The iDOLM@STER SideM Episde 11

Finally, three episodes until the finale, we get a Kaoru central episode. (An insanely slow one at that). While I am happy and all it finally happened, and I am also extremely irritated. I am frustrated they didn’t dedicate more time to foreshadowing in regards to Kaoru’s conflict. Giving us three or four glimpses at him wearing the necklace and now showing us picture of his young self and a woman wearing it, is nothing more than scratching at the surface. I want to know more about why Kaoru wants to become Top Idol, give me a hint at the very least why he behaves this way, and more about him as an individual! Yes they finally gave us a bit of that today, but it is long overdue!

I believe Kaoru when he says when he performs, he is doing it for himself, however when he claims the reason why he wants to become Top Idol is because he needs money, that’s when I doubted him. Honestly, regardless whether it’s true or not, I personally find it hard to believe, especially since he was a doctor, and a surgeon no less! Additionally, the odds of making money is a lot more secure as a Doctor than an Idol. While talent is important, what people really need is to have Luck on their side. Without it, opportunities can still be hard to come by, especially when you haven’t been in the business for even a year.
But then again, screw logic, this is fiction!

If he does need money, I wonder why he needs it. Does he need to pay for a major surgery to take place overseas or something?

Now since Producer is preventing him from pursuing a golden opportunity that is hard to come by, Kaoru is lashed out. He was willing to attempt to do both, but if he has to choose one over the other, he made it clear that he is willing to drop the joint concert in order to pursue what he perceives a bigger and better opportunity.


And here’s the thing: Based on what we have seen from Kaoru over the last eleven episodes, they are going to have a very hard time convincing me Kaoru’s desire to return to perform with 315 Productions and Dramatic Stars. We know Kaoru is a good person, but frankly speaking, I feel like Kaoru’s relationship with the others are makes them nothing more than an acquaintance. While Kaoru seemed to approve Teru’s enthusiasm to also pursue solo actives during their free time to promote their concerts, he still gives them a bit of a cold shoulder. We see this play out when Tsubasa and Teru only had good intentions in mind of trying to give him a break by tricking him into a 2 day vacation, Kaoru was cold as ice the entire time. He made no intention whatsoever to engage with the two, and kept his answer brief when questioned. It I may be so blunt, it feels as though Kaoru is almost a stranger to the rest. Nobody knows anything about him, except for maybe the Producer.

The few things we did learn about Kaoru today are fairly important: He requested Producer to help him find some solo work to help promote the 315 Productions Joint Concert (but honestly I feel like there’s more to it). His stamina and ability to work long hours is thanks to his experience as a Doctor, (the shifts that never end), and how much it hurts him when he feels like people like Producer do not having enough faith in him. He takes it personally when people stand in his way, regardless of the reasons why they are doing it (in this case, Producer is concerned about the toll it will take on his health). He act cold, but it’s clear he has a wounded heart. For Kaoru, he absolutely does not want to miss out on the opportunity to perform as a lead character in the musical, ‘Two Moons Two Suns’. And I can understand where he is coming from when he calls out the odds of a chance like this one coming again anytime soon. Nevertheless, Producer is (supposed to be) well versed in this field, it is his job to find and secure their best opportunities, so in this case, Kaoru is actually the one who is lacking faith in others… which is rather ironic when you think about it.

Lastly, (and this is more of a personal pet-peeve so don’t take it to heart) I find Teru is getting on my nerves. I get he is super competitive with Kaoru and is only looking out for him, but his personality is a bit too much for me.

On a brighter note, I did not realize I needed to see Kaoru modeling until it actually happened. Damn he is handsome, especially without the glasses!


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  1. alamode says:

    I think it’s not that hard to figure it out who the woman is. The foreshadowing from the training camp episode, the way Kaoru ‘watching’ the Aoi twin siblings really giving us a little hint.
    I also find it funny on the way Kaoru lashed out to the Producer, it’s so in character it doesn’t feel forced at all.
    Since they going to drag Kaoru’s drama for next week i’m really eager to see how will they make the foreshadowings, his intention, and his closure falls into place in just one episode…..

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