Pop Team Epic Episode 10( Murder Mystery?)

That first skit got me dying. I had to pause the show to laugh because it was so funny. They basically made fun of themselves. “ I would recognize the scent of your shitty 4 panel manga from anywhere.”

They didn’t do the large skit by Space Cat Company first. Odd. They usually do a small 30 second skit, then the opening, then the large 7 min Space Cat skit. Hmm. It doesn’t really matter honestly, but I just thought of that.

The large skit was the Ginza Detective story, where they totally made fun of hostesses and TV murder detective stories. Someone gets murdered( he looked so much like Mario..) at an inn Popuko and Pipmi are staying at during their vacation. I love how they are hostesses and Popuko still retains her violent personality during this entire mess.

I love how Pipimi and Popuko basically sabotage and take over the investigation using their hostess powers (and a wee bit of detective work that Pipimi doesn’t do). There are a few suspects: the guy with a sack over this head, the inn keeper with the bandage on her hand( I noticed she had that in the beginning, but the guy with the sack was looking suspicious also), the older business man and his “wife”( probably not his wife considering all the movies I’ve watched), and the younger business man who denies everything.

What is she doing?? Looking for the murderer using spiritual magic??

And they figure out who it is by telling a long story about why the murder is ruining their vacation. Pipimi is an older hostess who runs a club and since she had been working as a hostess for 25 years, her employees thought she needed a vacation, which made them end up at this hot spring. Popuko came because she had the highest sales last month.

The inn keeper with the bandaged hand was the murder and she was invited to come to Pipimi’s club when she got out. When does she get out? More like how does she get out? She committed murder, she’s probably in for life without patrol. Somebody will probably get her out of jail somehow, according to movie logic. She’s gonna need that drink when she gets out of prison.

Sadly, no Japon Migion. But that guy still needs to be photoshopped in front of a burning building. Anyone?

Then my favorite skit from this episode comes from Bob Team Epic, where the waiter keeps throwing water in Popuko’s face and she tries to set up a trap from him, but then she steps in the trap. I almost died. Every time I try to prank someone, that’s the way it ends up for me. Then the waiter throws water on her, while she is stuck in the trap. I was dying.

Then the other Bob Team Epic skit was the sluggard part. I did not understand that. But I did learn that a middle finger has a lot of power that you can be sent to next dimension in the middle of Road-Runner territory.

Also Pop Team Cooking! That deluxe piece of meat.. on a budget. Honestly, it probably is some fake meat mixed to look like deluxe meat. Ya know it. “ Do your own shopping!”

This is definitely how you play soccer. It would probably more entertaining that way. For me soccer is only entertaining in those sports funny moments compilations on YouTube. But soccer is way better than baseball, golf, or curling.

Retro Game Minute! I remember playing that game somewhere. Where, tho?? I heard somewhere only one or two people animate this part of this show and they are in college. Good job, if that’s true.  College is going to be hard next year and I’m going die because I’m going to be a nursing student.

The ending part was cute. The music was different, the landscape was a flowering hill, and Popuko was eating some food off a stick. It was kind of relaxing for some reason, like it always is. And they are wearing the Ginza hostesses outfits!

Hoshiro Girldrop! Dachi is going to America to study “ to find his true self”( Play My Way by DJ Lanai) and the MC will be left alone. What is going to do? Oh, yeah, it’s a shoujo romance plot which could end up a few different ways:

  1. Dachii goes America and keeps a long distance relationship with her.
  2. He decides not to go because MC is important( most likely because it’s romance shoujo)
  3. MC decides to go to America with him and become a pop/idol star in America.

Two more episodes. It’s been 10 weeks already? See you all next week!

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