Megalo Box Episode 1 [First Impression]

Fuzzy’s First Impression

Okay Megalo Box.

Do you know what’s entertaining to watch in anime form? Boxing. You know how to make it even cooler? Mechanized arms.

The first thing that stood out to me was the aesthetic of the show. I thought it was a bit blurry at first or maybe it was just an issue with the version I was watching. But I think it’s intentional! Especially since the raws look pretty much identical, and since the aesthetic fits the entire 50th anniversary of Ashita no Joe. It reminds me a bit of Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, heck maybe even some Boondocks. The rougher look definitely fits the brutal boxing that’ll be coming up, and I don’t mind it at all! 

The music is also top notch, and I’m not really sure how to describe it, but it fits the upbeat, chill atmosphere of the first episode. In combination with the look of the show, the music is really sealing the deal and wrapping it all together for hype and suspense. Also once again reminds me of Bebop and Champloo, almost as if it the two had a baby and made the track for this.

So the protagonist, Junk Dog, is this confident, doesn’t take shit from anyone, and generally fun character. He’s the perfect MC for a boxing anime, an underdog living on the wrong side of society, searching for that perfect opponent. When he finally got tired of fixing matches and slams his manager in the face, the music starts at the best moment, and he looks down from the ring with a smile, it was amazing! He’s definitely the right kind of guy to follow throughout the series, and I’m sure his journey from the lowest scum of the ring to the highest champions of the world will be an absolute blast. The guy’s been living in such terrible conditions and has been forced into fixing matches even though he knows he can do better, and I really want him to realize that he does have talent, that he’s destined for more than just losing.

As for Yuri, he is almost equally as awesome. The guy’s megalo itself is this sleek, expensive looking armor and it looks absolutely menacing on the guy. He’s not a complete asshole or anything, but just a boxer from the top, a real champion. He’s the perfect enemy for Junk Dog, with calm arrogance meeting hotheaded confidence, but both brought together by their love for boxing and the desire to find a strong enemy.

I’m not sure if all boxing anime are like this, but the bridge scene and the final scene between Junk Dog and Yuri possessed hype levels I haven’t felt in a while. The direction of the show is just awesome, and I felt nothing but pure rage when the first episode ended on that cliff hanger. Hopefully we get to see some ass kicking from either side in the next episode, although I assume Yuri will either absolutely pummel Junk Dog, or not fight him at all, but after hyping it up so much with the final two minutes, I’d feel a bit betrayed if they don’t fight.

The other characters were quite interesting as well. I think Nanbu (the manager) has a lot of potential, and will eventually come to understand Junk Dog’s desire to win rather than slink away with some quick cash. I’d really like to know his history and what triggered his alcoholism, and I’m sure it’ll be an awesome flashback that fleshes out his character and his history in Megalo Boxing.

The old man that repairs Junk Dog’s motorcycle also seems interesting, and may act as the father type of figure for Junk Dog. Perhaps in an ideal world, Junk Dog’s success will help the two live better lives, and prove that being nice doesn’t mean you’ll be dirt poor forever.

The character of Yukiko Shirato was also interesting, and her conversation with Yuri on the bridge definitely hinted at the series being about more than just boxing. I hope whatever underlying plot there is, it doesn’t go off the rails crazy because I think the show can do well with just its current focus of awesome mechanized boxing. 

Overall, I’m really excited for Megalo Box and I think it has potential to be awesome. The direction of the show is brilliant, along with the music and its initial setup. All the characters are interesting, with Junk Dog and Yuri being the clear highlights of course, and our journey into Megalonia will most definitely be worth the hype.

Possibility of Blogging: Very High!

Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed!

One thought on “Megalo Box Episode 1 [First Impression]”

  1. I took a break from being active in anime forums but I’m glad the two anime I’m most excited about is being covered here.

    The direction, character designs and music are what I’m here for! Real interesting characters as well and Junk Dog’s seiyuu, Hosoyan is a perfect fit.

    When it ended on the cliffhanger I was so surprised cus I didn’t check the time remaining once.

    Hope this one holds up throughout its run…

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