After School Affairs [Chiharu Secret Kiss] I am a bad person.

I went on a date with my student I am going to hell. On today’s edition of ‘School stories must be Oki’s kink’ I decided to try out Chiharu’s route because I have no self-control. It’s new, it’s shiny, and they even gave it the title ‘Forbidden Route’ and we all know why it is Forbidden. I have stated on my recent Ryota review that the only way these routes don’t send you straight to hell is because the student involved is the first one interested. The same can definitely be said of Chiharu, who confesses to you in spite of you being his teacher. You are trying to dissuade him from being an escort because of course you are don’t do that sweet child. 

Well, after you dissuade him one of his customers has become a stalker. Chiharu asks a favor: pretend to go on a date with him so when she follows him she will see he is serious about someone else. I thought at first this was just a trick he might be pulling because of you aversion, but that doesn’t seem to be it at all. Chiharu just genuinely needs your help and had to do it in a certain way because of his unfortunate prior profession. When I got to this point in the story I essentially decided to commit all the way. I am signed up for Voltage’s monthly pass system so I can read 3 chapters for free, and I decided Chiharu’s honesty convinced me enough to buy it.

Gosh dang children, sending me to hell. I am here and the water is delightful thank you for asking.  “You think I’m a kid, I’m not by a long shot.” Damn, you should be a smol bean but you are just, dang. Understandably the romance can’t go anywhere- and when people catch the two of you looking at each other rumors fly. Chiharu’s dreams of being a doctor will be destroyed if the two of you are caught together. You shut down the relationship in front of the head teacher and to him himself- even though you care about Chiharu you can’t risk his future.

This has probably been one of the most satisfying concepts of any voltage otome game. I want so badly for there to be a sequel of this once Chiharu has graduated, once he becomes a doctor, give me this future. I want to see Chiharu and the main character together so badly ;__; the angst is so beautiful. That is my ultimate kink, the power of angst. . .I just want this smol bean to be happy oh my god. Give my my happy ending Voltage, I can’t survive on this promise alone.

Don’t look at me I’m crying. This could perhaps be…my Voltage OTP


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