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What a fantastic and heart-wrenching episode this was! I was especially pleased with how they used the time, enabling Cardia and other characters to have conversations with each other. I was happy to see her interact with characters besides Lupin in a more meaningful way, especially with Van who is so damn perspective, he knew something serious went down between her and Saint-Germain. But at the same time it was also so heart-wrenching because Van is still determined to die at Delly’s hands, (who we can see has soften up to him considerably, and overheard his conversation with Cardia.) And it was also Van, who gives Lupin incredibly important advice, because he is the only one who has an idea of what it like living when you want to be dead. For Van, the only reason why he is still alive today is because he wants revenge on Finis, after that he is ready to die at Delly’s hands. Although Cardia’s situation is a little different, she is currently in a vulnerable position where she needs someone to give her a reason to keep living rather than to sacrifice herself. The most heart-wrenching part of all is how Van feels he can’t be that chain for her. MY EMOTIONS DAMNIT.


Speaking of my emotions, Saint-Germain, the poor guy. He tells her the situation and to use the potion before she falls into Isaac’s hands, promising it will enable her a peaceful death… but when she reaches out to take it, he pulls back, backtracking on everything he said, insisting she can’t take it. I CAN’T! MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT! Cardia still takes it anyways, promising she won’t use it, but she will take it on his behalf.

I thought we were going to meet the old hag Leader of Idea this week, but either my memory is all jumbled up or they tweaked it so Cardia won’t be meeting them just yet, or at all for the matter. I also thought they were perhaps going to reveal a bit of Saint-Germain’s backstory, which I was relieved they did not, and hopefully it will stay that way. But it will probably be revealed one way or another within the next few episodes since he regrouped with them. I also suspect the same will apply to Van since Lupin’s, Victor’s and Impey’s backstory have all already been revealed.


Hands down my favourite scene of the episode was when Lupin finally got out of bed and sought out Cardia. Oh gosh, they way they delivered the scene was so beautiful! The way she tried to step away from Lupin when he reached out to wipe her tears, but he gracefully pulls her back in and kisses her forehead through her hat. I got the the butterflies!!! And I am not going to lie, it definitely left a greater impact on me than it did in game.

But if there’s one thing to note about Lupin, he’s a great guy and all, but man he can be incredibly passive sometimes. Van was really the one who woke up him, confronting him about if Lupin loves her, don’t sit around and wait, giving him a reality-check how they may not be alive tomorrow, and he may be the chains Cardia needs in order to find the will to keep living.

It was a bit funny how Lupin was worried Cardia was off crying on her own, because for most of the episode, she put up a strong face and holding herself together better off than most people would. But what caused further cracks in her heart was when she found the soldier she had spoken to and had shared his love for his family had died. That was when she seriously considered taking the potion, to eliminate herself and ultimately foil Isaac’s plans. But Cardia underestimated her fear of dying because she has never experienced such feelings before. And it wasn’t just the fear of dying, but the fear of losing the ones she cares about, especially Lupin.

Lastly, I wasn’t sure how they were going to do it, but the writers were able to cleverly reveal how Nemo and Nautilus are deeply involved in Isaac’s plans. It’s good that they were able to do it to indicate yeah, he will be back and more annoying than ever. I also would like to touch on how we were able to see Impey’s insecure side. With all that has happened, everything seems to be falling apart. London is burning, Saint-Germain was MIA (for the time being), Lupin’s injured, he felt discouraged. It is honestly a good touch of reality, because yeah, the situation they are in is pretty damn grim!

Next week it’s time to set their plans into action! Will they finally be able to outsmart Finis, or will he be one or two steps ahead as usual?

For those who wants to understand the potential meaning behind the split watch, here’s some major story Spoilers under the cut. 



>Everyone within the Idea Organization are immortals, people brought back from the dead to help serve their cause. So I am assuming the watch we later find split in two is supposed to represent he left their cause (therefore regroups with Cardia and the others), and was stripped of his immorality and powers that came with it. This ultimately means he now has a time limit of how much longer he will remain in this world. 🙁



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  1. zztop says:

    I’m still wondering what else they’ll reveal about Idea’s leader, other that she’s an old woman. I wonder which literary figure she’s supposed to be.
    PS. I don’t mind spoilers. 😉

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