Boku no Kanojo ga Majime Sugiru Shojo Bitch na Ken Episodes 6, 7, and 8   (The Triple Feature Plus Extra Content)

Songs: Are You Ready(Rob Mayth Remix) by P!mp Code, That Drop by Surilla, The Truth(Club Mix) by Nash Up!, Dirty Mind(Nightcore), The Bad Touch(C. Bauman Remix), Darude- Sandstorm, Gas Pedal(Caked Up Remix), God is a Girl(Nightcore Remix)

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This triple feature! Three episodes posted in the price of one! Are you ready?

We have a new character in the show. This boy right here, Hoshikawa. He looks so gay and the ladies love him. He is also very self centered. I love how all the characters are stereotypical, but they all bring good moments to the show.

And we have all the jokes that made me laugh every time.

For me, the jokes never get old. For everyone else on the forum, the jokes get old. They basically introduce something normal, and make it weird immediately. For Episode 6, they made field day weird, Episode 7, they made school field trips weird, and then in episode 8, they made gym class and special occasions weird. They make everything as weird as possible. Then they always put cliches in, like getting locked in the gym closet, unused classroom to have sex, hiding in a locker/closet to watch people, and seeing a girls’ underwear not notice.

I have a couple favorite parts in these episodes. One is when he is learning how to bat and it looks totally wrong.

The other is when they get locked in the abandoned room closet. And it looks bad.

The other is when the other class rep is following them and putting out cue cards.

The last one is that nurse. She is just funny.

That scene in the unused room reminded of those stories in high school about people having sex on the basement stairs. Also, people said the school’s basement was haunted by ghost. Very conflicting. Why have sex where there are ghosts? The school used to be a hotel and a doctor’s office at some point, so someone must have died in there is some soul-keeping way where they can never leave. Seriously. They probably got murdered.

Then there is sometimes I used walk in the room after going to the bathroom and I’ve seen some weird things. Like things that would happen in this show. I come back one time, and one kid is lying on the desk and the other is on top of him, laying on him( both with clothes, on, luckily), and the top one is shaking back and forth. They looked like they were going to kiss each other or something..

Me: Okay, then(walks back to the bathroom)

So awkward, and it would totally fit in this show, like that:

My math teacher always used to pause when he was talking. He was saying something and he paused, then said the word “harder” and raised them eyebrows and smiled. The sentence was like ” Math is getting harder.” But that pause and the eyebrow raise and smile ruined his point. Me and friends died of laughter.

That’s it for me.