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As expected “Cure Yell” is becoming a huge hit popularity at school, and as much as Hana wants to tell everyone/reveal she is the heroine herself, Harry told her she must keep it a secret. (But it won’t stay a secret for long if she transforms in front of other students, ahahahaha!). Much to my amusement, Hana ignored Harry’s point of searching for the remaining precures, claiming she will protect Hugtan on her own, because being a  hero on her own is way cooler. That sentiment didn’t last long when she became inspired by Saaya and was about to ask her to join them just as the enemy attacks.

This week, Saaya joins the team as Cure Ange, the Precure of Wisdom. Fits her just right as she is someone who likes to learn all sorts of things. (Not to mention, what a gorgeous design and transformation!) It also appears all of the precure’s special attack will have them say, “hooray, hooray” which is fine but otherwise a bit surprising. (That being said, I don’t think we necessarily have to worry about Hana’s saying her mantra too much!)

And Saaya is absolutely adorable. She is hands down, the cutest precure I have seen to date. Her sweet and caring personality, her humbleness, and the way she blushes, what is there not to like about her? She is so loveable! She has not only won my heart, but it looks like Harry the mouse, is quite smitten himself. I have a feeling Cure Ange might become his bias! HAHAHAHA!

My exact reaction!

Speaking of Harry, while it’s nothing new or unexpected to see “Precure fairies” or “creatures” take on a human form, but when Harry transformed I was completely caught off guard. This was my response: “HE TRANSFOR- WHAT THE HELL HE’S HOT? WHAT!?!?!? THAT WAS SO UNEXPECTED.”

Oh boy, I can already sense my inner shipping fangirl is already itching to ship Saaya and Harry together.

Although nothing particularly major in terms of events happened this episode, we were given some major plot points. It was a pleasant surprise since sometimes the writers like to take their time with dropping plot hints, but it really works in their favour to start it this early on. Hana experienced what appears to be either Hugtan’s memories. The flashback showed the other precures calling out to the girl who I assume is Hugtan, before falling silent. It appears the other precure may have fallen, and left the Mirai Crystal in her hands. However the big question I keep asking myself is, where was this battle initially set? As of right now, we haven’t been told about “alternative realms” and such. All we know is that the enemy is threatening to rob the future (“time will stop”), and without a future, Hugtan will never grow up.

Another thing to pay close attention to is the fact Harry carries three more prehearts, revealing there will a fourth precure who is expected to join their team in the future. Although I have already have my suspicions on Hugtan being the fourth member, the dream further implies that perhaps Hugtan has been reverted to a infant state.

Overall this was a really good way to follow up the pilot. I am loving the characters and their dynamics with each other, and I get the sense this series will have promising storyline.


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7 thoughts on “Hugtto! Precure Episode 2

  1. oh my god I’m starting to smell some plot from doki doki precure!
    Basically, in doki doki, fourth precure girl was the only precure who survived in the alternate world, and the ruler of that world in a last-ditch effort split herself into three pieces: a baby like Hugtan who needs the tomorrow power, the fifth precure who has no memories at all, and her evil counterpart.
    To see yes! precure and dokidoki precure combine some elements just perked my interests in the series up to eleven.

  2. I think, given the emphasis on time and future and so on, that Hugtan was likely a precure from a bad future where the villains won, and she was sent back in time to fix things. Becoming a baby in the process was probably not intentional. If this theory is correct, she is likely the precure that the villains were originally searching for before Cure Yell showed up.
    Like V. says, it is reminiscent of Doki Doki Precure to some extent.

  3. I wanted to get into Hugtto Precure, but 2 episodes in and I’m still not impressed. Hana is too energetic to the point she already became so cringe to bear through in such an early stage of the show; Saaya literally had Rikka’s face & attire slapped onto her and her Cure alias is Cure “Ange” which was copied from the legendary Cure with the same namesake in Heartcatch! Oh and Cure “Ange” also had her hairstyle mixed with Cure Beauty & Cure Ace… Geez, I might be nitpicking but I just couldn’t care about Saaya at all. Homare though, is simply gorgeous and I love her so much in a few glimpses already, she gives me Kirara vibes and I’m waiting for her “official” debut.

    1. Well I didn’t care about Cure Ange in HCPC movie, but as for the similarity with Cure Ace that’s an interesting thing to note. The reason is because back at DDPC there’s Marie Ange, and


      turned out that Cure Ace is a part of Marie Ange. So I guess it’s some sort of Mythology Gag from Toei.

  4. Im overwhelmed bcs of this new season, i havva say ive been out PCA Community for about four years, yeah, since DokiDoki came out and i need to comment here firstly abt my emotion incoming rn. I found ur post quite good, i d love to share it and share feelings too! www i’m becoming quite well formed with livejournal and wordpress so, i hope this blog will be one of my current entries s google basics! xoxo well done goes! 🌠

  5. I really liked this episode!!! I’m so happy to see that we know what the villains want from the get go instead of having to wait 46 episodes to figure it out. Now to hope that Hugtto won’t have a filler episode for the final episode like Maho Girls and KiraKira XD
    Saaya is adorable and very sweet but I am slightly upset that she couldn’t purify the Oshimaida. Then again, this is written by the guy who worked on Sailor Moon, so guess I should have seen this coming. I am happy to see that Saaya is a defensive Cure though! Mostly the yellow Cures + Cure Mint were the defensive types so it’s nice to see a blue Cure break the mold and not only be the brains of the group, but also be the defender.
    In all honestly, Harry was the highlight of this episode for me. His expressions and reactions were golden, it’s been a while since we’ve had an entertaining mascot. Oh and not to mention, his human form. Hot damn his human voice. His voice, his appearance. Ahhhh I need more. Oh and his reactions. His proud “ehehehe” when he made Beauty Harry appear was so cute and then his reaction to Hana wanting to fight alone was priceless.
    Talking about Hana, Hana was adorable as usual and I think she is a breath of fresh air compared to Mirai or Ichika. Yes, she’s energetic and loud etc. but I think she is in a way that she is not annoying. On top of that, she actually has a realistic goal that I can get behind. Wanting to become more mature is a really common goal for young girls and I actually hope Toei writes Hana’s immaturity as a good thing because being immature is not a bad thing unless you are being annoyingly immature XD All I can say is, I cannot wait to see Hana trying to act mature but failing miserably XD

    1. As for final filler episode, I guess from now on it’s already set up as the tradition so it would be fair to expect that the final episode for this would be the filler episode. I understand though if you dislike that kind of episode though, but at least it can be work as the epilogue episode somehow.
      For Sailor Moon similarity, I already guessed that it’s may the reason of why Ange didn’t finish the enemy, although actually now that I think of it it’s not the first time that Toei did this because in the past we have Mint and Rosetta who can’t finish the enemies and have the same role as Saya. But anyway, for now we still didn’t know what kind of role that Etoile will have, or whether she can finish the enemy or not so for now I’m pretty much content with this. Oh, and looking at newer Precure, seeing that by episode 11 they should have new combination finisher, I think it’ll be no problem if we have Yell as the finisher for a whole time. Maybe.

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