Netojuu no Susume Episode 3: Be My Partner?

OH MY GOD, LILY-CHAN MADE THE MOVE. She first gave Hayashi an incredibly expensive robe, and then later when he confronts her about it, she opens up and asks him to be her partner.

/Pterodactyl Scream

Okay, obviously – OBVIOUSLY this is not referring to a romantic partnership, or I think it’s not because of the circumstances, especially since dating is forbidden in the guild and everyone watched it happen. This is more about formalizing an official partnership in terms of “duo queue”. But Lily certainly went an extra mile by providing them MATCHING OUTFITS WHILE WEARING THE ROSE ACCESSORY MORIKO/HAYASHI GAVE HER FOR CHRISTMAS! When you see that, it’s quite hard not to think the whole thing was a romantic confession! In fact it reminded me of a freaking proposal!

This of course sent Moriko over the moon. She was quite anxious about what such an expensive gift meant, and now that they are partners, she knows now she absolutely has a crush on Lily. Fate is a funny thing though since this week, they finallllyyyyyyyyy confirmed Sakurai = Lily-chan. It’s going to be quite hilarious if/when the two find out they are partners in game, especially since not only Moriko had declined the dinner invitation, but Sakurai confirmed his own suspicions that he has seen her before at work.

However the circumstances which drove Moriko’s departure only grows more curious when we learn from her former co-worker Koiwai how she was extremely good at her job. Even Sakurai praised her work for it, and was surprised to have heard she had turned in her resignation. We learned she worked Matsukaze Bussan’s Distribution Center, but while she was good at her job, we heard through the phone call with Koiwai how Moriko sounded like she was overwhelmed and distressed. So perhaps while she was good at her job, it was simply not suitable for her as an individual.

It wasn’t just Moriko who we were given some insight on this week, but also Lily. When she opened up to Hayashi, we learned when she had first started playing this game, due to the popularity of the support role, she was bombarded by requests.Eventually shit happened when people started getting jealous, and misunderstood her for getting close to their guild leaders. But despite her ordeals, Lily kept playing because she not only enjoyed the same, but she hoped to one day find the person she had played with in another game, or at least find someone like them. Hayashi was the one who fulfilled those conditions. It should be noted though how awesome Kanbe is to offer to be serve as “her partner” by name only to help fend off those misunderstandings. He really is a cool leader.

I heard this series will only have ten episodes, so I am going to try my hardest to complete this series’ coverage since I truly believe it deserves the attention. That being said though, the entries are probably going to be shorter than my usual average, but so as long as I can properly convey my feelings that’s usually just summed up as endless squeals, I should be able to do this!

Random Note of the Week: Moriko gets it, Lounge-wear is the best! Kekekekekekekekekekeke!


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