Princess Principal Episode 2: (case 1) Dancy Conspiracy

The show continues to impress with the second episode, where we watch how the main characters came together (except for Chise). The first episode was case 13, but now we’ve jumped to case 1. And while I want to know more about the country and why people want to defect so much, there’s something much bigger now.

First of all, the craftiness and manipulation of these girls is astounding and was a pleasure to watch. It all led up to the plot twist in the very end with Princess and Ange. Or is it Charlotte? I think I’ll stick with Ange to keep things easier. The question I had asked last week was why someone like a princess was part of a spy group but now we know that the reason is that she demanded to be part of it in order to become Queen, as she’s only fourth in line to become one. Princess isn’t as innocent and sweet as she looks on the outside, hiding another side of her befitting of a spy, even calling herself to be “one of the bad ones”. But her relationship with Ange is more than we expected as it seems that they’re either twins or childhood friends that switched identities, where Princess, who we thought was Charlotte, is actually Ange, and the spy Ange we know is actually Charlotte, who is the real princess? Or are they both princesses? Are they both nobles? I’ve been running it in my head and maybe this plan of theirs was created the 10 years before they separated from each other. It’s a little confusing but it’s supposed to be that way for now. Of course they’re going to have to give us their backstory later on, but that just leaves us to speculate. But it explains why Ange and Princess have so much contact in the OP. Thankfully, someone was able to type out what the letter said online.

“My dear Ange: I have waited a long time for this moment. There are many things I’d like to talk about, but there is little time to explain my circumstances. I have become a spy like you became a princess. I am on a mission; my purpose is to grant Mr. Morgan’s asylum. Would you lend me your dress for this purpose? I’ll explain in detail later. I have to take responsibility for your difficult years. Sorry to spoil your dress.

Yours truly,

I’m not even going to try to guess who Mr. Morgan is, I’m going to wait patiently to see. But from the second to last sentence, it really does sound like a plan that was made that 10 years ago as children.

From here on out I suppose the show will continue from here, introducing Chise next, getting Beatrice to join the group, and watching how they actually become a group. Ange and Dorothy seemed to have known each other for awhile now as well as Dorothy mentioned an orphanage. This had to be after when Ange and Princess separated as Dorothy seems to be in the dark from their little plan. Whatever they have planned is only between them, so even among their group there is withheld information. Pretty much, no one can be trusted. I wonder how Chise is going to be joining the group, as I thought that it was strange for them to have a Japanese girl. I wouldn’t think a London spy group would want a foreigner to be part of them.

Also, I found it pretty funny that Dorothy is actually 20 years old but she’s posing as a high schooler. She did look to be the oldest but I didn’t think she’d be an adult, but that was a nice surprise. It’s nice seeing an adult that can unfortunately fit in perfectly with high school girls. It…hits close to home. Just last week while I was on vacation a woman from the hotel said I look like I’m 16, when I’m actually 22. If I could be a spy I could fit that role well. :///


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  1. Wanderer says:

    Just for the sake of trying to prevent you from being any more confused than the show intends, Mr. Morgan mentioned in the note is the man who had the key that the girls were trying to get. He was trying to defect from the Commonwealth to the Kingdom by offering the Kingdom some top-secret plans for the Commonwealth’s latest military equipment, which he had placed in a locked bank vault (which is what the key was for). His reason for doing this was to be with his wife, who is living in the Kingdom. Ange, posing as the Princess (or, perhaps more accurately, posing as HERSELF) convinced him to instead give her the key and not go through with his defection, by promising that she’d arrange to have his wife sent to the Commonwealth to be with him instead.

    Anyway, the reveal about Ange and Charlotte really flips things on its head, and the show is just getting started. I wonder how many layers of deception there are in this series, just waiting to be pulled back…

    • Berry says:

      Oh well I knew all that, that was easy to understand. I just didn’t know his name was Morgan because they never mentioned it (I think) and I just couldn’t put two and two together.

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