Houseki no Kuni – Episode 6 [First Battle]

The episode opens with Zircon losing their head in battle, and Yellow Diamond helping to repair them because Rutile is exhausted from staying up all night to repair Phos. Rutile notices that Phos is missing from their stool, so Yellow Diamond rushes out to look for them.

Yellow Diamond encounters Bort and Diamond on patrol, and finds Phos soon after. Phos is having trouble with their new legs – they are unable to stop normally. Yellow Diamond helps Phos learn to stop on cue, and then everyone returns home for the night.

The next day Phos, Yellow Diamond and Rutile appear before Master Kongo to discuss Phos’ issue with their new legs. Phos asks to be allowed to join the battle against the Lunarians, but there’s a problem: although Phos’ new legs are strong, the rest of their body is still their usual weakness. This means they have difficulty holding even the lightest sword still. Plus Phos doesn’t have a partner yet; patrols are always done with two people, not three. Master Kongo compromises by allowing Phos to join Amethyst on their patrol the next day.

Before dismissing the trio, Master Kongo asks Phos to remember what they can about their time in the ocean. Phos’ memories of that time are mostly gone, but they remember enough mutter the word “human”, which is enough to visibly upset Master Kongo for some reason. It appears that Ventricosus and their brother will remain part of Phos’ lost memories, unfortunately for Master Kongo and the jewel people.

Phos is paired with Amethyst, who can split themselves into twins at will apparently, which is cool and kind of creepy at the same time. Amethyst drags Phos to the morning patrol meeting, and then the three set out to their station. Thankfully for Phos their first day on patrol was uneventful, but Phos is still exhausted because they spent the entire day on edge waiting for a Lunarian attack.

On Phos’ second day of patrol duty, they (along with Amethyst) are asked by Rutile to collect white powder flower seeds while they work. Phos is not impressed with this request. By the end of the day Phos is still very tired.

Day three is uneventful as well. As the sun starts to set Amethyst offers to help Phos practice sheathing and unsheathing their sword, but then the Lunarians show up and all plans go out the window.

Amethyst quickly dispatches the Lunarians, and the front soldiers disappear into puffs of smoke as usual. However when Amethyst slices up the main baddie, something different happens – a bladed set of pincers, if you will, emerges from the big Lunarian’s body and snatches Amethyst up in its teeth. As Amethyst tells Phos to run away, they are broken up into tiny shards. Phos is so shocked that they are unable to move, even as Master Kongo, Bort, Zircon and Yellow Diamond run onto the scene.

As Yellow Diamond and Zircon begin to collect whatever remaining shards of Amethyst they can, Bort smashes the pincers to bits with their sword. Master Kongo follows this up by destroying the Lunarian cloud with a single spell.

Bort is furious that Phos did nothing to help save Amethyst from the Lunarians. But even when confronted with an ally’s blade, Phos is unable to say anything.

My thoughts: Yellow Diamond is the oldest of the jewel people, and them discussing their age brings up an interesting question: was there always a human who lived with the jewel people? If so, who came before Master Kongo? And why was he so upset to hear Phos mention humans, especially when he is (I’m assuming) human himself? I have so many questions!

Yellow Diamond seems a little sympathetic to Phos’ state at the end of the episode, but I’m curious if there will be any punishment coming from Master Kongo. And will Amethyst be saveable, or did they lose too many fragments of their body?



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