to know that option is available. 0:-)

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