Hinamatsuri Episode 1 [Quick Look]


Fuzzy’s First Impression

What an unexpected start to the episode! No idea about the context of the fight but that was some good ol Sakuga with the cute girl in green beating up the baldies.


I think Nitta is a great protagonist for a show like this. He fits his design pretty well at first, lives in a lavish place, blonde hair gelled back for maximum rich guy vibes, and of course a glass of wine in his hand. He even has his own evil laugh! I think it’s refreshing to have this sorta super rich jerk(not really a jerk though!) character, who’s still likeable rather than the typical nice guy otaku protagonist. I find it absolutely endearing that he’s a member of a crime syndicate, but is constantly worried about Hina at school. He really hits this balance between slapstick humor MC and genuinely kind adult.

Hina herself is so adorable! She reminds me of both Mashiro from The Pet Girl of Sakurasou with some of her mannerisms, and also a bit of Renge from Non Non Biyori. But she has the added bonus of being able to kill you with psychic powers, so she takes the cake for me. It’s also so cute how she’s this psychokinetic powerhouse but requires a stuffed animal to sleep! She definitely comes from a rough background, and I’m curious as to whether we’ll ever get a flashback or explanation regarding her past. I’m sure it’ll come up in the future where her past will likely come to haunt her, but I hope we get a lot of great slice of life before then!

The shopping spree scene was hilarious with Hina demanding every expensive thing in stock. It definitely has to do with Hina’s voice, and how almost deadpan it sounds. It contrasts with Nitta’s gangstery voice, and further enhances their chemistry too. Also Hina’s preference for Kobe Beef and or high end sushi shows she has good taste! I wonder if she only learned about those from the television. Her love for Ikura is well justified because well, Ikura is amazing, although this is the first time I’ve seen it called Ikura and not just salmon roe. It also seems like Hina is very trusting, and overestimates a lot of things. For example she assumes the conveyor belt sushi is high end, and later on the green tea in the Yakuza headquarters. It isn’t until later that Nitta actually introduces her to high end Ikura bowls, and I found that small development really nice.

I think the dynamic between Nitta and Hina is almost perfect, and I think it’s so nice that Hina has finally met an adult figure that doesn’t want to use her as a weapon. Nitta might seem a bit reluctant on the surface but this guy is like a grade A caring mother. He didn’t even think about using Hina against the other syndicate because he knew that was his problem and not hers. The two are likable and flawed, and ultimately come together to make great interactions that I am very much looking forward to.

The animation is definitely very nice and above average for what I’ve come to expect of typical father daughter slice of life shows. Music is average, but then again isn’t really too important in a series like this. I also think the voice work of Hina by Takako Tanaka is on point, along with Yoshiki Nakajima voicing Nitta.

Overall, I’m very excited for the show and will most definitely watch it, but unsure whether it’s worth blogging about. Will definitely consider it after weighing the other shows though!

Chance of Blogging: 5/10

Chance of Watching: 100%

2 thoughts on “Hinamatsuri Episode 1 [Quick Look]

  1. Hinamatsuri will only have 12 episodes. The source manga’s still ongoing, so this’ll be a “go read the manga” ending.
    The series is largely a slice of life comedy with very few serious plotlines, so just expect an absurdist comedy.

  2. The manga is amazing, with many hilarious moments and even a few heartwarming ones. I’m super excited about this series!

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