Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu Episodes 5 & 6

Episode 5: Overwhelming Violence

The name to this episode wasn’t joking. It was almost overwhelming with the amount of bad (situation-wise) that happened in such a short amount of time. At least, that’s what it felt like. Before the madness happens, we get just a small bit of happiness with King finally being recognized by the other fairies again. Which was well deserved considering all the crap that he’s had to deal with.

I don’t think I’ve laid down my thoughts about Ban yet so I suppose I guess now’s as good a time as ever. While I do like Ban, I have a few problems with him. As someone who prioritizes friends and family over all, I can’t agree with Ban trying to find a way to bring Elaine back to life. I’m very iffy about the prospect of bringing dead characters (who have been dead for a while) back and the fact he would sacrifice his best friend to possibly bring her back was mildly irritating to me. Not to mention that they had known each other for only about a week and he had been with Meliodas far longer. So the fact he’s leaving behind his friends in the Seven Deadly Sins is something I can’t get behind. Well enough of my rants, let’s move on.

Three words. Galand is TERRIFYING. If we didn’t know what OP was in this series, I think Galand just set a new bar. He wiped out an entire area of houses and people with only a few waves of his weapon and slaughtered several knights as if they were mere flies. And the fact that we got confirmation that he’s not at his strongest emphasizes just how terrifying these Ten Commandments are. Even Meliodas is no match for Galand’s brute strength.

I know I complained about how Merlin literally has an answer for everything in my earlier review and I completely appreciate how it was handled this episode. The fact that she got turned to stone is not good (not at all) but I’m glad she failed here or else I feared that she’d become a Mary Sue. This scene also helped me understand her character a little more as we got to see her thought process and she was desperately trying to find a solution to protect everyone. Despite her cool and aloof appearance, she is looking out for the others. So despite her failings in this episode, I feel like I appreciate her more because of it.

From the looks of it, almost everyone seemed to have died at the hands of Galand but then Gowther comes in all of his naked glory, laughing. It’s pretty obvious that Gowther had tricked Galand into thinking he killed everyone but I have to wonder how much of it was real and how much was just Gowther’s illusions. Even if Gowther had come right before Galand killed Meliodas, the guy already caused such devastation to the area and everyone within range. So I suppose the next episode will shed some light on HOW MUCH OF THIS CITY WAS DESTROYED AND HOW MANY LIVES WERE LOST.

Episode 6: The Atoning Great Holy Knight

Alright, so I’m going to be honest. There were a lot of things I didn’t quite understand throughout this episode. Such as, how long was Fraudrin possessing Dreyfus before going to Hendrickson. I might have to go back to the first season to see if I can get any clues. Though I’m not sure how I feel about the turn of events of having Fraudrin the one behind everything with Hendrickson and Dreyfus’ betrayal. This part felt a little too convoluted where I couldn’t follow too well. So I’m not sure if Hendrickson was consciously doing all those terrible things in season one or he was under Fraudrin’s influence. Not only that, but I’m still a bit confused on Gowther as well. Does his high magic dictate how he acts? Does it affect the way he thinks? While I love the series, there are some things that aren’t really explained well. Or I’m just slow.

Speaking of Gowther, seems like he came at the last moment before Galand was able to finish them off. However, it still meant that part of the city was completely decimated and hundreds of lives were lost. Everyone else was pretty messed up too with most of the cast being unconscious or severely injured. I’m glad Slader was able to get his arm back though. The wonder of magical spheres. And while I feel like I should be mad at Merlin for getting out of being completely incapacitated, I’m actually fine with her just being trapped inside her Sacred Treasure. Because at least this way, we can still learn more of her character and not have to wait until the curse is undone.

I hate to say I didn’t really like this episode, but I really didn’t. There were too many things that felt way too convoluted and didn’t make much sense in hindsight. But was it just me or was Melidodas’ groping just 1000% worse this episode? I’ve always hated his groping and I would just ignore those parts when they came up. But it felt so obnoxious this episode that it was really grating on my nerves. Not to mention that ending… (I’ll get more into that in the next episode’s review) Though overall, I think after the intense last episode, this one felt a little too slow. But it seems like one of those setting up episodes again since it looks like it’s gearing up for a training arc along with finally being introduced to the last sin, Escanor.

2 thoughts on “Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu Episodes 5 & 6

  1. Funnily, Meliodas was less handsy in the original Deadly Sins oneshot manga. (That went to a more obliviously innocent Elizabeth, with Meliodas getting flustered constantly.)

    1. Oh really? I might have to go look that up some time. I really wish Meliodas wasn’t as handsy as he is. That was actually the thing that was preventing me from starting this series in the first place.

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