Site Update: Server Woes

As many of you probably have noticed, our website was down for most of the day, much like it had done a few days ago. Once again it was down for about 8 hours, and currently (as it did last time) it has “temporarily fixed itself”, which I suspect is the only reason why the website is currently up again.

So there’s good news and bad news:

Thanks to Oki, we were able to meet a Computer Wizard to help us diagnose the problem, and provide us a solution on how to fix it. Thanks to him, we were not only able to finally identify the root of the problem, but also found the solution to prevent it from this happening again in the future.

The Bad News: We need to upgrade our server, we have reached max capacity, which is why we have been experiencing random “offline” days. In order to combat this problem, we are temporarily removing some content from 2013 Articles. It will take until tomorrow afternoon (the latest) for our fix (that we have control of) to be put into place until we move to our new home. Once we do, we will be able to put back whatever was temporarily withdrawn make sure the website remains stable until we upgrade.

While I have your attention, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to follow us on Twitter & Tumblr. This is the best way to keep up to date with updates with our posts, technical difficulties, etc…

We apologize for the inconvenience and the terrible timing this had to happen, but we are incredibly lucky we were able to find someone who is helping us fix the site!

– Admin Eva

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