Princess Principal Episode 3: (case 2) Vice Voice

We get a more straightforward episode this week and also a look into how Beatrice truly became part of the group and how she uses her skill of voice change.

I sure hope Beatrice’s father got arrested for what he did. And I hope he rots in there. Beato’s obsessive devotion to Princess is quickly explained as we learn that her father had forced his maniacal love of machinery onto his own daughter. Growing up she was teased by the other children, verbally and physically bullied. Princess was the only person that genuinely wanted to be her friend and still is to this day. As hard as it was to learn her story, the way the show presented it to us with the flashbacks, music, and the distorted sound of Beatrice’s voice was perfection to add emotion to the scene. I got a little panicky when we saw her tamper with her voice device. Sweet little Beatrice… Of course it’s understandable that Beatrice would look out for her only friend against suspicious spies. Her feelings just grow stronger as her suspicions are specifically directed towards Ange.

The first mission with Princess starts as they must infiltrate a blimp to steal plates. Beatrice accidentally gets herself into Ange’s mission but in the end it served as a moment to bond and for them to understand each other better through their devotion to Princess.

The reason why Beatrice had such high distrust of Ange is because of how similar physically she is to Princess. I had already made this assumption last week but seeing as how Beatrice focused on how similar they look, Ange and Princess definitely have to be twin sisters. Convincing disguises is a must for all spies but Ange’s disguise of Princess is much too good. I want to say that they’re twin sisters, however the running away to a white house in Casablanca sounded a bit romantic. Of all places, the cite synonymous with romance because of that movie? Probably reading too much into it. Either way, Princess refused the offer as she was adamant in keeping the promise they made when they were younger. It just makes me wonder if they are sisters, then how were they separated as children? When the Wall was built that’s how they were separated and the two were only able to meet until now from Ange being a spy and crossing over. That’s why I can’t say too confidently that they’re sisters because I can’t explain why two royal sisters would be separated, with one staying in the royal family and the other being abandoned and orphaned. There’s still so much between them that hasn’t been revealed as of yet.

Through many exciting actions scenes we got another look into the Cavorite. We still haven’t gotten a single explanation to what cavorite really is and why and how Albion was able to come into possession with so much of it that it’s made them the single most powerful nation in the world since the Roman Empire. We’ve seen cavorite used in “weapons” and as a poisoning (in the first episode) so this world’s cavorite is similar to the real world’s nuclear, I suppose. I don’t know how this is going to connect with the main plot and group of characters, but I don’t think this is something that’s going to be mentioned for awhile and then forgotten. Also, I’m sure we’re going to be seeing more of the Duke of Normandy as his name was mentioned again this episode. What are he and his men going to do to interfere again?

Another solid episode, but still no sign of Chise just yet. This episode just further gave me interest in the girls where I really care about them now. Beatrice has a special little place in my heart. She’s just so sweet and I want her to be happy.



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  1. Cavorite is a substance invented by H.G. Wells in his story The First Men on The Moon. Cavorite itself is immune to the force of gravity, and conveys that immunity to objects around it. The Princess Principal version is not an exact match for the original (they’ve taken it in their own direction, turning it into an imitation radioactive fuel substance), but clearly the inspiration is there.

    Also, I remain doubtful that Ange and Princess are sisters. Perhaps half sisters, but not twins. If Princess (the original Ange) is illegitimate, that would explain why she’d have been raised apart, and any class difference between them. There’s a picture that has come up before, showing what is likely the royal family, including a young version of the original Charlotte: our Ange. There is no sign of the current Princess in that picture. Personally I just believe they’re just one of those rare cases of people who are each other’s double without being related at all. But we’ll (hopefully) find out in the future.

    About Beatrice, what her father did to her is disturbing as hell. I hope he got his just punishment for it. At least she’s able to use it for something she believes in now, rather than just letting it be a source of pain.

    1. Oh, how interesting! I’ve never read the book and am not familiar with it at all but I can see the similarities. Though I still wish they would explain the Cavorite in more detail as it seems like an important matter.

      Oh duh the half sisters possibility makes sense, especially with the different hair colors. That actually may be the case because that would explain why they were separated. It would be more unique if they were just two people that happened to look like each other, but I think it’s more likely that they’re related (sisters, half sisters, cousins?).

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