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Episode 2 introduces two of the characters from the opening. Ayaka, the pink lolita girl and Seiya, the man in the white suit. Trying to get Ayaka to be his slave, Seiya tells her to agree to lose on purpose in a duel he’s challenged her too. Unfortunately for him, she knows exactly what he’s up to and wins and he ends up becoming the slave.
While thinking about it, I probably shouldn’t feel sorry for someone who was trying to force this girl to become his slave so she could continue acting as a human ATM to him. In particular when it’s implied that she whored himself out to get money to keep paying for him to become number one. I sort of do feel sorry for him when everything is said and done.

She commands him to break up with his girlfriend, let her move in, and throw away his girlfriends things. God, the more I look back on the episode the less I feel sorry for him but at the same time I still feel sorry because he lost everything because of Ayaka. While she was just feeding her obsession and deluded fantasy that he loved her. She was using the SCM so she didn’t have to wake up from her deluded dream.

Eia and Yuuga find the couple using a phone app that tracks scm users and challenge the couple to a duel. Seiya sees this as his chance to be free of Ayaka and pushes for her to accept the duel and sets it up so they will end up losing. The game of choice, a guessing game of sorts where one guesses the amount of thumbs someone will raise.If you guess right twice, you’re out of the game. So Eia and Yuuga and Ayaka and Seiya begin the game. Yuuga and Seiya are the first two out, leaving only Eia and Ayaka in the game.

Ayaka begins freaking out, she had a strategy to win the first few rounds that relied on Seiya to help them win. However, when left by herself she has no idea how to handle it and panics. She can’t understand how Eia looks so completely calm under the circumstances. After losing, it’s revealed that Eia wasn’t wearing a SCM at all and would of bailed Yuuga out if they had lost. Losing also frees Seiya from Ayaka’s control, and he takes this chance to punch her across the face. Yuuga orders him to stop before he can do any more damage to her.

Yuuga tells the both of them to go about their daily lives like normal until he issues another command and let’s Seiya and Ayaka go about their own lives. Eia questions him on why he didn’t release them, since he’s expressed no interest in owning slaves. He says they are pawns for the next game, he doesn’t intend to hurt them or command them to do anything they don’t want to do.
It’s an interesting and dangerous game that Yuuga is playing and I entirely don’t trust him to keep his word. I am also very cautious about the fact in the opening he is standing next to the guy he presented as his ‘boyfriend’ in the first episode.

The end of the episode shows Seiya standing in the spot he first asked out his girlfriend. A girl named Julia, a girl that he had to throw out because of the SCM, because of Ayaka. As Fate would have it, she shows up at the building and approaches him.
First thing I notice is that now I recognize her from the opening. He takes her hand, and says he won’t give her up again and she says something along the lines of “If you let go of my hand you lose.” I’d suspect her of wearing a SCM but he was staring at the app as she approached and he would of seen it and the proximity meter would of gone off. Though, while she might not be wearing a SCM. Perhaps the person she calls Master Ryuuou.
She found a new man after Seiya kicked her to the curb, a man she calls Master Ryuuou. Someone she belongs too, her shoulder reveals a tattoo that I can only think is linked to the Mafia in some way?

This episode was actually fairly interesting. I am still conflicted on how I feel about any of these characters outside of Eia so far. What is Yuuga planning? Who is Master Ryuuou? What is Julia involved with? How will Seiya and Ayaka be utilized in the future? Who is this obviously not a side character kid that Eia saw at the cafe?
So many questions and not enough answers, but that’s half of what makes a series fun.

2 thoughts on “Dorei-ku the Animation – Episode 2

  1. This show… got me messed up.
    I also want to know who that kid with the white hair and the cap is. He probably knows they have SCM and is going to mess them all up. He also probably knows the game their playing.
    Master Ryouu has probably something to do with SCM.
    I also want to meet the creator of SCM. Like literally who made this as a thing?

    1. Yeah, meeting the person who made this messed up device would be kind of interesting. The kid is going to be important, be it now or sometime later in the series I’m not sure.

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