Princess Principal Episode 10: (case 22) Comfort Comrade

Being Dorothy is suffering. Everyone close to her dies and it sucks.

I think this is another case of “side character showing up and dying so fast that I can’t react with sadness”. I think it’s a little mean to say that I didn’t care, but we hardly knew this girl. The girls get the mission of having to steal secret documents and a girl they knew from their childhood days in spy school, called the Farm, will help them with their mission. We learn Perfect was one of the top students that would rival with Ange in pretty much everything, clearly showing us that they don’t really get along even though they work so well together. Her, Ange, and Dorothy are the only remaining spies from the Farm, which had me confused and concerned. After they complete their mission they go out to eat and reminisce but when Perfect comes back from a bathroom break, which included injecting herself with a certain drug, it’s only Dorothy that’s left. Ange and Beatrice are out to stake Perfect’s place, their real mission being whether she’s a double agent betraying them. In the end it turns out that she is and the girls try to stop her until Ange does her own thing. What follows is a train chase, revelations, and a suicide.

Perfect was a sad person. The show made us think that the person Perfect wanted to be like but never could was Ange, but instead it was Dorothy. And I suppose the realization that she could never be like her made her spiral into a deep depression where she became a drug addict. I feel like the drug she was injecting herself with was plot related and yet it was never mentioned, so there’s that. It was easy to get a feel for her character: she wanted to be light and carefree like Dorothy was when she took her out to the funfair when they thought they had failed their exam, a memory that always sticks with her. But she couldn’t so she became depressed. In order to save Dorothy from having to kill someone she thought of as a friend, Perfect took the liberty of that and killed herself. The story was presented, it made sense, and the ending was sad and pretty brutal. But, again, because we had so little time to really get to know her and like her, I can’t really say I was too affected by it all. It was a fine episode, but it wasn’t the best.

What I did apprecitate from this episode was the look we got into the spy school Ange and Dorothy went to. I had always wondered what it was like, but I especially wanted to know how these girls were actually enrolled, though my guess is that they were just snatched from the streets. It’s scary that the place was simply called the Farm and that girls that didn’t make the cut just up and disappeared. It just made me wonder what happened to these girls. Dorothy saying that they’re “the only ones left” from their school just makes it sound like all the girls from the Farm are dead. So were they killed off? Were they just kicked out and that’s all? Considering how harsh the school sounded, and judging it by its name, I’m going to say it’s the former. If it’s really like a farm and there are certain weak animals, why not just get rid of said animals?

The episode ends with a twist, as a new commander sits in the seat of their former L. This dude is suspicious as hell and it gets even more suspicious when he tells Ange and Dorothy of their next mission, which is the assassination of Princess. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Duke of Normandy is behind all this.

Well, with a twist like this there’s definitely not going to be a second season. It looks like this mission will span the rest of the two episodes we have. I feel like only Ange and Dorothy are going to be the only ones to know about this mission, keeping both Chise and Beatrice in the dark. This can go in one of four ways:

  1. Ange actually kills Princess
  2. Ange and Princess switch places, Ange kills herself, and Princess lives her life as Ange.
  3. Double suicide.
  4. They both run away.

I feel like Scenario 1 is highly unlikely. I feel like the creators aren’t gutsy enough to kill one of their own main characters. Scenario 3 seems probable for a big twist ending, but probably won’t happen as I think the creators aren’t gutsy enough to kill two of their main characters. With the talk of the creators not wanting to kill their own characters, then I guess Scenario 2 won’t happen either, so Scenario 4 is probably the most likely and that could leave the series open for a sequel.

However, there could also be a Scenario 5 that can be full of asspulls and disappointment in which Ange finds out who’s trying to have Princess killed, kill them, Princess becomes Queen in two episodes, happy ending. And I really wouldn’t want that to happen because it would be lazy and bad. I actually wouldn’t be happy with Scenario 4 but…hm, honestly, anything goes.

Make it good, 3Hz.


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