Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan Season 2 Episode 4( Heartwarming Ending, I guess )

This episode was pretty good. It is spring in the show ( and I wish it was spring over here, everyone real tired of the under 20 degrees temperatures). They started with an April Fools, where Kaidou is pranking people too much and no one believes him by the end of day. The time where they stopped believe him was in the middle of morning after he said he saw a book stop halfway in the air( which was Saiki’s book that blew away in mid-air, that he stopped so he could grab it). Then Nendou dropped his camera off the roof, and Saiki made it so it didn’t break when it landed.

Then they drop the camera again off the roof and it breaks:

And in the end to make up for not being there when the camera drops, he launches beams from the Tokyo Sky Tower to cover up Kaidou’s lies because Nendou trusts him too much.

Then the cute first year named Imu, who thinks the world revolves around her. Teruhashi told her otherwise.

But also at the end of this episode, Saiki says Imu is cuter than Teruhashi, even though he knows their personalities are shotty because he can read their thoughts. If the author/anime producer was really trying to put those two together, why would they add that scene in there?? Just a thought, everyone. Hey, though, people who usually hate each other often become lovers in the end (not in real life, but in TV shows, comics, manga, drama, books, etc.)

Next part and my favorite part: Trash Picking! The crew( Hairo, Saiki, Kaidou, and Nendou) go to trash picking contest in their neighborhood. The winner gets one million yen( which is 9,275 dollars by the way, hook me up with that). Each piece of trash has a point value attached to it:

Then a creepy guy comes over and asks them if they could help him get cigarette butts with a broom. Kaidou was about to go with it, but Hairo wants to keep his pride, so they don’t.

Then by the end of the competition, the crew see the creepy guy with the glasses with last years winner holding a bunch of cigarette butts( by the way, they cheated). Saiki realizes those two are trash, A.) For cheating in a neighborhood contest, and for B.) They were going to use the money for gambling, so he uses his psychic powers and lit the bag on fire.

The crew didn’t win, but at least cheaters don’t win either.

Then another part of the show was where Saiki’s family has allergies and everyone is sneezing and everything. Then Saiki gets pollen in his nose and starts sneezing, except when he sneezes something blows up. First, it was a chair, and then it was everything his dad owned( his phone, his gaming systems, etc.).

RIP phone

Then Saiki takes medicine and decides to go to school, but then Nendou prevents him form taking his medicine again, by trying to show Saiki he can sneeze, for some reason. Then Saiki sneezes and blows up the medicine in his hand( that sneeze is sure random-specific), so he has to go home and he has try to get away from Nendou. Everything tries, only makes Nendou closer to him, but then Nendou takes out a flower because he really trying to show Saiki his sneeze.

At this point, Saiki knows he has to get the f*** out of here. So he runs away in the other direction and then he sneezes, blowing a hole in the wall. He fills the hallway with dust, repairs the wall, and teleports home.

The last part and slightly heartwarming part. People are saying there is a ghost playing a piano in the music room, and Toritsuka has to check it out, but decides to ask Saiki to come along to help him. I love how he still the only one who knows Saiki has powers, outside of his family. He holds a large secret and still hasn’t told no one.

Anyways, they go into the school and there is a ghost playing the piano in the music room. I think Saiki feels bad for the ghost, honestly. The only reason she as a ghost can play this piano is because she was attached to it in her past life. Toritsuka sees that the ghost in cute, and he is really nice to her, but Saiki is like “ Nah, man, she gotta go.”  So Toritsuka  offers her to come over his house and she was like   “ Nah, I rather be dead then come over your house.” And the ghost leaves, well for now.

Then the school removes the piano because people keep on hearing voices from the music room. Then we learn that the piano was donated to school 20 years by the family of the girl ghost. The piano was the girl’s and she died of an illness. Then Toritsuka takes the piano and puts it in his room, so he could call the ghost over to his house. At least the ghost has a place to go, instead of wandering place to place aimlessly.

Okay, I love this show. I’m not going to get tired of it at all.

Comedy: 8.9 out of 10

Chance I’ll be back next week: 99.9%