Everyone was pumped for this ending! (Well at least I was.) I wanted to see how they ended this.

So they ended it with a bang, a literal bang and the figurative bang. The end was where they blew up the entire King Records, and the figurative bang is that they destroyed all the things that made this show happen( like the animation studio, the top 5 animes, the music studio, etc.)

Dang, it’s the Nilithy Farce!!

They also had 2 endings: one where Pipimi turns into a statue. They are clearly making fun of something, that I think I watched at some point. Ugh, I can’t think of what it is. In 2 months, I’ll figure out what it is..

Then Aoi Shota comes and says lets turn back time and fix this. I did not expect that part at all. I was literally like what? But then I had pause and to look up Aoi Shota. I really should have known she sang the theme song of the show because she sounded familiar.. I need to start getting the habit of looking up shows again and all the actors in the show and all the studios involved. I used to do that a lot. Ahh..

So the whole episode happens again except it’s the male voice actors and say weird stuff( like they do in the other episodes) And they are much ruder, which makes it even more funnier.

First, they have to figure out who has been putting them threw the dangerous skits of the show, so they basically kill everyone who has been in the skits.

The 5 masterminds at King Records send things their way( like the whole entire show) and finally the Hell Raisers, which they kill immediately.Then they go to the anime studio and kill everyone.

Then they finally make it to King Records and kill all the minions with Popuko as a machine gun. I almost died at that moment. I’m reminded of Upotte. Only watch for the cringe factor and the teacher getting shot every day        ( because that’s funny AF).

Then they fuse together like in Power Rangers ( or insert some other anime) and blow up everything. She looks so much like a Powerpuff right there. Do the Powerpuff girls fuse together? I don’t think so…

So anyways my thought on this show. Wow. I never seen anything like this except in dank memes or  YouTube poops or in anime cracks.( has to stop and watch an anime crack.) Okay I’m back. I can’t believe they did this. The basically killed(or blew up) everything that they have been making fun of and made them what they are. What a fitting and amazing end.

And Aoi Shota dancing to the theme song at the end, I didn’t know what to think. Is it cringy or cute? I have no clue. I couldn’t figure it out.

Also, who is that??? Que? I caught it as I was trying to find a decent spot to take a screenshot.

Also, I forgot about that beginning part where they did the retro game scene. I was like oh no because I’ve played a decent amount of old games. But I have no clue what game they were making fun of. I was thinking of those bad flash games where it’s like “Can you escape” or something. Ahh, memories. Also, go on a flash game site and play Raft Wars( you won’t regret this).

Does anyone remember that anime vine where this guy says this name and it’s like really long….( he has gray hair by the way). It’s a classic, but I just don’t remember where it’s from now. I just got reminded of that when I read Popsuke…

Somebody was talking about a season 2 because Hoshirro Girldrop has a season 2. I feel like they shouldn’t make a season 2 because I feel like it ended in a good spot. I don’t know about y’all, but it ended good for me. If they really want to make something else, they should make an OVA with just Girldrop. I would be totally down for that.

I almost forgot about Bob Team Epic. That was a gem. I just loved how the drawing got even more distorted over the episodes. My favorite one would be the one with the waiter and she sets a trap for him. Ah!


Also, lastly nobody put your boy in front of a burning building, but that’s okay. He is probably an arsonist. As soon he get home from his animation job, he probably starts throwing things in his grill to burn and he has this creepy smile. But he also has a girlfriend who is just as weird as him, so they throw stuff in the fire together as they look at the sunset. He’s probably just a normal guy who happens to be a pyromanic.( Okay, maybe he has no pyro tendencies at all. haha)

I love making up stories about a person I know little about. It makes me laugh.

Also that song in the middle of the show. I was crying over there. It sounded like one of those school songs, then it went downhill quickly.

Would I rewatch?  75% chance of just watching the 2nd part over.

Am I up for that season 2? I’ll watch it if it’s there.

Do I regret watching this mess? Nope.

Should I have watched the other shows that my other friend recommended to me months ago( she’s mad I never watched her shows)? Nope. Pop Team Epic was lit, my friends.

See you all next season!